Local Weather Guide

Local Weather Guide


Local Weather Guide – The most beautiful Local weather app ever. Designed for iOS 7.Local Weather Guide will provide you with current weather conditions and forecast in your city. Features and Requirements

Main amazing features :

Detailed weather conditions include “feels like” temperature, sunrise time, sunset time, wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, pressure & local time for your city.

• Extended forecast for any coming day of the week.

• Live weather scenes reflecting real-time weather conditions.

• Daily report containing the latest weather data. Stay updated on the recent weather changes.

• Ability to set your preferred temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit.

• Ability to set your preferred Wind Speed unit, KMP or MHP.

• Auto location detection.

• Sharing options: share the weather with friends across your favorite social networks.

Weather Details :

Next 4 days weather forecast.

• “Feels Like” temperature.

• Dew Point temperature.

• Today’s Max and Min.

• Wind direction.

• Wind speed in mph or km/h.

• Wind Chill.

• Humidity and precipitation information.

• Visibility details.

• Fahrenheit/Celsius and Miles/Kilometers.


Xcode 5.0 and Later

IOS SDK 7.0 and Later

Apple Core Location & MapKit Framework

How to Setup :

In this package you will find a Dev. Guide name LocalWeather-DevGuide.pdf

This developer guide help you to implement Local Weather Guide into your own iOS applications and customize it to your needs.

Local Weather Guide is super easy to customize and implement!

Implementing Local Weather Guide into your iOS app is easy and can be done in just a few minutes!

This Application Not used any third party Libraries.But this project interact with the Wunderground API to download and present all the latest local/international weather information .