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I notice a lot of these templates only support the iPhone. Is this one Android ready? or do tweaks need to happen?

If someone is using Titanium, they want to build for both platforms as is the spirit of the project.

How easy would it be to incorporate this into the simple iphone app?

Can it be linked to facebook places easily or must be use foursquare?

Does the app user have to sign into foursquare to use the app?

Do you have any screenshots of the setting pages?

From the code within it is very easy to follow the route taken to buid this app

I am sure with a few modifications to the api section that this could be incorporated with Facebook places.

Authentication is not required for this app, but if you wished to say “checkin” or comment then that would require authentication. There is no authentication code in this app.

The settings page is blank, and contains no code, it is just a place holder to show what could be done.

Ah, ok I was hoping ti was more ready made like the other templates, so I could simply alter the content.

OH well,,, thanks anyway


I wanted to see if this could be used for a nightclub finder app…

Basically users could go on and see the closest nighclubs to them based on their GPS or they can search cities etc…


Yes it could be modified to do that

How many locations can you put into the database and do we have to do any server side changes to update the locations to the users . Can I use this in xcode straight?

Hello, any plans to support foursquare API v2?

Yes, I will be updating these to support the v2

Hi, I am newbie with these app things.

i have a qusetion i am going to make a map with shops location in my town.

my idea was that i add a the shop address to google maps and the person with the iphone can follow the tracking user postion to the shop.

is this possible?

Warm regards B

Thank you for the support

Would like to buy your app, just wondering how easy it is to add customized image for different places nearby in the first window? Second can you indicate how to add a search button to search places?

If you understand titanium and know how javascript functions work, you will see it is very easy to change the images and add buttons.

Has this been updated to foursquare API v2?

Also is this compatible with Titanium 1.8?


Did you ever get around to providing support for API v2 (Foursquare)?

I just purchased this and it does not work at all. The product just throw network errors. Please issue a fix or a refund. Thank you.

Hi there.

Does the app still work? I want to let the users authenticate with twitter and make a ‘check-in’ just in their timelines, with the correct php commands of course.


This app does not work anymore as it uses the defunct v1 api

Mmm, I wonder if the author is still around. Probably not but I’ll ask anyway: can you update the app to show Foursquare deals also?