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I want to buy this but have few questions:

1) Can I set this script to scrape Google Ads only? I am only interested in scraping Adwords ads.

2) Can I set multiple proxies so that it will rotate proxies regularly to avoid blockage?

3) I am not a programmer myself but have some basic knowledge. Can I run this on my PC using WAMP and a local server?


Hello. I am very sorry, but this script does not scrape advertisements. The class also only has a method to set a proxy; any rotation must be done on your own.

demo does not work

Sorry about that. I’m working on moving servers right now. The demo will be available in about an hour.


Demo is active ? I can’t viewing this demo.

Fixed. Thanks. :)

How to access specific google page set of search results? pagination is supported?

Hi, I replied to your email on Sunday, did you not get it? Check your spam. Thanks.

Can I have a try before I purchase this?

Hello. How is it working out for you so far?

Actually I haven’t start use it in my program. I just simply have a try and it looks like no problem. Thank you very much.

Alright. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or run into any trouble! Thanks :)

Hello can this be used to scrape business directories and data from google map?

Sorry, no, it only scrapes organic web results.

hi. do you scrap all url for website ? search example : site:sitename.com. scrap all url sitename.com on google index. example: sitename.com 1.000.000 url index on google

Demo doesn’t work…

Is there a way I can get the approx result count using this class? The number I am looking for is found here “About 25,800,000 results”.

Yes. The GoogleResults class has a num_results property. For example,

$results = $google->next();
echo $results->num_results;


Demo is unavailable.

Bailey, Is this still working? I get a little weary when I do not see a demo working. Looks exactly what I am needing for a project I am working on.

Questions: 1. With the proxies, are they rotating? Meaning that for every query that is used it uses a different proxy until the list is exhausted and then loops to the top of the list?

2. Can we designate what we want to get back? Such as just the URL?

3. Can the code be modified or will it break any dependencies?

Hoping this is working… Looks fantastic if I can modify it for my needs!!!

Regards, Steve

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. How’s it working out for you? I recently moved servers and need to get the demo back up.

As for proxies, it uses a single proxy which you provide it. Rotation is something you’ll need to handle yourself, but you can catch exceptions to see if the proxy works or not.

There are no dependencies so you can go right ahead and change the code as necessary.


I am getting it off to my Dev team tonight. They will add the rotating proxy support for our needs along w/ harvesting the domains that we retrieve. Thanks for your response.

im very interested but demo not working

Any possibility the demo will be back up soon? I can help out with hosting if needed.

I’m working on a complete remake of this item and it will be available soon with a new demo. Thanks! :)

I also waiting for demo

I will wait for the remake then.

Is this available? Thanks

Is this available? Thanks