Discussion on Local Business Ionic - Full Application

Discussion on Local Business Ionic - Full Application

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REFUND Item Title: Local Business Ionic – Full Application

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I already have a wordpress website based on business listing. Can i integrate it as a backend apart from firebase?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to post a question. As long as the data of your website is exposed in a JSON format through a REST API, it can be consumed by the app. For this, you will need to extend the app and write some code in order to do all the necessary API calls. In terms of the code modification, you will need to make, we suggest that you use the following app instead since we believe that its architecture will make the development process easier:

Hi, I can’t view the index file from my browser. Do I need install any application?

Hi, are you trying to preview the app using the “preview link” we provide? Is there any error message? Could you share a screen capture showing the error or what you see instead?

Hi, Is the Admin panel ready? Also, from the “Add to Cart” button, It is possible to add any payment gateway, right?

Hi, we provide the pro version of this app which comes with a MEAN stack backend. If you are interested, please, contact our support centre for more information using the following form: Also, you can add a payment gateway. We do provide a Stripe payment code example in the following app:

Hi, i have create firebase account, database also imported the the sample data, but i can’t find : apiKey: ””, authDomain: ””, databaseURL: ””, storageBucket: ””,

how i can find the above informations from firebase website? your documentation much complicated in some areas.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Hi, thanks for contacting us. Please, read the online version of the Start Guide which we keep updated constantly. You will find instructions in the “Firebase Data source Configuration” section. Please, let us know if those help you.

i can do firebase AdminPanel for any one just 15USD. just contact me on


Can you add to it search by countries , states, and cities? Can I test it in android and ios It is working with Ipad?

Regards, Ace

Hi Ace, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes, you can test it on Android devices by running the APK file on the “Item details” tab. Also, you can preview the app on iOS and Android devices by running the Ionic View app. For more information, please, read the “Demo” section on the “Item details” tab. As for the new feature you mentioned, could you describe it in more details? Please, use the following form so we can discuss in private your inquiry as a custom project for you:

Hello There… The app freezes when build and test the .apk on real android device ..While it works normally on browser when serve…any suggestions?

Hi, this is a common behavior on devices with older Android version. Crosswalk plugin usually resolves this issue. Please, add the Crosswalk plugin and try to build the APK again.

Hello Thanks for your reply, i have tried crosswalk, it did work, but it increased the apk size with 30 MB extra!, any alternatives?

Unfortunately, this is a known downside of adding Crosswalk to your project. We are not aware of any other alternative.

Pre Purchase Question: 1) What push Notification service is implemented? Is there any back end for pushing custom notifications with web links? 2) Is there any back end for the application to load data for PRODUCTS and SERVICES?

1) The app uses Ionic’s Push service which is currently deprecated and we plan to release an updated version of this app in the following week. The updated version will make use of the new Cloud Client of Ionic.
2) You can use the primitive UI of Firebase to create your data. Though, we do have another product which is the pairing of this mobile app with a fully functional backend for creating/managing all the data of the mobile app. For more information please visit

Hello Satsalou ! I have purchase this app and also Local Business Pro – Full Ionic app with MEAN stack backend and Admin UILocal Business Pro . Please confirm if i can use or as heroku free alternative.

Hi, you received an answer from our support centre. Please, check your inbox.

I have this error during grunt-build Also with grunt serve the edited page contents revert back to default ..wierd !

Hi, could you provide a little more info please? What is your cordova, node and ionic version? Have you tried to remove the platform and add it again?

Hello !Its this app purchase url in test mode ! Chekcout couldnot go through ?

Hi, could you try again please?

I need to have Ionic to edit or deploy this app?

Hi, yes you will need to install ionic in order to run, build the app etc. You can find all the prerequisites and the corresponding instructions on how to prepare your machine in the app documentation on “Item Details” tab.

Hi, Is it possible to integrate, these 3 project of yours into one working project? where out from business directory, once business is selected it will display either Local Business Ionic or Restaurant Ionic? And is it possible that the data instead coming from firebase changed to from wordpress like business directory plugin?

thank you.

Please, check our reply to your comment for the Restaurant app.

I have recently bought the app on code canyon. After purchasing I realised I am out of my depths in installing it. Does anyone offer an installation service and if so how much do you charge? please contact me at ashvin (dot) rathod (at) gmail (dot) com . Thanks so much in advance!

Hi, did you try to follow the instructions in the Start Guide? Did you face any particular error message? We can help you if you share any log messages and errors with us.

Do the admin panel release?

We are very close to the release which will happen the forthcoming days. Please subscribe to our news letter and get notified about that by using then link below.

Geia su,

Could you please tell me if it’s possible to remove the 2 links: We’re open now and Get directions, from homepage as I want to use as a multi business listing?

I know that you’ve a separate script for Business listing but I found this one to be closer to my needs as it supports articles, catalogs etc

Thank you

Hi, actually the backend you have checked it is not connected with this app. This app does not have an admin panel for creating its data. Instead, JSON structures are used for that purpose which should be produced manually. The documentation provides all the instructions for that. Though, we do plan to release this app connected with the backend you mentioned. Also, the app does not make use of the Galleries you saw on the backend. That could be a feature you could work on and implement on your own. Finally, the data is available only when the user is online. Otherwise, an alert is showing up informing the user. In order to see all the app’s features and how it is functioning, you could download and test the apk located in the item details page.

Then your Newsletter “Local Business Backend provides the interface for the management of business content and the communication with mobile applications.” I clicked the link in the Newletter and I found that backend. I was testing it for hours thoughing that it’s for Local Business.

In addition to what was is already mentioned, this backed system exposes its data through a restfull API. That said could be used by any mobile app which could be adjusted for that purpose. Basic to intermediate coding skills are required though.

Hi skounis team,

I’m interessed about this app, before to buy it I will like to make some questions, all right?

My top concern turns around push notifications. My goal is send a notification for all users of app whenever a new post is published on any of my Twitter accounts or on any of my Blogs

I will create a rss feed page for each blog and twitter account on my app.

I would love it if that happened automatically.

It’s possible?

For the time being, an Admin system is not released. But, we do have one under development. In case you would like us to provide a demo link to you, please contact us privately, using the contact form.


I bought the product and I’m enjoying the opportunities it offers.

I will try to create a simple administrative system where the lists to the news page and the services page will be sent.

it was not clear in which file I define the structure of the JSON, columns and fields that I will send.

I would also like to know where I load the list with this data to appear on the screen.

Hi, you can find the structure of the required JSON files in the following links: These lists are defined in the service file of each module, namely in news.service.js and services.service.js files.

Hello, the app displays “no internet connection” ? (wifi is on, 4G is on too)

Hi, are you running the application within a browser or emulator. Are all the plugins mentioned in the readme file properly installed?\\

Both, same problem. Yes for the second question :) thanks.

Could you please share with me some screenshots and log entries?


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