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some points as pre-sales queries : 1/ could I categories the videos 2/ could I upload a certain video

1/ videos are ranked by number of comments 2/ loadwave is based on youtube videos, you can choose a video from youtube website and modify the url from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3_d2RH9bqk To http://demo.loadwave.com/watch?v=U3_d2RH9bqk

Hi there, I’ve sent you a message via support regarding the script installation and a minor bug of UTF8. Would you please check it up and give me a response? Many thanks!

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Just sent you further questions for urgent help. Please respond. Thanks!

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hellos; I’d like to buy your own script that is already there but no admin account for a panel and user time that we can not put youtube link so your script greenhouse however I not include too

this chat is cofusing

“Write comment here” not “hear”. Ingenious idea, good luck with the sales!

I don’t get it. So its just live comments for a video?

Timed comments play the role of a descriptor for video frames, you can search inside videos using keywords, by this way you don’t have to watch an entire video of many minutes to reach the moment you want.

Its confusing that why you have low sales, you need to clarify more in layman’s terms not coder speak. Do mean you click on comments to watch any part of the video? I still don’t understand the point of this script. Can you provide some test cases how this can be used?

Thanks for the interest you have on this project :), I’m planning to make a video tutorial soon.

The login for demo is not working

Email: demo@loadwave.com Password: demodemo

Any one please create script like this https://www.thelivetube.com/ that website is similar like youtube and search and download option is available too, and any part of difference of youtube.

I searched for a comment script and I found yours but same as SocialSuite I don’t understand your demo. If i’m right, there is only ONE comment that buyer can define per video ? If it’s a personal script and nobody can add his comment it’s not a “discussion system” ... Can you explain clearly what your script is doing ?


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Sorry you have used an invalid video id. alle the demo videos are not working.

Nice product

Thanks !! glad that you enjoyed it :)

Any news about video tutorial or live demo?