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Hello, awesome plugin. Just purchased. One issue. We want to add some liveIcons in Revolution Slider Plugin. We have tryed to add them via html and shortcode but the icon appears 1 sec. in the top left corner of the screen when the slider begin. After that second the icon moves to the correct position. Could you help us with that? thank you a lot.

Answered to your email message.

WOW this plugin looks amazing!$ curious if you have any video(s) showing just how we would create some of these? LUV IT!!


There are not any videos, this is useless. You may want to check the Configuration tool ( to see how it works. Also I’d like to say, that a tool with the same functionality is included with WordPress plugin of LivIcons Evo.

Thanks for the interest.

Ahhh now I see! Wow, so the WP interface is basically like the configuration examples, then you just insert the final short code, or…? It that amazing and easy!?

Yes, when you finish to configure a LivIcon, you simply click insert “Shortcode” button. Or you can copy a sortcode or clean HTML or ready to use Javacript and paste them where you need.

Hello, auto-play possible?


Yes, it is. Please look at Configuration tool ( for “autoPlay” option on the “Animation” tab.

Forgot to say, that this Configuration tool is available inside the WordPress plugin too.

Hi, I send you an email to solve a problem a few days ago, but i don´t receive any feedback. Can you please take a look at my email, i need support. Thanks.


I have answered to you in the morning on 17 of February. There was an attachment in my message, so please check your spam folder. I also repeat that message to you at g*a@b* again.


it’s support RTL ?


In general, no, it doesn’t. However, I don’t see the need for such support. The settings page of the plugin and icons’ options are in English only and icons themselves don’t have a text.

Thanks for the interest.

There is a problem with me trying to download your product it says problem with amazon s3\


The request could not be satisfied.

CloudFront is currently experiencing problems with requesting objects from Amazon S3. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: g2-mpYSv8UEKsK9JJRbEjGbNGsL476HAa5frEP8uIsqQggqfHVmJDg==


Unfortunately I don’t control this issue. It is on the Envato side, not mine. Please wait for a while and try again. Or you can look at this article and contact Envato support.

Good luck!


Rootsbr Purchased

Hello. Its possible to disable the VC Integration? Im having issues on my Theme and cant use this plugin.


Just have answered to your email with details.

Hi, Does this include the icons themselves? And can I add icons to this? Thanks.


If you mean the icons are being in the PSD format, then no, they are presented in SVG format only with special data that contains all the necessary info for animations.

In general, you can add your own icons, every icon is a separate SVG file. However, it’s a complex and complicated task to create your own key framed animations and my support doesn’t include any help for that.

SVG is what I need :). You have a lot of icon options, but from my experience, that is always one special icon we need that is not covered :) that is why I wanted to know if we could add an icon of our own. We can do SVG animation, and we know how much work it is, that is why I want to buy an icon pack already animated, and your is perfect because it is already integrated with Wordpress. I believe that if I want to use them in a theme like DIVI, with no Visual composer, I will add the icons via Shortcode with the necessary settings for colours and animation, right? And thank you so much for the quick answer and the great Work! Congratulations!!

Thank you!

Yes, the configuration tool produces ready to use shortcodes and also a pure HTML.

Hi, can you tell me if there are any significant differences between the jquery version of this and the wordpress version? Especially in terms of performance and easy of implementation – thanks


The main content, the icons themselves, is the same. The WordPress version is a plugin which can be installed as any other one and it has its own settings pages and, the main, it has the integrated Configuration tool. However, all the icons are controlled and operated by the same JavaScript in both versions. And in any case, if you use WordPress, I recommend to use its specialized plugin.

Thanks for the interest.

Great plugin. Having issues with revolution slider integration though. Icons are appearing in the top left hand corner of the slider briefly before appearing in their proper spaces. I noticed that someone else had the same issue and commented on here but the solution was never made public, could you possibly let me know the fix for this please? Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there, thanks for the swift response, I will try the above. Purchase was made by my client on another account, appologies for leaving a comment using my personal account, but the plugin has been purchased.

Thanks again

Fixed it – Setting a draw delay in the icon settings stops it glitching.

Great! Thanks for the sharing of so simple solution.

Hello. very interesting tool. I would like to know whether it is possible to assign a link to an entire block with an icon? That is, to use it as a kind of button, but as a whole block


I don’t quite understand your last sentence, however the dialog box which helps you to configure an icon, have a “general” tab, where you can add a link, as well as ID, classes and custom styles.

Also, you can always wrap a LivIcon’s shortcode with a link by a standard “insert/edit link” button inside a TinyMCE editor.

Thank you for the interest.

Thank you. Are you planning a 11.11 discount?

No, I don’t think so.


ex501 Purchased

Is there going to be any black Friday discount ? :)

No, I don’t think so.

hi. thanks for besy plugin. how i can use in menu ?


I think you should look at using the pure HTML or JavaScript code, if a shortcode doesn’t work in your menu. For doing that, simply copy-paste a desired kind of code with the help of “Get pure code:” buttons in the LivIcons configuration dialog box.

Can i use my own png icon and make it animate with this?


Absolutely not. First of all these icons are not PNG/JPG/GIF, they have a SVG (vector) format. In theory, you can redraw your PNG shape as SVG and make it animated, however this is not a trivial process and, unfortunately, I don’t provide any help/support with custom animations.

In any case, thanks for the interest.


I was one of your early supports in the original LivIcons and i would really like to use this for a project but i see that you have taken down the old plugin. Im a little upset to have to pay again as my money is very tight at the moment.

Is there a way to access with proof of payment for the original LivIcons plugin?



Yes there is. Please write me a message from my profile page:
I will see, if you are my buyer of the classic LivIcons for WordPress, I will send you an archive with them.

Hello DeeThemes,

Have you had the chance to look into my purchase code sent via envato message?

Hello Akeian,

I had answered you with a link to classic LivIcons plugin on March 11. Please check your spam folder.

Is this plugin still supported? (seems to be a year since the last update)

1) My plugin doesn’t depend on themes, so I think it will work with your one too;
2) In theory yes, you can use your own icons. However, each icon requires to create its own animation code and this is not a trivial task. Also please keep in mind that my support doesn’t include any help/tutorial/workflow/etc. with such customization.

It seems like your other plugin allows us to animate our own SVGs though correct?!

Yes, the Enliven ‘em plugin can help you with that, however, you will not be able to achieve all LivIcons features and options with it.

Hi there. Can you explain the difference between this plugin and your other product Enliven ‘em?


LivIcons is a set of icons with an individual mini animation for each one. Also the big part of the set is “morph” icons, which change their state on user (or programmatic) interaction. Besides that, icons have a very wide list of options (please try to play with them in the Configuration tool:, which can’t be achieved with Enliven ‘em plugin.

On the other side, the main purpose of Enliven ‘em plugin is to “enliven” (animate) ONCE of your vector (SVG) illustration in many different ways when it becomes visible in a user’s browser viewport. An animation can also be repeated by click (tap) on your graphic, but please keep in mind that it doesn’t interact on mouse hover. You can also try to animate your own SVG in the animation editor here:

In general, I recommend to discover both sites for tools and documentations which are available online.

Thanks for the interest.