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Very nice plugin. Does it also work with Avada theme FusionBuilder? I can only see default editor and Visual Composer in the documentation.



At present time there is no native support for FusionBuilder. But you can always make a quick switch to “Default Editor” and click “Add LivIcon” button. After icon’s customization simply get a ready shortcode (or raw HTML) and return to builder by clicking “Fusion Page Builder” and paste your shortcode (or raw HTML) into a desired element.

Thanks for the interest.

I was really looking forward to this plugin from the stand alone version but the price is just to high for an icon creator :(

Best of luck with the sales.


As you may know, prices on CodeCanyon are not set by authors like me, they are controlled by a review team member. A reviewer of my item looked at my product, including the code and design, and decided to set this price. In any case, the whole work on LivIcons Evolution took more than half of year on everyday basis and I was trying to do by best. Also I plan do not stop and continue adding new icons and features.

In any case thank you for the interest and for the wishes!

Hi there, is this the same as your other plugin “LivIcons for Wordpress”? If so, why you didn’t update it with this new version? I don’t have access to it anymore, are you going to provide a new license for previously purchased owners of your other plugin so we can use this one instead? Thanks!

Because it’s not actual anymore.

Are you going to do the same thing with this item if you do a redeveloped and redesigned update on the next version? Remove it and then create another item and stop supporting this one?

No, I don’t have such plans.

Great work GL :-)

Thank you!

Hello there

I made a fresh copy of the WP installation and your plugin breaks the featured image option in pages, post and our post types. Take a look on this and let me know when you want fix it.

With Regards Daniel

Hello Daniel,

I know about this issue and have already had a solution. In the next update it will be fixed.

However you can email me through the “Support” tab above and I will send you a fixed file right now.

Regards, Dee

Nice work! Is it compatible with the DIVI builder from Elegant Theme?


Livicons work with any theme with or without a builder (composer). But plugin has integration with Visual Composer only.

Does this work on WPMU sites / multisites?

No, it doesn’t. In any case, thanks for the interest.

ok, please let me know if you can make it multisite compatible. i would love to use this but i’m part of a multisite set up.

Hello, any chance to see your great plugin ported to Joomla! soon ? Thanks !


Unfortunately no, I don’t have such plans.

Ok, too bad, I guess you could sell a lot and should not be too much work ?(starting by me :) )

How do i edit an icon after ive built it and inserted the shortcode ? Im using visual composer and making the icon, then i send shortcode to editor but if i need to change it , i always have to start again ?

Also how can i save one style ive made to apply to other icons?

That fixed it

I did your update and still showing this error

parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home6/gogogo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/livicons-evolution/includes/livicons-evolution-admin.php on line 124

note we are using wordpress multisite and this error is on backend of this page


As I said earlier it’s a very strange. The parameter 2 IS an array in my code. If you look at line 35 in that PHP file you will see that the $livicons_evolution_setting_pages variable is specified with “array();”

1) Are you sure that my code is not changed on your side?

2) Do you have any security plugin which can case such issue?

3) Did you try to upload the initial “livicons-evolution-admin.php” file from the downloaded archive to your server?

And the last. It is not relevant to the current problem, but there is a clear statement on this item page, that the “LivIcons Evolution” is NOT WPMU/Multisite compatible.

New issue – i have put the icons on another page but now im seeing error

<acronym title=”Please use LivIconsEvo script on a working local or internet connected webserver, it does NOT work directly opened from a HDD.”>Network Error</acronym>

Example page –

This is a cross origin request restriction and I have no control on that at all.

LivIcons Evolution use AJAX for working. So all AJAX request must be from the same domain. You are trying to load icons from “” from page, but this is not allowed.

If you open your page as, all work fine.

Hi there

You have there nice plugin. We have bought from you extended license for it. However I want to give you some complains from our point of view.

1. Price for extended license. Now it is more then 2 times price that Visual Composer Extended license costs. We were interested in buying more extended licenses for our next themes but for that price that is just no go anymore. Are you putting such high price to scare off theme authors?

2. Your policy about (NOT) making plugin work with Multisite WP. It took me 1 hour and 3 changes in code to make it work with Multisite. We are constantly working on Multisite while developing themes, and now on every update of your plugin I will have to insert these changes again. Why you wont make it work with MultiSite WP?

3. Making it better work with Visual composer, instead of displaying this long code of shortcode. Simple CSS rule would hide this text(we have add it to our theme) so it wouldn’t be that long in Visual composer.

Other then that I know that you had loads of work with that plugin, and with some more marketing it could reach more clients.

With kind regards.


Thank you for your opinion.

For many years, our products were selling at low prices on CodeCanyon. The extended license prices had the lowest multiplier across all Envato marketplaces. Thanks to new policy, prices can now be set on a fair basis. Furthermore, I think LivIcons Evo price might be increased in a near future.

I will be glad to look at your suggested code changes if you send me a email message with them.

Also I ask ThemeForest authors to credit my products on their item pages. Unfortunately, I don’t see the correct name “LivIcons Evolution” of my product and/or links to it in the “Credits & Copyright” section on the “Starter” item page.

Good luck with sales!

Best regards, Dee

You didn’t address all my questions.

Well I am not interested in past prices, but in current prices. If you plan to increase this further that I think we are missing each other here.

When we first found your plugin extended license was much cheaper, so we were interested. When we finally was ready with theme release it costed twice as much(290$), now it is even higher.

I understand that you can rise price as you want now, I just giving you my opinion as customer, that it doesn’t have enough value for me to pay so many bucks. It is nice feature to have but not pay 400$ for it.

I have send you changes for Multisite via message just now.

“Also I ask ThemeForest authors to credit my products on their item pages. ” To be honest it is not obligatory. When we payed 290$ for it, we don’t feel like advertising you and bragging about your plugin cause of that, sorry. We gave you enough “credits” with money ;-)

Wish you best sales also, kind regards.

I updated to the latest version of the plug in … but now all my custom icons do no longer show? What has changed in this version to make them not show?

I have tried manually and also trying with shortcode

see error image here –

ok have sent you an email now

But I don’t need it anymore. I see that you still have done what I said, and everything works well on the page. Please check it (maybe you need to clear your browser cache at first).

:) phew – ok great

Hello could you check you direct email for support, because I sent you information on this pluggin not working with my website. Its not posting to any of my website pages after I followed all of your instruction carefully. Thanks.


Answered to email DEV…@THE…M.BIZ as you asked. Please check it.

Will this plugin work with Avada theme completely?

Yes, it’s work with Avada, but it has no integration with Fusion Builder. However, the LivIcons Evo shortcodes can be used in any editor.

is there a way to add 3rd party greensock animations to this plugin? I have access to other icons but love the managing ability of LivIcons


Sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you mean. LivIcons already use Greensock Animation platform as an animation engine.

If you’d like to make some customization of the script, please include and edit the “wp-content/plugins/livicons-evolution/assets/js/dist/LivIconsEvo.source.js” file instead of the “wp-content/plugins/livicons-evolution/assets/js/LivIconsEvo.WP.min.js” one in the “wp-content/plugins/livicons-evolution/includes/livicons-evolution-assets.php” one.

On the other side, all individual animation data are stored in every icon’s SVG file. You can study their code and maybe make you own animations. But I have to warn you, that this is a hard and very complex task and there is not and will be not any support/tutorial/advice/workflow. Good luck!

thanks for being so upfront. great plugin!

You are welcome!

Hi do you include any animated social icons (Facebook etc…)? I’ve been through your library but couldn’t find any…


Unfortunately, I can’t do that. In most cases, the respective owners of social icons forbid to animate them. So, it’s impossible to do that in a legal way.

Since I updated, no icons show up in the front end or backend. It states “Not Found” in red

Please try to open the general settings page of my plugin and click “Save Changes” button. Clear your browser cache and reload a page.

If this will not help, please email me from the “Support” tab above, the URL of your page/post so I can test it by myself.

I have the same problem… all icons in admin shows “Not Found”. I saved general settings and cleared cache with no result.

Yes, this is a problem when a WP is hosted in a sub folder. Unfortunately, I can’t code a universal way (not only for your specifics) to consider such structures, keeping in mind also a using of the http and the https protocols.

The only solution is to manually edit the “pathToFolder” variable like:
pathToFolder: '/subfolder/wp-content/plugins/livicons-evolution/assets/svg/'
in “LivIconsEvo.WP.defaults.js” file after every changes of plugin’s settings.

Please do not move “assets/svg” folder, just edit the JS file mentioned above.

Thank you for the understanding.

I edited the js and used the full path – works perfectly. THANKS! I will rate 5 stars.

Thank you very much! From my side, I will try to find a universal solution.

I’m having problems using the plugin with Divi theme. I keep getting this error:

Oops, it looks like the Divi Builder failed to load. Performing the following actions may help solve the problem.

1. You are using third party plugins. Try disabling each plugin to see if one is causing a conflict.

When I switch of the LivIcons theme, it fixes the issue. Please advise on how I can use the plugin with Divi.


I’m building the site on a test domain and the test site is hosted in a sub-folder (; could this be causing the issue?

UPDATE: I think the issue is that the test site I’m trying to use LivIcons on is sitting in a subfolder ( I just tried it on another site that is live ( and it works.

Yes, I think that a subfolder can cause the issue.

Hi! I´m interested in purchasing this plugin. Have you tried it with enfold theme? Thanks


LivIcons Evolution don’t depend on themes. The plugin works with any theme.

LivIcons shortcode configuration tool works like a part of TinyMCE editor (there is an “Add LivIcon” button). Besides that, the plugin also has that button within Visual Composer interface.

Thanks for the interest.