Discussion on LivIcons Evolution for jQuery - The Next Generation of the Truly Animated Vector Icons

Discussion on LivIcons Evolution for jQuery - The Next Generation of the Truly Animated Vector Icons

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Hello, do you plan to add any new icons?

Hi, can animation play in a loop without any user interaction with an icon?


Yes, it can. Please try it yourself. Go to , choose an icon, click “Animation” tab. Set the options: eventType -> none, autoPlay -> true, repeat -> loop and an eligible repeatDelay.

Hi, god. Thank you for your great work! I have a question. I read documentation but I don’t understand this mean. /EDIT THIS OPTION!/

I changed to /LivIconsEvo/svg/ but it doesn’t work. and.. <script src=”path/to/your_jQuery_copy.js”></script> means..load jquery? like this? <script src=”js/jquery.js”></script>

I know the path. and I followed up your direction but only I got the message is ‘not found’ the guideline is really easy but not worked for me.

As I said earlier, please email me the URL of your site so I can check it by myself.

Thank you!! I fixed it. If the LivIconsEvo folder is not Root directory then the path is not right. I see..

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for this nice plugin. Is it possible to use it without jQuery, I want to use it using plain javascript. If yes, How and if no, do we have plain javascript version?



No, it’s impossible. The plugin does require jQuery.

hi. there is a problem in this plugin . when you update product via API the shortcodes in wordpress editor will disappear while they are active for customers to view. it means you can not see codes any more while they are active in frontend. please check


First of all this is the comments for LivIcons Evo as a jQuery plugin, not a WordPress one.

However could you please send me a message via the Support tab at the top of this page with the details of your issue? What the product do you mean and what are kind of shortcodes? Also it will help me to check that you are my customer with appropriate support period.

In any case, I have just tested the updating of my plugin via WordPress dashboard and I didn’t find any issues with disappearing of any shortcodes.

Thank you.

Does this script support uploading SVG?


I don’t understand what do you mean under “uploading SVG”. LivIcons Evolution package already contains all the necessary SVG files for all icons.

Hi, how can I run the animation only after I’ve added a class from another function?


You should use the .addLiviconEvo() method. Please look at the section “6. Programmatic API” of the documentation: for the details and a sample code.

but the icon is already there, I only need to start the animation when a class gets added to that icon, can you show me an example please?

I apologize for the delay in answering, I was offline for several days.

As I understand, you have disabled the “hover” and “click” events and want to start animations programmatic only after adding “some-new-class” to the initial HTML element with LivIcon, do you? If yes, first of all please be sure that you added your icons with “animated” option is set to “true”. After that, you can use the .playLiviconEvo() method to start your animations. Something like this:
In any case, I strongly recommend to look closer at the documentation. It also contains more sample code.

I have edited the default.js and set the path to /LivIcons/svg/. I have the LivIcons in the root folder and I have the required scripts and css files indicated in the documentation, however, it does not find the bell.svg example. I am using XAMPP to access index page. Any reasons for this?

Answered your email massage.

how use it in VUE.js


Unfortunately, I have never worked with your script, and I can’t help with that.

React and vue, the two most popular JS frameworks

Sorry but no. There is no misunderstanding. See the information you have on the product sales page. Please see printscreen. The information on the product page is not completely real.

Thank you very much for the pointing this out. I will make some changes in the info to prevent future misunderstanding.

Also, I have written a message from your profile page. Please check your email.

Thank you for your kindness.

Hello. I bought this product. But I can not find the icon configuration page. Can you give me some help, please? Thank you.


I think that there is a misunderstanding. The icons configuration tool is included into WordPress plugin only. However, its online version is always available at


I purchased license(48ab1cf1-fe28-4588-a4af-37717c86ce93) but I am getting following console error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /+e.partner_id),void 0!==e.agnt&&g.push(/: Nothing to repeat at new RegExp (<anonymous>) at LivIconsEvo.js:1187 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at Object.success (LivIconsEvo.js:1185) at j (js_vIYJMoKYoMWkVusn3iML8i0Lt7Is3CRaFcqWuXJaFrM.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (js_vIYJMoKYoMWkVusn3iML8i0Lt7Is3CRaFcqWuXJaFrM.js:2) at x (js_vIYJMoKYoMWkVusn3iML8i0Lt7Is3CRaFcqWuXJaFrM.js:4) at XMLHttpRequest.b (js_vIYJMoKYoMWkVusn3iML8i0Lt7Is3CRaFcqWuXJaFrM.js:4)

Please help me to resolve this. Thanks


I was trying to answer you twice by email yesterday. However, your email address** is not working (I have replaced some letters with asterisks). Your server responded “550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in relay recipient table”

Honestly speaking I have never seen the error, which you had described in your message and I don’t know what is a reason.

So, it will be better if your send me a message with your another email address via a contact form on my profile page: and please show me the URL of your page so I look at it by myself. I will try to help.


Once again, your email doesn’t work! So I can’t answer you to your support massage.

Nevertheless, here is my answer:
I see that there is a misunderstanding. Each individual SVG icon file contains all styles and animations for all 5 icon’s designs, including the “line” one. On the other side, all the animations and appearances of icons are controlled by JavaScript part of the plugin. So you can’t exclude any JS files, in that case the plugin simply will not work. I hope this info will help you to understand how my item works.

Great app , I would like if there was a way to make the avatars looks older mature.


You put the comment in a wrong section. This is a thread about LivIcons Evolution.

Hi guys,

Im looking for SVG animation icons for my website and few is on bottom on this side (for better example)

I checked your website, but i couldn’t find any search there. Please let me know if you have some similar like i have. Screenshot with some will be cool :)

Thanks Regards


You can see all LivIcons on my demo site: It’s up to you to decide are LivIcons suitable to your project or not.

For line style icons, like on your site, please explore this page:

Thanks for the interest.

I have a question I need these icons for a presentation. I dont need wordpress plugin or Javascript format. I need either Gif or any basic animated format. Does this come in GIF format?


Absolutely doesn’t. There are no any “Gif or any basic animated format”, this product is incomparably more complicated and flexible.

In any case, thanks for the interest.

Hey are you planning making some server\data\network\seo related icons?

Hello, I have no answer so far, but I promise to consider your suggestion.

I have a question…..the application “JOSH” sold on code canyon contains

/* * @name: LivIcons – animated vector icons (minified)

  • @version: 1.4


Is this a free version or something? Can it be used freely in open source project?


The version you see in “Josh” is a classic pack of LivIcons, which the Josh’s author uses legally within his product. At the present time that version is discontinued and is not more available. However, this is not a free version and it cannot be used in any open source or other projects without my permission. Thanks for the interest.

Will these icons work with ?


Honestly speaking I don’t know. You can simply try it yourself and share a result with us.

How can I implement it in Joomla?


I can’t say exactly how, I’ve never worked with Joomla. In general, you need to define one CSS and three JS files in your templates. After that you place a specific HTML or JS code into your page. Please look at the documentation for more info:

Thanks for the interest.

Nice work DeeThemes!

I am curious to know if there is a way to put a circle/oval with a solid background behind the icons.


You can go in two ways: 1) Add a circle or ellipse shape in SVG files directly
2) use CSS. Something from this:


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