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Can you help me to convert my logo livicon into PNG animation?


Unfortunately no, I don’t take any freelance jobs at present time.

Can the original and new EVO versions exist together? Have been using original for quite some time and unfortunately, the menu of options was not completely replaced with EVO. thank you.

Yes, but EVO has its own wide set of options.

yes, very wide set of options but, the icons themselves have not been completely replaced from the original version.

Yes, it is so and I’ve never talked that they would be replaced completely. Please email me from the support tab above with the icons which you’d like to get and I will consider the possibilities to include them in an update. However, there are not any guaranties. Thank you.

Does this include the GSAP DrawSVG Plugin?..Or what are the GSAP Plugin included?..I am very much interested to buy this one. Thanks..

How about Phsics2D, SplitText, MorphSVG?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

The MorphSVG and DrawSVG plugins only as a minified JavaScript code. But you should know that you can use those plugins with LivIcons Evolution only without your own Greensock membership.

ex: <ul> <li> <a href=""> <span class="livicon-evo" data-options="name: timer.svg;style: lines; strokeColor: #3c3c3c;strokeColorAction:#48b0f7; colorsOnHover:custom; eventType:hover;eventOn: parent;" /></a> </li> <li> <a href=""> <span class="livicon-evo" data-options="name: user.svg;style: lines; strokeColor: #3c3c3c;strokeColorAction:#48b0f7; colorsOnHover:custom; eventType:hover;eventOn: parent;" /></a> </li> </ul> <script> $(document).ready(function (){ var myli = $('.navside li'); myli.each(function(index){ $(this).click(function(){ myli.removeClass("active"); myli.eq(index).addClass("active"); $(".navside li span.livicon-evo").updateLiviconEvo({ strokeColor: '#3c3c3c' }); $(".navside li span.livicon-evo").eq(index).updateLiviconEvo({ strokeColor: '#48b0f7' }); }); }); }); </script>

When I click on the Li, span.livicon-evo replace the color, why not run

It was wrong, so

$(document).ready(function (){ $(".navside li").first().addClass("active"); $(document).on('click', '.navside li', function() { $(this).addClass("active").siblings().removeClass("active"); $(this).find('span.livicon-evo').updateLiviconEvo({ strokeColor: '#48b0f7' }).siblings().updateLiviconEvo({ strokeColor: '#3c3c3c' }); }); });


1) The problem is not with LivIcons Evo.

2) I have already asked you in previous comments to use the “Support” tab above for such requests. I provide my support via email, not in comments, so please send me a message and I give you my thoughts about your problem.

Nice work, great number of choices!

Thank you!

Hi, is it possible to add own svg files or even the old livivons from 1.4.? So far I had no luck in doing so.


No, I don’t think so. It’s a complex and hard task.

Thanks for the quick reply..I am a developer so I don’t mind hard work or complexity. I just need some hints so I know where the to start ;) If I get lost I find another solution.

I hope you understand, that my support doesn’t include any tutorials and/or help with creating your own livicons. All I can suggest is to carefully inspect the current icons SVG code, it includes all animation data inside itself.

Hi guys, I was trying to make contact with you as I am finding the Livicons API is creating issues with my wordpress website. Now I have LivIcons plugin installed I can’t upload feature images into my posts. Does anyone else have this issue and if so what can I do about it? Thanks

1) You posted the comment into the wrong section. This is for jQuery version of LivIcons Evolution.

2) I have answered to your message at January 6, 2017. Please check your spam folder.

3) I have checked that the user “redflame” has never purchased any of my files. You need to login to Codecanyon as a user who purchased my product and download and install the latest version of my WordPress plugin to fix an issue with feature images.

I’m thinking about purchasing this however i just wanted to check that the icons are able to be configured so they automatically start animating at different periods up on the page loading?



You should look at the options “autoPlay” and “delay”. In general, I strongly recommend to check and work with the configuration tool (https://livicons.com/configurator) before purchasing.

I did buy this theme (with an older version of LivIcons):


How difficult would be implementing this new version of LivIcons?


In general, you can use both version (classic and Evolution) at the same time. However, if you will not use a classic version anymore, you should delete:
<script src="js/livicons.js"></script>
<script src="js/raphael.js"></script>
and add new definitions for LivIcons Evo. I recommend to look at the documentation to see how to do that here: https://livicons.com/documentation-jquery Also, please keep in mind that old options will not work with new LivIcons. To configure new ones and get ready to use code you may use an online tool: https://livicons.com/configurator

Thanks for the interest.

I would like to include something like this in my homepage. Please, see the services section:


Is the Icon Box 05?

Thanks in advanced.

Yes, I think that “Icon Boxes 05” are what you are looking for. Just edit CSS rules to suit your needs. Please keep in mind that you should do that by yourself, my support doesn’t include any help with examples from my demo site.

Hi! Can you help me?

The truck on this link: http://www.qualitysp.corecommerce.com.br/teste Do not working correct. There is no smoke in the animation.

We have a Livicons in this project: https://www.qualitysp.com.br/

See that truck on this page (shipping costs):



No, I can’t. I provide a support for my buyers only.

However, first of all I suggest to update LivIcons to the latest version. You can download it if you log in on CodeCanyon as a user who bought my item.

Some icons I’m using aren’t animated like the “search” icon. There’s no javascript error in the console. Sent an email to support but didn’t hear back.


I had answered you on April 12 2017. There was a link in a message, so please check your spam folder.

Any way, the problem is with your jQuery version. Now it is 1.7.2, but my script requires version 1.10.0 and higher. Also please keep in mind that slim versions of jQuery 3.0.0 and up don’t suit also, the full versions are required.


isay777 Purchased

Hello i have problem:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘parse’ of undefined at Object.success (LivIconsEvo.min.js:48)

path to foldrt its ok, but parse undefined. may be conflict jquery?

I have answered you 4 hours ago. Please check your spam folder.


isay777 Purchased

Oh Thanks a lot. All it working

You are welcome!

Hi, i want to use only few icons in my project, is there any customization tool to select wanted icons only ?


I think that there is a misunderstanding. You don’t need any customization tool. Each icon is a separate SVG file, which contains all the necessary data for all the 5 visual styles and animations, and the script itself doesn’t depend on what number of icons you’d like to use. So you can simply upload to your server desired icons only (from the “LivIconsEvo-2.3.375\for_upload\LivIconsEvo\svg\” folder) and use just them in your project.

Hi guys do these work for Shopify sites?


Honestly speaking I’ve never worked with Shopify sites. In general, if that service allows to use your own CSS and JavaScript files, the LivIcons should work fine.

Hi, What is the difference between this and the Wordpress version?


The WordPress version is a ready to use WP plugin which can be installed and used as any other one. Also WP plugin contains in it the configuration tool which can help to customize icons. The main content, the icons themselves, for both plugins are the same.

I recommend to look at online documentation for both versions: https://livicons.com/documentation-jquery https://livicons.com/documentation-wordpress for better understanding how they work.

Thanks for the interest.

Thank you. Love the Icons!

Hi, Can you tell me how to make these icons animate on mobile? Would it be possible to set them to animate once they come into the view port? If so what would be required to achieve this effect for mobile whilst keeping the desktop version activated by hover. thanks


Yes, it’s possible to animate the icons once they come into the view port in both devices (mobile and desktop) and they animations could be started again by hover or tap. To achieve that you should simply set some options. I recommend to play with the configuration tool before purchasing: https://livicons.com/configurator

Thanks for the interest.

hey there, are you planning to add any new icons?

Yes, I am. However, I can’t say now when an update will be ready and what icons it will contain.


I purchased the regular license. Can I use your icon pack to make template for ThemeForest?


No, I don’t think so. I give a permission to use my products within themes/templates for Themeforest in case an author buys an Extended license.