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Greetings, Can I upload/use custom svg icons? Can they be animated as well?


No, they can’t, it’s a complicated task. In any case, thanks for the interest.


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Nice work DeeThemes!

I am curious to know if there is a way to put a circle/oval with a solid background behind the icons.


You can go in two ways: 1) Add a circle or ellipse shape in SVG files directly
2) use CSS. Something from this: https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/b/border-radius/

How can I implement it in Joomla?


I can’t say exactly how, I’ve never worked with Joomla. In general, you need to define one CSS and three JS files in your templates. After that you place a specific HTML or JS code into your page. Please look at the documentation for more info: https://livicons.com/documentation-jquery

Thanks for the interest.

Will these icons work with http://instantclick.io ?


Honestly speaking I don’t know. You can simply try it yourself and share a result with us.

I have a question…..the application “JOSH” sold on code canyon contains

/* * @name: LivIcons – animated vector icons (minified)

  • @version: 1.4


Is this a free version or something? Can it be used freely in open source project?


The version you see in “Josh” is a classic pack of LivIcons, which the Josh’s author uses legally within his product. At the present time that version is discontinued and is not more available. However, this is not a free version and it cannot be used in any open source or other projects without my permission. Thanks for the interest.

Hey are you planning making some server\data\network\seo related icons?

Hello, I have no answer so far, but I promise to consider your suggestion.