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- does it make sound for customer and/or operator when new message arrives?

- does it work only on html sites or is it also possible wp?

- what (sample code) to integrate in site?

- how the applikation is started? must I open browser and open script install url? Or is it a .exe file like programm?

1. Sounds is in progress just i forgot it becouse i update the Social Business Directory

2. Working in all web platforms just put script in web root folder

3. Script generate code whit one click just copy/paste in your website

4. Copy files in folder like live_chat and run install.php file and complete fields and its ready! :)

Good work!

Some basic points are important:

1 – Button closing chat;
2 – Evaluation of chat;
3 – Audible alert for chat;

Ok thanks for ideas..


Is it possible to make it so that it sends the message on pressing the Enter key? As well as go to a new line with Shift+Enter? Thanks.

Yes i make it but first i must finish whit Social Business Directory update :)

Hi there

Looks great but when i’m looking ad the customer site and the operator site and i login i cant see on the customer site that the chat is online, there stil is “Have a question? Leave a message” not something like “Chat is online”

becouse this is not a system operator (administrator) this is only operator chat whit clients!

ok so when i buy the script that will all be available right?

yes you can view updates in script description in cc :)

When I chat and go to another page and try to continue with chat the new session is started, why’s that? Little bit confusing because the visitor needs to start a new session.

Ok i fix this.

Thanks, but there is no chat window now.

Its there but wait a some time to reconfig script.. :)

My friend, I install it on isissalud.com but it does not work, how I can do?

Send me email to help you eliteworks@abv.bg

Suport Acrros domain ?

Which Framework?

Bootstrap 3

Actually i was asking about which PHP framework? or it is done on Core PHP?

No used framework only Core PHP

Hello, I have the same problem like brundo…

“When I chat and go to another page and try to continue with chat the new session is started, why’s that? Little bit confusing because the visitor needs to start a new session.”

How can I fix that?


I am looking for php based chat software which has below features

1. Install in 1 website but we can put html code of chat on multiple website 2. Pre chat customized form with the field i want 3. Geo location through ip address of visitor 4. After chat completes I should get chat transcript on my email id . This chat transcript should contact all details which he filled while filling pre chat form 5. html chat code to be put on web pages. 6. visitors information and tracking 7. online/offline chat icon in email signature

Does your chat software provide above features ? If some of the feature are not there then kindly inform which feature are not there.

Waiting for your reply.

I can attend to my mobile chat

demo not working. Server Not Found!

fixed all problem?

Has this chat initiate a chat, preset sentences and can I use this chat via an external website with a widget on another Web site

There are problems with links, demos is not working properly.