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Good luck with sales :) my item also got approved today :D

Thank you

Is there a way to see the facebook example? The demo just showed “Video Unavailable This video may no longer exist, or you don’t have permission to view it.”

hello oceadesign
I can’t live stream 24/7 để view demo online.
Can you view sreenshot

ok cool – that makes sense, So the live stream has to be your own right – not someone elses (sorry for confusion, new to facebook live)?

Do I need to enter the URL of facebook live video? Or I can just enter the URL of facebook page?

Hello Shispare
You need enter url of facebook live video.

cool work very nice ! :)

Thank you

Pre-sale question. is it possible to use this in the sidebar as a widget without the schedule? As well as multiple configurations possible? Like one with a schedule and one with out?

Hello bcolyer85
Can you use shortcode in widget
( )

so is it set up as single or multiple streams?

Hello xanunnaki
Can you set up multiple streams.

i have about 50+ people who stream for our guild. my thought was to make a new page for each streamer and i only ask cause i dont know the backend setup, and ive tested some streams thats where only designed with the single user in mind. if that make sense.

Hello xanunnaki
Can you set up 50+ shortcode streams for each streamer. Pls see screenshot

hey, i bought your livestream and seem to have an css issue i think… can you help me? a demo is here and seems like the icons under the post stack and not go across and if possible to remove the showtimes section on bottom

Hello Xanunnaki
Please send your admin access my contact form
then I will help you.

Awesome! Thank you I’m testing on my site:

Thank you
Hopefully after this you will buy my plugin.

Hi, facebook live in mobile doesn’t stream on wordpress, in redirects to facebook app. Is there any way to stream in website? Thanks

hello marcusella
API Facebook in redirects to facebook app. We can not do anything more.

I can Schedule all day with Youtube and HTML5 videos?

Hello bodoquedoc
Can you Schedule all day with Youtube, Facebook, Twitch not working HTML5 Video.

Only Twitch not working? or Twitch and HTML5?

Only HTML 5

Hi my name is Riccardo Bernucci i have some question :

I have the necessity to create a live streaming for a waterpolo team on their wordpress website. Does Your plugin help me to achieve this task? it could be nice have also a button that change in according to the live or not streaming. To explain better (sorry for my english skills! ) im looking for something like this :

Could You help me?! Thanks for Your time Best regards

Bernucci Riccardo

Hello NewR
You can is insert video offline, but my plugin not change status live or not streaming

Hi , how use show time ??? tnks eddy

Hello , tnks , but I don t understand how working, where I can see demo , is just to have remind ??

You can submit ( addmin access + url ) a ticker to me.

Please change date showtime = today
Or submit ( addmin access + url ) a ticker to me.

would i be able to disable the bottom part for navigating the differnt streams and have the video player only?

Hello vanni3e
Yes, you can disable showtime
Thank you

the social icons also? will i be able to disable the view of those? i only want the viewer to see video only. you seem to have the best plugin for what I’m looking for

Good luck with sales. I’m going to test my site

Love the script but can you create a version for Joomla?

Hello BigBox
We update soon
Thanks you


Fboat25 Purchased

Thanks so much for this plugin, however twitch doesn’t work. it only gives me a black screen. how can i get it to play my live stream please. Also is there a way i get get hd stream from facebook?

Hello Fboat25
Please send your admin access and FTP via my contact form
Then I will help you check it.
Thanks you


xxfuadxx Purchased

It didnt work

Hello xxfuadxx
Thank for choosing our plugin. Please send your admin access and FTP via my contact form at and I will help you check it.
Thanks You

you can be add a Periscope too?

hello eriksteinmeyer
I will update soon
Thanks You