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seems is not secure, server hacked

I m faced Installation error.i prperly install using your document . Please reply ASAP.

Why is this product still being sold??? It is the responsibility of Envato to take this off.

Can you make CRM/PM like that http://goo.gl/BhJ89O and https://goo.gl/OfxaUC ? This is very fantastic service. If you make it, million people use it.

Can you send me a demo link. Need to take a deep tour before buy. Thanks

hi (guys) i”m a webdevolper i know about this script A to z if you have any problem you can contact me me any time i can solve your any problem about this script i”m not from offfical support i”m 3rd party person but ithink offical support is fuck or death so i can this comment for huamin helps so if you have anyproblem about this php script you can ping me any time my email adress ilyas6462@gmail,com and my facebook adress www,facebook,com/ilyas786 Thankyou !

where is the demo?

i want to buy but can you active demo to test again?

This app sucks and so do the attitudes of the guys who built it and work on it. I dealt with them a few years back and just decided to never use their apps again. I highly suggest not to purchase anything from them. In fact this should be deleted by Themeforest. I purchased dozens of scripts, templates. etc… every year and can tell you that these guys are about as bad as they come when it gets down to pride in product or customer service. Their attitudes are rude at best. I am surprised people are actually still buying these idiots. Use this app, SuiteCRM is 100 times better and it is FREE! These guys don’t even know how to secure this app and they’ve had plenty of time to accomplish that! Use SuiteCRM instead or buy another product. We don’t need these disrespectful morons. They need us, we do not need them! And! This is the ONLY comment I ever made since I’ve been a member. That says a lot right there!

Hi! I have some pre-sales questions here.

I have a client who is in food franchising business. So the system is not for general customers, this is exclusive for the franchisees of his business. He wants a CRM that can handle the following:

1. Is your plugin can be integrate with wordpress and woocommerce or need a separate hosting and can stand alone?

2. Can check/add/edit profiles of all his franchisees. Where he can send emails for news and updates, send a birthday message or a greetings during holidays.

3. The franchisees can order stocks like paper cups, crew uniforms and make an online payment.

4. The website owner can monitor all the activities, from orders to payment inside the admin panel. Can send report or comments if there is a violation in the part of the franchisee (i.e: poor quality service).

5. One of the most important part is that, he wants to put a renewal date for the franchised outlet and the System will send an automatic reminder (at least a month before) to the franchisee that they need to settle the amount due – something like a billing software.

6. Any notifications, account due, etc., will notify both parties thru email.

7. If a franchisee has a multiple outlets in different locations, is there a custom fields that can indicate there the different addresses of the outlets and their contract date and expiration?

8. Last login feature – where the business owner can monitor who among his staff is the last one to logged in from the admin panel and made changes to it.

9. Google Map integration for the franchisees address or store address.

10. Do you offer a money back guarantee here in codecanyon in case the plugin didn’t worked or my client rejected it?

I just want to ask if your plugin can handle all these features or any of these.

Thanks and best regards!

Do you offer customization service?

I think the error regarding import data base file in v1.0 of this script, just because Character set of data base file, since utf-8 is not suitable with that version, if my thought is correct, so which type of file is right set, does Koi8-r is right set?

Hi there can i try the demo please? it look great!

Hi! There is a demo link here?

can you send me a demo link. Thanks.