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What should I do when I get the following error : “E002 – INVALID CSRF Token. Refresh the LiveCom admin page and try again” ?

Exactly as told in the message : refresh the LiveCom admin page!

Why does this happen?

This error generally occurs when, while the LiveCom admin backend is open and you are broadcasting live text, you open another tab/window of your WordPress administration panel. This newly opened WordPress admin page will generate, in the background, a new security token for your admin user which will be used by the LiveCom Service instead of the one loaded to the LiveCom admin application. Therefore when you try to broadcast a comment, or do any admin action from the LiveCom backend, the old token will not match newly generated one and trigger the error.

How can I avoid this error altogether?

To avoid having this problem, try not to open other tabs/windows of your wordpress admin panel while you are broadcasting live text through the LiveCom backend.

I did refresh the LiveCom admin page and I still have this error!! Help! What should I do?

Another reason why this error might occur is if you have some addons or plugins in your browser that make an extra GET request to the admin webpage in the background for some purpose and therefore invalidate the auth token loaded to the LiveCom admin application.

The solution in this case is to find the plugin/addon on your browser that is responsible for this behaviour. To do so and be sure it’s a browser addon issue, start by disabling all of the addons and try to create a LiveCom event. If it works and you don’t get the error anymore, then you can go ahead and enable your browser addons, one by one, and make sure to check if the error is triggered after each addon is activated to find the one that is responsible for this issue.

If the error persists even with all of the browser addons disabled, you can call the cavalry (that’ll be me :)) by sending an email to explaining your issue.

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