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Hello, does the plugin support embedding Tweets in the live feed posting? Also does it support the latest Wordpress versions? Thanks

Hello !

Yes and yes :)

Thank you for your interest in livecom!


Hi Omar,

I would like to change the default number of updates which display when the page first loads. Currently I think my default is to show 8 updates before users have to click the ‘load more’ box when they first navigate to the page.

Where can I make this change?

Thanks for a good plugin.


Hey Andrew!

Thank you for purchasing LiveCom :)

Here are the steps to help you with your request:

1. Go to “WP Admin > Settings > LiveCom” 2. Under “Service Requests”, change the following settings: 2.1 “Max Return Count” is the max number of initially displayed comments (and the number of comments per page in archive mode) 2.2 “Load Older Count” is the max number of comments to be displayed each time the load older button is clicked.

Glad you are enjoying the plugin :)

Regards, Omar

Thanks very much. Is it possible to turn off pagination for archived sessions? So that I can show an archived commentary session all on one page.

You can set the “max_return_count” to a very big value on the shortcode linking to the event. It will basically do what you need :)

Hi. When i click on Livecom Events, its keep loading but not opening.

Hello ? Can you please support the plugin? Thanks

i see that the last update was in it ok with wordpress new versions ?

Hello Elias,

Thank you for purchasing LiveCom.

Yes, the plugin does work with the most up to date version of WordPress :)

I have responded to your email, let’s continue this conversation there.

Regards, Omar

Hi! Im intrested with this plugin but i have question about ended streaming. What happend with them whend its ended? That what im need is the archiving each one stream on a unique page or post (or sometning with uniqe URL) acessible for everyone. For example: i want send to my friend lik to archived stream about my trip from a three months ago, is this posiible with this plugin? And another question: If stream is archived search engines robots have acces to them? Thanks for reply :)

Hello :)

Thank you for your interest in LiveCom!

Yes, once a live stream is ended, the archive version of the template is used and it is readable by search engines :)

You would send the same link of the post that the LiveCom event is linked to!

Regards, Omar


“It is in the todo list to make LiveCom extendable, and the first will probably be a football extension (... soccer not american football :p), which will have many football related features, including the time, goals, fouls, player lists, etc… As soon as there are enough base features, development will start on these types extensions!”

So 3 years after ??

Very good plugin !


Ahaaaa, you got me there :D It is only a matter of time and priorities to be honest.

Thank you for the kind words, though :)


Can I purchase this plugin? Are updates available?


Thank you for your interest in LiveCom. Sure you can buy the plugin. For now, the plugin is stable and offers a wide range of features, therefore only platform compatibility updates will be released.

Regards – Omar.

But there are no updates for 2 years. Do you have plans to release newer versions?

Route change error?


First, thank you for your purchase.

Please send me an email to, with the details of your WordPress install (Link to website, WP version, Multisite??n etc…) and we’ll get to solving this issue from there :)

Regards, Omar

Olá, instalei o plugin e fui testar, mas não consegui, aparece o seguinte erro: Add Event Error Server Response : E002 – INVALID CSRF Token. Refresh the LiveCom admin page and try again.


Thank you for purchasing the plugin.

That particular error is explained here :

If you have tried all of the solutions listed on the page and still get the same error, please contact me on

Cheers, Omar

Já tentei a solução indicada no link, mas não consegui resolver o problema.

Hi I am interested, but I want to know if it will fully work on wordpress 3.5.1?


Thank you for your interest in LiveCom.

Yes, the plugin is functional from WP version 3.3 and onwards.

Regards, Omar

I must say i am 100000000% disappointed with how support tried to assist me, their plugin is throwing an error and they basically said we cannot help you, after i spent my $ for the plugin. It’s like a waste, still unable to use after 4 months!

Dear Shappyking,

As explained in the support response, your server configuration does not allow plugins similar to LiveCom to work properly. This issue is not related to the plugin whatsoever. At the time of the support intervention, even other live blogging plugins you had installed did not work because of your server limitations.

We would be happy to help you install the plugin on another host if you wish.

Regards, Omar

Any suggestions? What can be reconfigured in the server to resolve the issue? No suggestion? Just my money wasted?


riclops Purchased

Hello! I wonder if i can embed Instagram posts? THank you.

I noticed this plugin hasn’t been updated since 2015… at some point Facebook, Twitter and even Wordpress will put in things or update/change their code/APIE that will make the plugin not work. Do you plan on updating the plugin and keeping it up to date? Also, how hard is it to make it so an audible sound goes off for the user on every new post? Lastly, can an event last “forever” – ie. have a never ending event/news feed? Thanks.


Thank you fro your interest in LiveCom.

As of wordpress wordpress version 4.7 all features of the plugin were working – access to third party APIs included.

That said, the application is built on AngularJS – you’ll need to incorporate the sound effect in a way that satisfies the framework’s recquirements on your own.

Regards, Omar

Also – cloudflare may interfere with the plugin and may need extra configuration steps to avoid caching the LiveCom service script.

What do you recommend for cloudflare?

Any idea or tips or guidance on implementing the sound effect?


I have purchased this plugin a long time back & now intend to use live blogging for a backpacking trip I am planning. In that trip, the laptop will be lit tough, and I was wondering if this can be done via mobile or if you can suggest any alternative or trick.


Technically, as long as you can access your wordpress backend on your mobile you may be able to do some live blogging using the plugin.

That said, the plugin was not tested against a mobile environment so I cannot say for sure what might and what might not work. The edit live comment may not work as it involves double clicking and will depend on whether the browser detects a double tap as a double click or not (some browers do, others not)


Hello, The blogging widget doesn’t look mobile responsive or am I missing some setting.

Hello. I have that problem:

Route change error Unknown Server Response :
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /wp-content/plugins/livecom/livecom.service.php:33 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /wp-content/plugins/livecom/livecom.service.php on line 33


Thank you for your purchase!

Please send an email to and I’ll walk you through this issue.


@omalb – You made mention that some customers were unable to get the plugin working on their hosting server. What limitations are you aware of that would impact the use of this plugin on my own website?


Thank you for your interest !

Generally, the only customers having a hard time with the installation process are those on shared hosting with severe limitations on the PHP environment, or some server side configuration that blocks the plugin’s asynchronous service from working properly. Even then we get the plugin up and running with a few tweaks here and there.