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Live Wallpaper Changer - AdMob

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Live Wallpaper Changer is a ready source code to create your own Live Wallpaper Android app to publish on Play Store. This wallpaper app having 3 live wallpaper scenes integrated and one can create an own scene by just choosing pics from sd card and duration.


  • Flat UI
  • AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ads ready (Using Google Play Services Library – Latest AdMob)
  • Settings – Vibration, Share App, More Apps, Check for Updates, About, Rate app
  • Easy to customize
  • Well documented
  • Supports on phone and tablets
  • Supports Android 2.2 + higher versions


  • AdMob ready, only needs to change the id.
  • Design and flow ready, only needs to change the color codes to get the look of your liking.
  • Put your default scenes pictures files in the project to get your app ready.
  • Easy Customization
  • Well Documented


  • This is the full application for Live Wallpaper, this app having 3 default scene with it’s images, you need to change this images to yours liking.

You needs to change following things to get app ready

  • AdMob ads id
  • Google PlayStore account name for More App’s page
  • Couple of icons/images/color codes to get look of your liking
Version1.2: Fixed minor update bug in scene. Version1.3: Updated libraries to the latest, added Android Studio Project.

We provide different Ads network integration On-Demand

Version1.1: Updated the item for removal of encryption of ads id.

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