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Hi there, What In App purchase is included and is there a restore purchase button included too?

Update: Just found the answer within your App screenshots!

Hi, will work with any other RTMP STREAM than FB?

Hi. I’m not sure, just tested on FB & YouTube

Your app can stream Youtube too?

yes. it can

Any Appstore version or Preview? Does it require any server to stream?


I’m not tested other servers, only tested on Facebook & YouTube

I meant do i need any external server to stream videos?

No, you don’t need.

hi i am new to coding will you support me after i purchase the package? :)

yes, sure. Contact me via skype noho501@gmail.com

thank you i did bought it :)

hi i am new to coding will you support me after i purchase the package? :)

yes, sure. Contact me via skype noho501@gmail.com

hi send the key via email? please read Skype

I want to buy this code. But I have few question.

Is any ad integrated. Banner and Full screen? Is there any in app purchase?

How many graphics and codes I have to change? And is there any server to maintain ?


Hi, This app integrated ads full screen & in-app purchase for remove ads. No server to maintain, it’s have two screens but you just change logo and upload to the app store


si0077 Purchased

I get this error when building ld:

library not found for -lMZTimerLabel clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Hi, You just need to download the new file on codecanyon

Yes but which files do I need to overwrite? I dont want to reskin the entire app again.

hi, many files need to change. Could you using beyond compare to find which files need to overwrite ?

Hello, what kind of features can you add to the Facebook Live Stream? I see the YouTube has image, zoom and filter. What about Facebook? Thanks

Hi, It’s like Youtube such as image, zoom and filter

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Like a few others who are not good with coding, can you help/support me when i buy?

2. I do not understand the youtube video you made on how it works, so i want to know how it works…does this app resolve to my wordpress blog on a page, (used as a plugin) or a separate app to be submitted to App Store.

3. Is it a multi-app platform or just ios?

Can you upload to your own server also with this. For the Facebook is it archived as well when you stop?


si0077 Purchased

Hi, Great app!

I have one question. I received this email..

“Is there a setting or way that while I am streaming the video is also being stored in my pictures folder? It’s nice that YouTube creates an archive of the stream video, but in the event that the stream fails to upload to YouTube. All is lost.

This past weekend I shot an important basketball game using your product. The health of the string was solid green the entire way and I had a solid Wi-Fi connection. But the video froze at one minute and 50 seconds in and I could never get it to unfreeze. I kept filming and the YouTube upload says that there is one hour and 29 minutes of video. And has been stuck in processing publishing only the first minute and 50 seconds. What can I do?”

Can you please help?

Thank you.


Thanks for bought. Currently, no way to stored in your pictures folder, so i will try update the code as soon as possible

I keep having to set up the key every time. Is that normal or do you have a way to set it up and leave it so it just logs in.

oh, i didn’t see this problem before. I set up the key and it’s working normal


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

Hi, it’s not ready for xcode 8

Hi, the code have updated to work with xcode 8.


tyquan Purchased

I have question can you integrate this into my Chat Streaming platform.


tyquan Purchased

Yeah i know. Why i think it will be best if you do it and you can tell the chat team what you need. This so if it all can be done it can be done with out any problem.

This will really help out in my goals i am trying to complete with streaming on my site. How can we get started so you can take a look at everything to see if it all will work… Thanks..

HI, please contact me via email noho501@gmail.com


tyquan Purchased

Hi i sent you email… Thanks

Good luck with sales!


TFie Purchased

Hi, the title says it is swift 3 and i bought it because of this, but the project is swift 2. Since i work with XCode 8, it wants to convert it to swift 3 and it doesnt seem to go alright. Could you please have a look at your source code to make it really swift 3. There are just a few points changed so it shouldn’t be too much work. I would like to have a working code to start from there. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Okay. Sure. i’ll update the source code on this week

Hi. I have updated the code to work with xcode 8, please check it out

Thanks for the quick fix.

is posible to integrate the facebook messenger platform?

With the new FB features will this also have the overlay features?