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@first – Nice Script!

It is possible to replace recognized swear words with a word such as “censored” instead of masks e.g. * or #?

How could we apply this script on the ckeditor?

Best regards Steffen

Why does this not work with greek language? Can you help..?

having an issue where on a single word form i can type in one word and before filter is applied i can submit it and the word is posted…..need filter to word before it post on the form this way it filters word even if a person types a single word

I was trying the Demo, and It works great!! But the input switch, tab and clicks are blocked.

On the purchased version is this fixed, right?

Rafael – Brazil

There are no tabs in the demo. I dont think I get the issues you mention. Please elaborate more.

I actually wrote this plugin 4 years ago and havent checked the comment section for ages.

But I’m back now and here to help and may post an update.


Hello , i i think a good possibility (for me ^^ ) with this option : See the bad word not masked , but higlight/background the bad word in red (or another color) in “preview” . But if the user don’t correct ,the Bad word is censored when form/textarea is validate

Hi, This looks like something I need. How do you integrate the script into say a forum or blog? Thanks.

Will this work on all themes that run on Wordpress platform ? is there any special things needed to do within installation, where is the instrauctions ?

Hellooooo anyone home in there, I commented in FEB 2018 and no reply, Abandoned plugin