Discussion on Live Streaming Plugin - Belloo Dating Software

Discussion on Live Streaming Plugin - Belloo Dating Software

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Is it possible to do with Livestream Multi Host or PK Battles?

Please reply my chat at support page

Do you have this live broadcasting on mobile app?

Yes we have it in the mobile site, mobile apps are for extended clients and are webview apps

Can I see only live broadcasting on mobile app demo

We dont have webview apps published you can live test the mobile site

how do i change the font colour on the homepage

Which landing page we have 4? and why you comment same thing in 2 differents items

I wonder if this is an app or a website or what

This is a plugin for a software belloo


Hello, you have to configure pusher plugin for live messages and chat in the live streaming

Go to plugins – tools – pusher and configure it

thank you so much i cant belive thats what i was missing :)

You are welcome

Can I use my own Nginx RTMP server for this?

No, this plugin works with dobly technology only

Please Consider to Finish My Apps.. i wait too long since 2021 Desember

Hey how are you? we working on it for this year!! it will be a great app

this year ? it mean i need to wait till desember 2023 ?

Craveo Purchased

Updates for mobile

Can you update this plugin for mobile, when trying to go live from mobile it’s not working. I think it’s missing some prompts or common, like access to use camera, access to use mic etc.

When touching the Go Live button from mobile nothings happen.

We will look into it, on desktop is working fine?

Craveo Purchased

thanks. Yes, it’s works on desktop.

I will look into it

Because of sale, I like to buy it and give it a try :)

I have questions, do we need only plan to run this plugin along with main belloo script?

Any other 3rd party is involved or only ???

What happens when user stops live streaming, the recording stay on server or we have the option to automatically delete it after finishing live streaming?

Are the gifting system works fine now in the desktop and mobile theme? I have already the mobile theme :)

Appreciate your reply, and I would love to buy it.

Hello, you will need if you want to use the real time services which are (real time notifications and real time chat, realtime chat in streaming)

When the user stops streaming the live closes and the video is not stored, yes gifts in mobile work same as desktop theme

After long time, I decided to Turn on this feature for my site. I configured with my site I can see the live stream looks black screen.

I have latest Samsung 23 ultra, I went live from it, and with other username I logged into web browser on my laptop to view the live streaming from my moilble. In mobile the live stream looks fine and very clear but on the laptop I do not see the livestream it shows just a black blurry screen. So it means if someone goes live, other users will not be able to see the live streaming.

So I have disabled it again, please check and test and let me know if that is a bug.

Also, any plans to add double tab feature in live streaming, so that when users double tab on mobile screen the hearts will be sending to the streamer. :)

have you tried from laptop to mobile ? and mobile to mobile? and laptop to laptop?

my request is from december 2021 till now no respon

You Should Read my email dude.. I’m order app from you at Desember 2021 about app from Belloo Apps and till now no Respon..

Read my previous Comment.. said you asking me no spam.. i tought you will proses my app.. Desember 2021 till now September 2022 it 9 month dude.. i’m enough patient to wait .. but please give a progress

Read my email form

Respon Please

I am waiting for support from the author, but he is not responding to me even though he is online. The server that their code is connected to is down and my site is unavailable. Livestream plugin does not work call not working.Since the author brought the 3th and javascript codes from a different server, it gives a communication error and my site has become unusable. Good thing I didn’t advertise or my money would have been completely wasted.



As you can see, he is not responding to my comments. How much can you trust this man?

Good day,

I have purchased this app with the main Bello script and I respect your work. I have issues when I go live or stream. The images get distorted, The user profile image gets in the way and the written text is also scattered all across the screen. Please this issue happens across both a desktop, laptop and mobile device. Please help or support.


sent … 10 hours ago to ..

Yes i have answerd you

and I have replied you

I already bought Belloo script and Live Mingle, loving it, thanks

I like to buy this, but I saw in comments, one user was saying gifts are not working in mobile view and in desktop version gifts credit are not reaching to the steamer.

If these issues have been fixed, I would love to buy it. Please let me know. Thanks

Its fixed you can purchase it

My Order Script Is Over 6 Months, Please Consider Shipping My Order. I chatted many times on but no answer at all.. very disappointing

I wont Spam if you consider review my issue.. i have been waiting for 6 month.. no respon lately..

Holy Crap this Issue Still not solve ? NOT SPAM ? Come on dude

my request is from december 2021 till now no respon

Pre Sale Question:

Hello, I have a WordPress website where people can upload videos in my website. I am using streamtube theme

Now what i want is people can do live stream as well.

Please see this image, This is the screenshot of my website upload section

There should be an option of ‘Go Live’ for people so they can do live stream

So is it possible wit your free or pro plugin ?

And would you help me if i buy your pro plugin and if i stuck somewhere?

There is no pro plugin, and that is not possible because that is a totally different script, we cant help you

Hi I have purchased this plugin , gifts are not working on mobile view (they are visible but when you try to send screen freezes) . in desktop you can send gifts but credit won’t add to the live streamers credit can you please fix these issues

Any news? Have tried to fixed the issues?

Working on it, i have to re-upload the photos thats why its taking time there are too many users

What I ment by have you tried to fix the issue was :

For live plugin , gifts are not working on mobile view (they are visible but when you try to send screen freezes) . in desktop you can send gifts but credit won’t add to the live streamers credit It is more than a month I bought the plugin but because of these issues plugin is not usable

Can you please let me know how long more I should wait ?



Yes buy it, im always updating it!

Hello again, I have a problem with the streams, they can be done but the comments are not displayed, nor the gifts, can you support me please

Its solved right?

yes, ty

hello sir, is there any new update coming for this month? i want to support but seem this script have no improvement from last publishing, huhu

Yes update coming this month


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