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Can I let users to choose the variations on the search screen and add them to the cart? Why is not the add to cart button ajaxed as well? Will it be ajaxed if the theme is or do I need to use another plugin for that? Does not it have quick view? Tks.


_Liviu Author Team

Hi diegpl,

we appreciate your interest for LSCF. Please find bellow my answers:

- at this time it’s only load more pagination type. - it generates the additional thumbnails that are used by its predefined templates - LSCF it’s designed to work with a large amount of posts(there are no limits) - about the iframe on the lightbox, I believe that is related to the plugin that you’ll use for quick view… - at the moment the LSCF will not detect the images from gallery, a work around would be to create a custom post for that and load only the featured image( create a new custom template ) - it provides you the option to create custom post types. You can create many custom post types as you need - you will not be able to see the plugin backend demo. We have a demo only for our Frontend Editor https://lscf.pixolette.com/photography/ – click on “Settings” button

Let me know if you have more questions!

Kind regards!

I use ewww image optmizer to optimize my images. If the plugin generates its own thumbnails and don`t get the default ones, generated by wordpress, will it give me optimized images as well? Thank you.

Hi Diegpl,

I feel confident it will optimize the thumbnails generated with the plugin too, because they are generated by WordPress. So the plugin that you use will work fine with LSCF too.

Best! Liviu

Hello, looks like a great plugin, pre purchase question, I would like to use the search/filter feature with a portfolio page rather than with woocommerce products, is that possible? Specifically, with the Unicon theme, see the page below http://unicon.hellominti.com/portfolio-page/portfolio-4-columns-grid/

Right now, the unicon theme provide basic filtering at the top of the page via taxonomies, but it doesn’t allow sub filtering and multi select so I would like to use your plugin to allow users to refine their search and to select multiple taxonomies in a single search. I don’t want to change how the results part work, I want to use your plugin for the searching part only but I want the results to remain as is from the Unicon theme, found in the page above, is that possible?

For the Hierarchical categories filter, can the dropdown menus be multi selectable, for instance, select both “New and Used Vehicles” at the same time? And is it possible to have the subcategory filter visible prior to selecting an item from the parent category?


_Liviu Author Team

Hi Noorin,

To make the hierarchical categories filter to be multi selectable, you’ll need to display the categories as a checkboxes instead of dropdowns. I’m afraid that the second requirement isn’t available.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Best! Liviu

Hi, is there a way to show search and filters in horizontal way? thanks!


_Liviu Author Team

Hi Javierhc,

yeah, you can show the filters in horizontal way. The available filters position are horizontal, left and right. About the filters with the image, you have to use the LSCF “checkbox with icon” custom field. That will allow you to set the icons to your filter.

I hope this helps!

Regards! Liviu

Ok, i need my custom images, i mean certain icons for category… others categories only text. Last one: its possible to assign categories in one column and others in other column?


_Liviu Author Team

I believe you can combine them with LSCF custom fields. So, you’ll have to create a custom field called “icon with checkbox” and add there all options that have images or just text… About second question, that’s possible. You need to group your categories from the same taxonomy. So you can display multiple filters from same taxonomy. Each parent category with its child list can be displayed as independent filter. So, you can create multiple filter forms using categories from the same taxonomy.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Kind regards! Liviu

Can the items be default-sorted by a custom field (I really need this, and have not found ANY plugin to do this!)? Or do the items sort by whatever is set in the WooCommerce settings? If it’s the second case, then that’s ok, I can write a custom filter to override and sort by a custom field.

Also, can the filters be positioned on top, inline?


_Liviu Author Team

Hi dtective,

you can add any LSCF custom field as the sorting item. So, basically you can sort by any custom field created via LSCF.

Yeah, the filters can be positioned on top too.

Best! Liviu


pammee80 Purchased

Hi there. is there a way to edit an existing shortcode? I keep having to start over every time I want to change something


_John_ Author Team

Hi there,

We are pleased to welcome you as a new LSCF client.

Today we’re sending the update which has this functionality included, but it can take few days until it will be approved. Please send us an email to support@pixolette.com or open a ticket via https://support.pixolette.com and we’ll provide you the latest version.

Thanks, John


I have seen your Hierarchical Search Demo & I like it. I want to create hierarchical search as in the home page of autocraze.com.au. I have some queries before I purchase this plugin

1. Can it filter the products by attributes also or only by categories.

2. To show search form in home page, does it have some shortcode and where will it show the result.

3. If I add widget in sidebar of any category, Will it filter products only in that particular category


_Liviu Author Team

Hello Cwizards,

we appreciate your interest in LSCF. Please find bellow my comments:

1. Yeah, it can filter the products by attributes/categories.

2. It provides a shortcode for the whole filter. So you can have it on home page, but it will show the results too on the home page…

3. At the moment this feature isn’t available.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Regards! Liviu

We’re excited to announce that LSCF is running GREAT and UPDATE is now available! VERSION 1.9 (06/22/2017)

Check out below a list with all the things changed or improved for this version:

  • update – Edit filter shortcode
  • update – New custom field “Variation/Relationship” – create variation under your filter page
  • issue fix – Japanese characters fix under custom fields
  • issue fix – live search
  • issue fix – Frontend Editor – posts per page fix
  • issue fix – Frontend Editor – sidebar position fix
  • issue fix – Portrait template: image link



concoa Purchased

I just downloaded ALL the files associated with LSCF so I could update to 1.9 AND review the new documentation ( “how to” use the plug-in ). The docs don’t seem to be updated. [ Version: 1.0.0. Released: November 2016 ] Where can I get the correct docs? :(


_Liviu Author Team

Hi Concoa,

thank you for reporting that. We’ve just pushed an update to CodeCanyon that includes the updated documentation. We are waiting for approval…

Please reach us at support@pixolette.com. We’ll send you the updated documentation over email.

Thank you!