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What’s the difference between the No. Of Orders to Show and Carousel items to see?

The difference between No. of orders to show is how many latest orders you wish to pull from the database, while Carousel items to see is to set how many orders are shown in the widget at one glance (default to 3).

Do I need to set the Order statuses in the Live Sales Feed plugin settings?

Yes, marking which statuses to pull orders from tells the plugin to include only those statuses in the feed. For example, you might not wish to include “Failed” orders in the Sales feed. It also works with Custom statuses created using plugins like Custom Order Status Pro, Advance Order Status etc.

The Popup or Widget is now showing any orders on the website. What could be the reason?

Make sure you choose the order statuses in the plugin settings page (most commonly Processing and Completed).

Also, make sure the orders have the option “Include in Live Sales Feed” checked on Edit order page.

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