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is “Disable on Mobile devices?” supposed to work? it still shows the popups on an iPhone

It seems to work here. Can you share your Wordpress admin details on for us to take a look?

Hasn’t been working for me since the update…

Hi, can you share your wordpress admin details on

Hello, i sent a question from email but i didn’t get any reply. Please check and reply asap.

Thanks in advance!

Responded :)

I am really in doubt and also considering another similar plugin (also on EnvatoMarket). Do you have a trial/free version I can test with my theme and setup…?

Hi, Live Sales Feed works with almost every Wordpress/Woocommerce theme. If you see any issues after installing the plugin, get in touch with us on and we’ll get it running for you.

Since the new plugin was updated, I have not managed to get it to work and had to revert back to the old plugin version prior to the update. There is definite incomptibility issues that I’m experiencing. I’ve also sent a support request but have not heard back.

We are working on your ticket. Sorry for the delay


jcponline Purchased

It seems that no change happened from 5 days ago working on the ticket as i didn’t get an update.

Hi jcponline, Live sales feed now appears to be working on your site. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions.


kmtagt Purchased

Hello! Can you please add the word “Purchased” in the pop up? Like “Someone purchased from…..” People dont know what the pop up is about. So please add the word “purchased”. Thanks

Sure! We’re happy to consider this in the next update.

Hello, need help to see my ticket 2652825 still don’t get any feedback until now

Hey Faiz, we fixed and responded to your ticket.


faizhebat Purchased

many thanks

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raonisn Purchased

This plugin is not working.


raonisn Purchased

I cleared my cache and now it is working. But the first pop up didn’t show the image. You know why? Thanks!

Hi raonis, the most common reason for image to not show up in first popup is Lazy loading of images. Do you have this enabled in your theme/caching plugin?


raonisn Purchased

Yes, I have. There is a way to disable lazyload only for your plugin? And I am having many problems to configurate it. Sometimes didn’t show the pop up, the speed of first view didn’t change, also the delay and others configurations too. I already clear cache and cookies and nothing change. It’s is very difficult to get it working properly.

Pre-Sale Question:

If someone is just starting a store, and doesn’t have any orders yet, is it possible to add virtual names/locations to display in the popup to generate interest in products?

It’s a great idea to start with some stimulated inspiration by creating test orders with realistic names and they will show up in the feed. Once your store gets enough traction, you may go ahead and remove these orders to get your sales reports accurate. Live Sales Feed is designed to handle stores from Day 0 to those with high-volume transactions.

Creating test orders to show up in the feed is actually not a good idea.

For countries that need sequential order numbers (which many do), this throws a wrench into the works for book keeping when you need to find a way to explain the “fake” order.

I’ll bookmark your plugin as something to come back to if it ever adds the ability to manually add names/locations. :)


markb7 Purchased

I send an email 4 days ago but havent got a response back…Everything works except no words are showing up when the live sales feed pops up. It show the product image but it is just blank where the customer name, location ect. should be. How do i fix this?

Hi Mark, we have responded to your ticket.

I’ve submitted the form for support over 3 weeks ago now, no support till date for the new plugin version which doesn’t work on my site.

responded :)


jcponline Purchased

I’ve replied back to the email. I hope a quick action is taken and please let me know once done.

Hi jcponline, Live sales feed now appears to be working on your site. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions.


Presales question on the plugin. Looks like in the demo the dates are all european format (dd/mm/yyyy) is there a way to change the dates to mm/dd/yyyy?


Yes, it can be changed with a minor tweak and we are happy to help :) Send us a quick email on once you have bought the extension.