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Still waiting for a response on why the plugin doesn’t work on my website. Was told by Ryan

“Do you mind upgrading the membership while we look into this issue?

Thanks! Ryan”

Why do I have to upgrade my membership for a product which doesn’t work?

Hi Richard, this is fixed and Ryan got back to you on the ticket. Let us know if you need any additional assistance.

it is possibile to see somewhere how the popup is displayed on a mobile browser? In the demo, mobile version, I didn’t see it. Or you have a screenshot to show. Thanks

Here’s a screenshot -


WPML ready yet?

Not yet, but it can be translated using Locotranslate plugin.


mdearden Purchased

The pop up element will not work on my website.

Hello, can you please create a support ticket for us to look into this?

pako-my Purchased

submitted support ticket and receive nothing after 24 hours as stated there….

Does it display products that weren’t actually bought, to drive more sales? or just displays products that were purchased? For ecommerce beginners it would be cool to had the feature of displaying random products just to get people to take action. I thing the shopify app has that function.. Is it possible to have in this plug in?


It shows real orders in the system. If you are new and just starting out, you might want to temporarily create some mock orders until the store acquires real sales.


cbubny Purchased

Having some problem with this plugin. It’s randomly stopped working twice now. After we installed it several months ago, it worked fine for 2-3 months then randomly stopped working. We uninstalled and installed again and it worked for about 3 weeks then stopped working again. Could use some help with this issue…thanks!

Hello, happy to help! Do you mind submitting a support ticket for us to look into this in more detail and suggest a permanent solution?

lencurrie Purchased

Any idea as to when multisite would be enabled? Purchased by mistake as I didn’t check and assumed it would be.

Hello, We just purchased this plugin. It looks good however is missing some key features. 1). there is no ability to style the notification box other than adding a border. 2). It does not work well with caching plugins suck as wp-rocket. This means the same notification is displayed on every page load which looks awful.

We also realised that the timings/delays do not function correctly and are out by quite a bit however this might be related to the caching issue.

We would like to 5 star this plugin but cannot do so without the above features.

Kind regards, Antony