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Congrats! GLWS – DCSF

Before you publish your app please double check it, because your app is not working properly. All the menu not responding to my requests.

working good and i will upload video file so you will able to know

Nothing seems to work on demo, Radio is not playing

please send me video file from your device

anyways do you have fullscreen ads

Yes, full screen ads of google ads

I purchased and downloaded but folder not contains live radio app

Please check the file content

we have uploaded latest version but still review

hi, please can you check folder content?Where is the live radio app?

i have added new version of app source code so please download from it or please contact me on skype id : niteshsuvagia so i will send directly

Not uploading to google play to related to vitamio bundle issue. https://support.google.com/faqs/answer/6365106

And app is not work properly.There are so much bugs and code is very poor.How to i refund ????

Please tell me that problem and you will not copy name and bundle name from other app but you will need to do uniue name

Excellent GLWS

Can you add Internet radio stations? & Apple Music Stations? say I have 10 college internet radio stations & I want to intergrate them all in to one system – can this be done or only popular radio stations?

Yes possible and please add me on skype id : niteshsuvagia

My question is the following as added the stations to the app? Via a php web panel or using the app whenever there is a new station

new station add via app