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Can we see a live preview?

For now, you can view the demo video.


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Hi, I just sent you an email.




I have replied.

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hi, dont you think this might be a LITTLE TO SIMILAR to envatos iframe preview thing?



Can you point out which part ?

How do I use this if I have a site that only gives me a variable, and not an actual url? How do I get that to work with this script when I have a variable that represents all the different urls I want to use with this code?

You will need a live site in order to get LIVE PREVIEW work.

I am using a live site, but am unsure how I get my dynamic URLs I want to use live preview on, to function inside the file you provide.

Perhaps this is a general php question, but the way your script is designed I need to pass my php variable through to it. I don’t know how to do that, and thinking your script worked in such a way that I didn’t need to know how to.

Do you mind providing a little help in this area, or if you know of an article that can show me how to pass a variable from my script so that your live preview script understands what variable I’m talking about?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Can you send me an email and explain how exactly you need to pass a variable dynamically? It is the best if you could send your site URL along as well.


How do i do if i want to use this on several pages, i dont mean like in several domains. I have a portfolio with about 10 sites that i want to show a live preview of, i know how to use this for ONE of these, but how do i use it on the rest of the sites i have in my portfolio, do i need to upload this script several times or do i change/add the other sites in the script somehow?

I would prefer if it worked with one copy of this script on my server

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I can add multiple portfolio preview as a feature. It is a good idea. Thanks.

Hi dilab, i already buy this script. I want to ask you, how to add image such as live preview codecanyon/themeforest ?


Do you mean you want to add images to the live preview bar ?

You can use $logoUrl to show an image .

i have received item

Can your help me, how i add my website ?

For example i enter website

and seem Demo Button and Download Button. i want same something

Answering your reply

Kind regards…

I have already replied your email, please check.

If I add this script to an existing page, say preview.html I will then have to make it preview.php wont I ?

No, you do not change anything on your existing page.

You config which website to preview from LIVE PREVIEW .

Hope I answer you question, if not, send us an email, we can send you the manual file to help you understand better about this item.

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Cheers Dilab, purchased.

Thank you !

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Hi, can I use dropdown menus and is it easy to code it?


A little bit of Javascript and CSS is required to convert the list to a dropdown menu. It should be straightforward.

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What’s the code to load the website links in the frame?

So when clicking on any $topLeftLinks, it loads in the frame instead of going to the site?


$previewUrl is the URL for content in the frame.

$topLeftLinks are some additional links you would like to put there, which leads to other site.

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anyway wordpress vers for this?

Currently this is not available.

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I want to see before buying a live example? Screen not quote.

Currently, we would only be able to provide the screenshots. However you can also check out the video demo at

Regards Xu