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Great Plugin , happy for my purchase .

Thanks gema75 for the purchase Regards

Is there an demo or video of them in use? Right now the preview links to the documentation.


Hi rubbergumball. Will set the demo up asap and let you know. Regards

Hi again i did a demo website for the plugin and also added some screenshots links on the plugin description on the codecanyon page.

On the demo website i have modified the plugin to show always the stacked popups and you`ll see the same popup ( because on a demo website we dont get too many post posted ) .

On the plugin that you`ll get all the functionality is OK

here the link to the demo website http://pidhasome.com/albdesign/plugins/wordpress_live_post_notification/

Let me know if you have more questions


Awesome :)

You should really have those 7 screenshots found in the second half of the page and put it up under your plugins banner. I thought it was only one screenshot originally.

Ok..presale question… is there a way to turn this off for “MOBILE”? :)

Hi Kwilliamroman

Thought of adding those images but are a bit too large to be displayed there :)

As for the mobile , the plugin doesnt offers such option by itself but its doable via Css media queries

Let me know if you have any more questions


Great plugin , it was just what i needed :) Thanks, you save me a lot of time :)


Hi Erenik,

im glad that my plugin was ok for you. Please dont forget to rate it also.


Is it possibly to have the notification on the next visit, for an overview of the last new postst since there last visit..? Would be great!

Or maybe to turn it from live to offline, and just the overview option? on there next visit.

Hi Frederick is this something like a “last post and pages since your last visit” functionality that you require ?


Will this plugin work on WordPress 3.9? Thanks

Hi Baccioly

Yes this work with WordPress 3.9

Let me know if you have other questions


The plugin works in every position, but i can’t get the featured image to show up. Already tried to reinstall the plugin, turned “Show images” on and off – but no success. Work with WordPress 3.9, PHP 5.5.10, Theme RT Theme 17, W3 Total Cache Do you have any solution?

hi Rene

Thanks for purchasing the plugin please contact me via albdesign@pidhasome.com so i can take a closer look ( and mention “renekunz” so i know its you)


The plugin did not work with my Theme, because RT Theme is handling the featured image differently. The plugin author helped and fixed that problem straightforward. And that even on weekend. That was an outstanding support, thank you again ver much.

Thank you Rene for the good words. Dont forget to rate the plugin . Regards

Please, i wanna PURCHASE this plugin but doesn’t tested in wordpress 3.9 !

Hi Bkarim3

sorry , i forgot to update the list

the plugin works with WP 3.9.1 and also i am here and i can provide support for you


Hi, I installed the plugin, but just i activate the plugin my server CPU goes up to 100 GHz and server down :( this is a big problem for me :(


I understand Seems the Wordpress heartbeat doesnt works very well with that number of visitors

Have a look at this , it might help http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/wordpress/heartbeat-heavy-admin-ajax-php-usage

But keep in mind ,if you disable the heartbeat the plugin will not work

Thank you , i will try this thing .

Hi, I got wp heartbeat plugin installed and no java errors for this anymore but this is still not working for me.


hi Lady1178 please let me know the URL of your website so i can check



I purchased your plugin and it is great for post, pages and woocommerce products. Is there any chance you can add an update to also do popups for easy digital download products as well. I would be very interested in that if possible. Please review and advise.


Hi, Thanks for your purchase . As for the customization you can ask on http://www.codeable.io for Orionk , he has already done many customizations of my plugins so he might help you on this as well. Here is his direct profile page https://codeable.io/developers/orionk-k

Let me know if you have other questions Regards


the plugin seems to do what I need.

But it is a problem for me to notifiy on every page/post creation.

Does it support to chose just a custom post type with all its categories in it?

hi Digiblogger , right now it supports post/page/woocommerce products.

But yes it can be customized for custom post types.

Should you need help , you can contact Orionk on www.codeable.io since he/them has done many customizations to this plugin .

You can use this URL https://codeable.io?coupon_code=AFTHLT so you get also a discount .

Let me know if you have additional questions.


Hi this plugin is exactly what I am looking for but I wanted to make sure it is WordPress 4.1.1 compatible before purchasing. Thanks.

hi Shunter, Yes its compactible with WP 4.1.1

Let us know if you have any additional questions



I bought your plugin, I installed and configured but it does not work.

No notifications will appear on my site when I create a new post.

Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance

Thanks for purchasing the plugin please contact me via albdesign@pidhasome.com and send FTP and WP infos so i can take a closer look ( and mention “lahoulle” so i know its you)


Does this have the option to play a sound when a notification appears?


It does not but you can request a customization to Orionk via “HIRE ME” on this link https://codeable.io/developers/orionk-k/


Quick question before I buy this. Does this plugin support custom post types?


It does not but you can request a customization to Orionk on this link https://codeable.io/developers/orionk-k/


Hi I buyer your plugin and it’s awesome. Please can you add a sound alert when there is a notification. That will be great.

Hello Thank you for the purchase . Technically is doable but since is a customization request i cant add it .

An option ( if you cant do the changes yourself ) would be to hire a developer . Orionk has done many customizations and you can see his profile here https://codeable.io/developers/orionk-k/

let me know if you have any other questions

Can’t wait when you add it. Keep up tha good work. Thanks for your great response

Hello – Before I buy, can this plugin work for ALREADY purchased sales?

I want to set popup notification every 3 seconds for previous 10 sales on my site. Is this do-able ? Thanks

Example: Sam – London Just purchased [product A]

That is the example popup I’m talking about but also product is clickable. WITHOUT having to custom code parts is what I’m looking for.

Hello , no it doesnt works without custom coding Regards

Hi there, are popups shown on every page or is it possible to specify the page where popups are displayed?


Yes , they show on every page

Is it possible to configure the script somehow so popups are only shown on specific pages? An array of page IDs would be nice!

Technically yes , but your request is the first of this kind so no much customers are interested in this

Hi, I purchased the plugin. But it doesn’t work on my site. Can you help me check it. Thanks


Contact us via email at albdesign@albdesignweb.com and let us know website URL