Live Post Page Product Notification

Live Post Page Product Notification

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With this plugin you can show modal popup ( non intrusive) when a new post , page or woocommerce product is published

In this way you keep the visitors or client more engaged and since its an Ajax based plugin there is no need for the visitors to refresh the page

With a lot of options to chose from you can also design the popup and the way it shows

Below you can see some screenshots . Keep in mind that not all the positions are shown on the screenshots below. The plugin is offers 8 possible positions


  • Enable or not for new posts,pages or woocommerce products
  • 8 possible positions to show the popup
  • Show or hide the featured image
  • Show or hide the author name
  • How many popup to show
  • Master popup
  • Time controlled hiding the popup or no hidding
  • Color picker to stylize the popup

Documentation click here

Plugin Configuration

Bottom center

Bottom full

Bottom full with featured image

Bottom left


Top center

Top left

Full size screenshots

Demo website

On the demo website we have a modified version of the plugin that doesnt remember what popups are shown and because of this you`ll see the same popups . This because we dont have many new posting of pages,posts,woocommerce products on a demo website .

On the version you`ll get once you purchase the plugin the functionality is the correct one.

Click here for the frontend demo website

click here for backend demo

User : demo
Pass: demo

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