Discussion on WordPress Live NFT Cards Affiliates with VueJS

Discussion on WordPress Live NFT Cards Affiliates with VueJS

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How do I set up the OS affiliation account or does OS no longer support it? Thanks


The plugin purpose is to list NFT cards in different designs from

The second part of the plugin (and we cannot control this), is the affiliation part.

Disclaimer: The affiliate program may suffer changes. Before purchasing this plugin please consult

Which features des this allow:

1. Showing or fulfilling OS listings 2. Making offers on OS items 3. Showing collection details (name, stats, etc) 4. Showing NFT details (name, metadata, etc)



3 & 4 are the only features included inside this plugin.

Kind Regards!

is it easy to get the opensea api or can the reject the request?


The plugin does not require an API key unless you have a lot of visits on your website. If you really need an API key, request it before purchasing the plugin.


details information say this is $49? is that wrong – thanks

Sorry about this. It seems that we forgot to remove the banner.

Note: If you are interested to buy it, because we made this mistake, we can adjust the price for you for a moment.

Sorry again


What is the process to buy with the discount?

As mentioned before, we will adjust the price for a few minutes. So if you confirm that you will buy it we will do that now.


You say in the FAQ, that this plugin requires WooCommerce, but I think it is a mistake. Does it need WooCommerce, or not?

Thank you


That is a mistake on our part, we will remove that statement.

Kind Regards!

Can we use the regular license product for the WP-Multisite (Subdomains) feature?


The plugin can only be activated on one WP installation (1 live and 1 development installation).

If you have multiple installation, you might need 1 license per each subdomain.

If the multsite is on the same installation, you can install and activate it on the network WP and you are good to go.

Best regards!

Will this plugin integrate with WP-Ultimo as well?


We didn’t test the plugin with WP-Ultimo and we can’t say if is or not.

Is it possible to add a filter option so that users can search NFTs according to traits?


do you want to show grids from this plugin by traits? or are talking about the Enefti theme (or other theme)

Just bought, installed the plugin, nothing happens, is it a scam?

Thank you for opening the help ticket. We will review it and clarify this in the next minutes/hours.

Thank you!

replied, provided the login info, please check

As I see our agent already replied and will continue the process of resolving your ticket. Please discuss on your ticket page only.


can i sell my own card without opensea?


This plugin will list NFTs from OpenSea. If you want to create NFTs you should check our WordPress NFT Creator plugin.

**Selling NFTs in WP will be available in the next weeks. We are working to release the NFT Marketplace (selling/purchasing NFTs in WP).

I already bought Wordpress NFT creator and i test it but i dont know where my card gone after i deploy, i dont want import it from nft

In case you have submitted it to OpenSea, you can import it back with our addon -> WooCommerce NFT Importer

Note: To also save them in your WP will be possible in the next weeks. We will release an NFT Marketplace core which will be the base of all our NFT addons.

This core will also save the NFTs submitted on blockchain, in a Custom Post type (in WP) and you will also be able to selll/buy NFT on your WP directly.

We might consider to give the core for free.

How is it possible that the cards only show NFTs that were imported by the NFT importer and the card is not linked to opensea but to the product page of woocommerce of the respective NFT?


Could you elaborate further? Do you want to show related NFTs inside your product page?

Have a great one, fruittuneGmbH!

When I click on an NFT card now, I am immediately redirected to Opensea. However, I want to use the live NFT cards plugin together with the NFT importer plugin, so that live NFT cards show the imported NFTs. So when I click on a live NFT card I will be redirected to the product page instead of Opensea.

You cannot do this with our plugins as this was not the intended usage. You will need another plugin for this specific issue.

Hello , this is a presale question , is this plugin ready to go or need firstly to create account and take API credentials from Opensea, is the API configuration ready on the Plugin or i need to set it up by my self? Can it retrieve the information from Opeansea based on the contract address of the NFT?

Yes, you can display multiple collections but each one must be inside a separate shortcode. The images are stored on OpenSea not locally.

Thank you very very much for the clarification.

Glad it helped, Have a nice day!

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Why am I getting this error? An unexpected error occurred, we apologize.

What is the main cause of it?

Usually this is returned when “Is an error on OpenSea or something is wrongly sent” via API.

Please send us a help ticket to look into this!

Thank you

I have sent a ticket but response is limited. What do you need FTP access for? Shouldn’t this work without you needing to edit anything? It’s supposed to work out of the box.

Hi there,

Our agents are looking on your ticket and will help you asap with a solution.

It should work out of the box, no doubts on this. We usually request FTP access to reduce the time (just in case we need to fix something quickly – if the situation requires this).

Anyhow, we are monitoring this and help you. All of our updates will be posted on your ticket page #2990475

how do you make money with this plugin?


1. For example, if you own NFTs on opensea, or want to promote NFTs in any WordPress site (article, sidebar, page etc),

2. Win affiliate commissions (Note: Sometimes the affiliate system from OpenSea can suffer modifications and can be temporarily suspended);

Do you offer any WordPress plugins or stand alone scripts for NFT marketplace import (opensea, etc) that do not require WooCommerce to be installed?

This plugin actually doesn’t require WooCommerce. You can configure/customize the shortcodes. Take a look at the docs:

Ok thanks. So I would be able to display top 40 highest sold NFTs, top 40 highest current offers NFTs and top 40 highest asking price NFTs on different pages using shortcode? In this case I would not specify an owner or collection but it would just show the top 40 from all NFTs listed on Opensea.

Take a look at the docs to see all the parameters and how you can sort them depending on each situation. It might not be 100% for all of the cases, but you can check and know better, depending the cases needed.

We can add some custom parameters on request.

I’m waiting for supporting Polygon chain. Let me know the schedule. thank you


We do not have a clear schedule, here is our changelog where you can check our latest versions :

Hello, today i started to use and test plugin on real environment. Seems work well, despite opensea still didn’t feedback with the api key. Well, after some tests on my page i saw some error on console.

Imagine a wordpress site and your plugin was just activated, i mean no pages with cards done yet. Just activated plugin. I saw this error on my google dev tool:

public-path.js:6 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘dataset’) at Object.83f4 (public-path.js:6:8) at d (bootstrap:89:22) at Module.cd49 (app.js?ver=9cf2402eb981d7d035df51af9b5c8fe8:1:17774) at d (bootstrap:89:22) at Object.0 (app.js?ver=9cf2402eb981d7d035df51af9b5c8fe8:1:3560) at d (bootstrap:89:22) at a (bootstrap:45:15) at Array.t [as push] (bootstrap:32:11) at chunk-vendors.js?ver=9cf2402eb981d7d035df51af9b5c8fe8:1:53

Despite this error, if i create a page with nft cards seems work anyways. But i need to know why i have this error on my console and how to fix that. I can provide you backend acess.

Hello and thank you for contacting us,

Please submit a request to our help center ( and one of our agents will assist you.

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.

Regards! - ModelTheme

Having the same issue as above: “An unexpected error occurred, we apologize.”

Usually this is returned when “Is an error on OpenSea or something is wrongly sent” via API.

Please send us a help ticket to look into this!

Thank you

Hello! It used to work, but now it’s an error. “An unexpected error occurred, we apologize.”

Usually this is returned when “Is an error on OpenSea or something is wrongly sent” via API.

Please send us a help ticket to look into this!

Thank you

Everything is working. How to check that the referral program is working?


We are looking into this. Since they are 3rd party, we have to discuss with them and know what happens with their affiliate system. Be right back here on in our item description with a public statement.

Anyhow, we are working to add multiple api’s with affiliation systems, in the core.

HELP! I can’t display search query monkey in opensea. I tried 3 options

[nftcard appid=”1” card_type=”2” type=”grid” direction=”asc/monkey”] | [nftcard appid=”2” card_type=”2” type=”grid” direction=”monkey”] | [nftcard appid=”3” card_type=”2” type=”grid” direction=monkey]

Hi and thanks for reporting this,

We will investigate this and come back with a resolution asap.

I’m waiting


Please take a look at the documentation shortcode and parameters:

This is wrong:

and this is wrong:
and this is wrong

You should follow the attributes and put what needs to be put as value. For example for direction you can only put asc or desc.

It should be like this:
[nftcard card_type="2" type="grid" collection="phantabear"]

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