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Hello, great plugin, can I automatically hide the featured news if there is no news associated ? and show it automatically also when a news added to the category ?

Hello Mtayrek,

currently the featured news can only be hidden with the “Hide the featured news” checkbox available in the Options menu.

A feature to automatically hide/display the featured news area based on the number of featured news doesn’t exist, but it’s an idea for future plugin updates.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

cant I do it with .hide .show jquery ? if yes just guide on the js file

Please contact me via my profile contact form for this.

Hello….brilliant file. Do you plan to add any new features soon on this? What I need would be to be able to have multiple Live News on a domain….a different news feed for each page so that I could have a news page with news ticker….Sports Page with a Sports ticker and so on. Could you add something like that and if so how long do you think it would take? thanks

Hello eirehotspur, later this year this item will be updated with a series of new features based on the users’ feedbacks and on our improved quality standards. I’m going to add your request in the list of possible new features but I can’t guarantee in advance about an actual implementation or about the release date. When the new version will be released an email will be sent to all the buyers.

Well that is Good News and Bad News….Good News you are considering it and Bad News because I was going to include it in a website pitch to a really big company here….

Will this show on mobile devices at this time and can I show it in the middle of the page not just top or bottom? Many thanks! Looks great!

Hello karenfred, on mobile devices the news ticker is automatically disabled ( for the reason please check out the first answer here ). The news ticker can’t be placed inside the normal layout of your theme, to work properly should remain absolutely positioned ( position: absolute; ) and should be kept large like the browser viewport.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

Anyone trying to use this on a shared hosting? Only issue I have it there is a 5-10 second delay when Ticker is refreshing. I am in Ireland and hard to find reasonable hosting with Servers based here… Would VPS or Dedicated Servers speed it up to 1 or 2 seconds delay??

UPDATE..works now again in IE and Chrome…I don’t know what happens sometimes….thanks for your quick response though. I am able to change the look of the file through Microthemer…

Can I just ask one simple question…how to disable the open/close button…I want it perm open…thanks

Hello eirehotspur, please contact me via my profile contact form or via the support tab for this.

Come mai nel mio sito wordpress compare la banda solo nelle pagine interne e non nell’home page?

Hello grossetosport, please contact me via my profile contact form or via the support tab ( technical support is not provided in this comments area ) with a link to your website and the plugin activated, so I can provide you a precise answer.

hello, how can i add a separator between the news items . i need it to be done manually . just show me where to do it in the code . i need to have a photo that separate news items from each other .

Hello ramsharef,

edit line 241 of live-news/js/general.js and add your image.


$('#dc-ln-slider-floating-content').append( '<div class="dc-ln-slider-single-news"><a href="' + url + '">' + htmlEscape( news_title ) + '</a></div>' );


$('#dc-ln-slider-floating-content').append( '<div class="dc-ln-slider-single-news"><img src="http://placehold.it/40x40" style="width:40px; height: 40px;"><a href="' + url + '">' + htmlEscape( news_title ) + '</a></div>' );

Support is usually not provided in this comments area, if you need additional info please contact me directly via my profile contact form or via the support tab.

Hope this helps.

Hi, i have just purchashed the plugin. Great. Just two questions: 1. is possible to show news shedule? 2. is possible to change the colour of news bar background?

For technical questions please contact me directly via my profile contact form or via the support tab so I can reply to you via email. Thank you.

what i have to do for disable news ticker without have to disable the plugin?Thanks

Hello cittasport76,

currently if you don’t want the news ticker you have to disabled the plugin. (note that you are free to disable the plugin, the “Disable” task do not delete any option or data related with the plugin) An option to disable the plugin without disabling it will be probably included in the next release.

Hope this helps.


Laxmin Purchased

Dear DAEXT, this is one fantastic plugin. The news scroll on our University Site looks great (sbvu.ac.in) and I had tried about 20 different news scrollers.

I am only concerned that the plugin hasn’t been updated since March 2015 although I must note that it has no issues with wordpress versions so far. I only want to see some new features please. I hope you have not lost your interest in this amazing plugin.


Hello Laxmin,

You are asking in the right moment because I’m planning to update the Live News plugin this month with the following features:

  • A re-designed back-end menu
  • Performance improvement
  • New options based on the feedbacks I received in the last year

Feel free to suggest any new feature you would like to see in the new version, obviously I can’t guarantee about an actual implementation, but will be certainly evaluated.

hello seller i would like to change the font size of news…i want about 20size…and at script panel i add it but still appear large default size…can i edit direct on /folder/file? ty so much

Hello fotografo123,

please contact me via my profile contact form or via the support tab and indicate which text size you want to change:

  • Featured News Title
  • Featured News Excerpt
  • Sliding News

So I can reply to you with the exact procedure.

Live News 2.04 has been released

The following changes have been applied:

  • The plugin has been rewritten with an OOP approach
  • Backend interface revamp
  • It’s now possible to create multiple news tickers
  • The number of AJAX requests required to retrieve the news ticker data has been reduced from 3 to 1
  • The news ticker data can now be stored using the Transient API
  • It’s now possible to set the number of cycles performed by the news ticker without updating the news
  • The news can now be retrieved from Twitter
  • Images can now be added before and after each sliding news
  • The Mobile Detect class has been updated to the latest version
  • Multilanguage support has been added, the plugin can now be used in English o in Italian
  • Support for WordPress multisite
  • Many other options have been added and the overall number of options has been increased from 21 (v1.47) to 72 (v2.04)

Please follow this procedure to use Live News 2.04:

  1. On the Plugins menu deactivate and delete the previous version of Live News
  2. Download from CodeCanyon Live News 2.04
  3. From the Plugins menu click on Upload Plugin and install the zipped pack you just downloaded

Many changes have been applied and it’s recommend to read the new plugin manual available in the “doc” folder.

Four video tutorial are also available on YouTube:

In case you don’t want to lose the manually added featured news and sliding news of your previous version of Live News please use phpMyAdmin to export the content (before deleting the old version of Live News) of the [prefix]_dc_ln_featured_news and [prefix]_dc_ln_sliding_news database tables in the CSV format and then contact me via my profile contact form or via the support tab.

For generic questions feel free to ask in this comments area. For specific technical questions please contact me directly via my profile contact form or via the support tab.

Hi, do I need to renew the support to get the new update?

The new update works, thank you SO much! :) and Merry Christmas to you.

The open and close button, how can I disable it or remove it so it doesn’t show on the front end? as when I remove the images for open and close it keeps telling me to more or less add them back.

Hello Scruffles, I just replied via email because technical support is provided directly via email.

Hey there,

The plugin seems superb. I am really interested in purchasing it but i have one simple question for you to answer me.

Is it possible to add margins to the ticker? I have a onepush icon on the left side of my webpage and a go to top of the page arrow on the right.

I don’t want these to collide with each other.

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

Hello questitgr,

consider that:

  • This kind of tv-like news ticker doesn’t look good if you apply left and right margins.
  • The news ticker stays always attached to the left and right margin of the browser viewport and the page width is used to calculate the movement of the sliding news.

For these reasons I recommend you one of these two alternative solutions:

  • Change the position of your icons and arrows with the related CSS, so you can move them above (on the Y axis) the news ticker.
  • Use the CSS z-index property to move your icons and arrows above (on the Z axis) the news ticker.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

No matter what I try, applying a ticker to an URL doesn’t seem to work with https. Please advise!

Hello smartease,

the plugin should work with https, has been tested with it, and other users are currently using it with https.

Please contact me via the support tab and create a temporary administrative account for me, so I can verify the issue and provide you a solution.

Dear Sir, I just purchased this plugin and added newsticker on the website, but this is not appearing on frontend : https://jcdv.edu.in/

Hello subhashsrs,

can you please create a temporary administrative account for me so I can verify the configuration of the news tickers?

I recommend you to contact me directly via the support tab for a private support thread.

Yes Sir, I just sent login credentials to you, Thanks for helping me on this.

Can this be use standalone? I mean without wordpress. I.want to install it on non-wordpress site

Hello Erik,

other users asked me the same in the past and will be released soon a JavaScript/jQuery version that can be used on non-WordPress websites. If you are interested on this please check out my portfolio in the last part of April or in May.

If you have other questions feel free to ask.

Before Buy It.

can we make auto hide after 10 sec for featured news. and if we add new featured news the new show automatically if the visitor on the website or should renew the website to show it.

Hello abdo_nahas,

can we make auto hide after 10 sec for featured news

The status of the featured news area is fixed (is in open or closed status based on an option associated with the specific news ticker). An option to hide the featured news area after a specific time is not included.

if we add new featured news the new show automatically if the visitor on the website or should renew the website to show it.

The status of the featured news area doesn’t change automatically based on its content (if there are featured news or not).

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.