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Nice looking script, could be cool if you use disqus on it, like on the bottom below commentaries.


Hi sanvas,

You’re welcome.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you face with any other issue.
Thank you for your rating too!

Best Regards,

a few things you could look at. When adding actions (goals, yellow cards, etc) it is added next to player’s name but once more than 2 actions are added then it comes below and looks a bit ugly, not a big deal but still. also when a player is substituted, the red arrow appears next to him and player in has a green arrow next to him too, yet it could be cool to actually move players in right box, again, it’s not a big deal. Overall script works fine, thanks.

Hi sanvas,
I’ll consider these for the next possible update.
Thanks for your suggestions!

Hello, I purchased this script few months ago.Now, I want to use it.How can I install it? please help me.I am willing to provide the hosting credentials. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

hi athossin,
please send me your hosting details so I can install script for you.

question, can a user see more than one match in the same page or not?

Hi cserra0311,
It’s possible but you’d need to do custom coding.

pre sales question: Can club signup? or add players?

Hi yasirzia,
There is no such built-in feature but you can add it with custom coding.

1) There are easy and most importantly the proper way to make changes in the script, so that later when future updates are not sluteli my changes?
2) The script will automatically understand what the user is looking to a mobile phone and shows the version for mobile?

Hi artpa83,
1) On each update, all required steps to switch most recent version are written on documentation. The script is at stable version so i don’t think it would be a problem related to updates.
2) I can help you adding this feature.

Dear Friend,

I write on behalf of an italian website specialized in live matches commentary. We find you product very cool but we would like to know if there is the possibility to customize it in order to fullfill our needs.

1) possibility to add some comments type 2) possibility to load photo/videos 3) possibility to add some ads (2/3 boxes between the comments) 4) possibility to convert the script into a Wordpress plugin 5) How is SEO positioning for comments witten though your script?

Many Thanks, Luis

Hi lcusati,
The script will be released as the wordpress plugin too! There is no ETA yet but I’ll try to finish it ASAP. You’ll need to do custom programming to add the features you requested in the questions 1,2,3. There is no SEO related features in the script.
Thanks for your interest!

Can we use this on a wordpress environment via an iframe object?

Hi thepapare,
If you know how to do, it’s possible.

when I will have 1 update?

incredible system

Hi luanfernando,
I’ve just sent the update for approval.
You can download it once it’s approved.

thank you so much I am narrating 1 set per day

You’re welcome!
I hope this update will make easier to commentate.

Script can auto live score or not?

Hello abyss73,
The script doesn’t have such feature.
It is possible to add this functionality with custom coding though.
Sorry for the late reply.

Komple tasarım dahil birşeyler olursa süper olacak.

Merhaba alemburda,
Şimdilik böyle bir plan yok, ancak ileride Wordpress plugin olarak satışa sunulabilir.


exepteu Purchased

Hi, do you have time now to do some freelance work?

Hi. Thanks for the script. Team 1 does not display the “Delete” link on the form substitutes. Same problem in demo version

Hello megacode,
Sorry for the issue!
Could you send me email so I can send you fixed file?


Answered :)

Since all the commentaries are store in a DB – is there a way to create an API endpoint?

Hi fyodor1821,
Yes, it is possible to create an API at your end since there is no restrictions or encryptions on code.


exepteu Purchased

Hi, 1) I like to add other languages. In with file must I add that code, example: dansk.php?

2) Can admin change languages?

3) Can visitor change languages?

4) Is that only support one languages or can I add multi languages in file: /config/site.php ?


Hello exepteu,
1) You can copy lang/english.php and paste as “dansk.php”, then set $language value to “dansk”.
2, 3) There is no on the fly language selection feature. You’ll need to implement it.
4) One language can be set at a time.

SELECT, t1.goal_minute, t1.is_penalty_goal, t1.is_own_goal, t1.insert_time,, t2.squad_number, t2.team_id, AS player_id FROM match_goals t1 INNER JOIN match_players t2 ON t1.match_player_id = WHERE t1.is_deleted = 0 AND t1.is_own_goal = 0 ORDER BY t1.insert_time ASC LIMIT 10 How I can get top 10 Most goal hits? like player 1-1 26 goals player 1-2 20 goals and player 2-1 18 goals? Your tables and code so messy..

Hi KLNato,
You can get the results in several ways.
Please submit your request via your profile used to purchase this item.