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I just purchased this and have been reading over your docs but I’m unsure how to implement this into my development site. I’m using MVC4 and Bundles which minifies all the css and js into a single downloads to the client.. I’ve been editing the *.less files manually so far, and when I compile it makes the css automatically because of my Web Extensions addin in VS2013.

This is how I reference my css in App_Start/BundleConfig.cs

bundles.Add(new StyleBundle("/bundles/css").Include(

Do I need to make ”#if DEBUG” and load the less files your way during development and bundle way and release mode? Any advice?

I have no experience with MVC, but the tool needs the less files to be served from the server as is. Maybe you need to set up the correct mime type in web.config:

The LESS.js will not be automatically loaded in the preview file and the CSS file wouldn’t be overwritten.

Did you try if it works with the examples? Can you upload your project somewhere so I can take a look on it? Feel free to send me a private message with more details.

This looks AWESOME! Will you be supporting Bootstrap 4 (SASS)? Thanks.

I don’t know how could I compile sass with javascript but it would be great to come up with a solution to live edit bootstrap 4. Switching Bootstrap 4 to use SASS was a bad decision IMHO, but I am sure that it can be solved somehow. But it doesn’t seem to be easy.

FYI I think I can make it work with Bootstrap 4 and sass, I am already working on it.

Excellent! Looking forward to it. Thank you for the follow up.


we are using the theme customizer, however nor this or the work fine, in exporting the modified LESS variables only. Most, if not all of lighten/darken values are ignored. If works fine if you put a value, but not if you use a variable or a function.

Any update on this?

Sorry, it is on the top of my list but I was ill the whole week, I am just better. I will try to fix it today or tomorrow.

I am just ready with the fix, will upload soon to Codecanyon but if you drop me a private message then I will send you the updated files so you don’t have to wait till the update gets accepted by the staff.


Can help me installing this on my php system?

Thank You

Hi, please send me a private message with more details.


How to config live-less-theme-customizer-v1.5.2 to using Bootstrap v3.3.6?

Thanks you

Hi, just replace the bootstrap-3.3.5 folder in examples/bootstrap with the files from the bootstrap v3.3.6 source (you will need the dist, fonts and less folders, just as in the example) which you can download from github:

Then update all the bootstrap-3.3.5 path in preview.html and update the lessvariablessrc value at the end of customizer.html (still in examples/bootstrap). That’s it. Ping me if you need more help.

Just coming from Bootstrap-Live-Customizer website. Many thanks for supporting older Bootstrap versions! Your site seem to be the only alternative. Found out that original Bootstrap v2 customizer is no longer available.

While playing with that site, I missed a useful feature on the right sidebar: Filter/Search input for variable names

So, one could display and focus on certain variables only. For instance: Only NAV related, only inputs, or only font related stuff etc.

IMHO, a real timesaver for very long lists (less scrolling), and also nice for learning and getting an overview.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will consider adding that to the next version.

Hi, I would like to know what is the difference between using this version or the one you have online ? Is there more features on this one ? How do I install it ? I am working on Mac so do I have to use with something like Mamp ? Many thanks for your answers ! Kind regards

Hi, the online bootstrap customizer is built with that script so if you just want to customize the original bootstrap styles then I don’t see any benefit of using that script instead. It is just needed if you want to modify the original less files or if you want to use it with your own less project. FYI the script doesn’t work if you open it directly so yes, something like Mamp is needed for it to work.


I was wondering if it was possible to use custom form elements, when variablescontainer is being set?

e.g. spinner for margin/padding. or select for predefined fonts.

And also can you set custom labels for each variable, as the variable labels make sense to me, but not so much for clients/users?


excellent! I was also wondering how complex it would be to be able to define a form with custom labels and just assign a input field using a data type, this way I could pre build my inputs with custom labels and tool tips and helper text, instead of just looping over available variables, as I was looking to have sub groups e.g. header > fonts -> then list font-family, size, etc, then also have header > box model -> margin, padding, border, etc thanks

So, you would like to use your own markup to build the form and want to assign an input to a less variable like <input data-variable=”@body-bg-color”> and if you modify the value in it then the customizer should modify the @body-bg-color value based on that?

That would be the idea, yes. I think I just found the answer to my other question around grouping, In the doc you mention using markdown to set header, subheader, etc

Hey, I have been reading over your docs over and over just not getting it. I’m try to recreate the the same functional a quick demo. All I need is for the plugin to change out one variable @brand-primary. Have no luck. Here is the page I have my code on.

Any insight would will help greatly. Thanks in an advance.

I got it working.

Glad you got it, thanks for the follow up!


andy008 Purchased

Is there any way to stop the compiled less converting relative URLs to absolute URLs?

All of the inputs are having an id based on the variable name, like <input id="gray-base"> for @gray-base, so you can get it with jquery like $('#gray-base').val()

But you can use the built in customizer method getLessVariables() like that (the result should be the same):
As for the rendered value, I think I have forgot to make a public method for it, but you can access it with a selector for the variable name prefixed with 'content-', like that (the customizer is using a hacky way to store the value in the font-family css attribute, and you have to trim the returned value to get the plain value):
$('#content-gray-darker').css('font-family').slice(1, -1).trim()

andy008 Purchased

Thanks – I needed values to push into the Spectrum color picker. I ended up using $('#group-cGray span.cp').css('background-color') for example to extract @cGray.

FYI $('#content-gray-darker').css('font-family').slice(1, -1).trim() will always give you the actual value as it is generated by less.

I have to look into that theme switching issue, it sounds like a bug.

I am having issues getting my copy of less to work. There is no less.js file in my downloaded package.

Sorry to say, but that template is using sass, not less, that’s why it is not working. I am already working on a sass port of the plugin, but I am not sure when will it be ready, if at all. Sass doesn’t have a javascript compiler such as less.js, so it may be very hard to make it work with a browser based customizer.

I recommend you to contact Envato support to see if you can get a refund. Or you can purchase a theme that is based on less and use the plugin with it, but a proper variables.less file will still be required, which may not be available in a custom template. FYI the plugin is more intended to target the theme developers, not the customers, as some setup is always required with custom themes (but it really is easy for someone who is familiar with less).

OK, well thank you. I’m still good with it, just need to use another template. I like the ability to try out different colors etc.

I appreciate you getting back to me so soon. Thanks!

Np Gail, feel free to ping me if you need help with setting up a less based template. If it has an individual less file with the variables then the setup should be easy.

I dearly love your script but I badly need bootstrap 4. As I read you already working on it ? When will it be released?

Currently I don’t have any spare time to work on it, I just hope that I can release it sometime in the next couple weeks.

Does this include the Bootswatch pre-defined theme selection feature, like on bootstrap-live-customizer[dot]com ?

No, the bootstrap demo is basically just a simple demo to show how the customizer itself works, while the bootstrap customizer website is specifically made for bootstrap. But I think it is not a bad idea to add it. Let me get back to you in a couple days.