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Can we get some Captcha or does the contact form popping up in another window or lightbox provide more security? And could it have ID #s for Support Tickets to actually distinguish between support issues and Whistle blowing and all the other options?

Thanks for your suggestion ,I will add captcha very soon.Actually every option have separate AUTO INCREMENT ID #s ,Even i will update this project to provide Support Ticket ID #.

hey thanks i would more than 90% purchase it then

The code has been updated.. You can go for it.. Please share your suggestions so that we can improve it thanks.. cheers :)

Hi, great Script so far. since i am planning to include a small helpdesk in my new project, it would be great. do you plan to improve the helpdesk features? once a customer raises an issue or what every type of question, i would like to be able to answer him directly over the web using the reference id. would be great if that could be possible, and even greater if pop3 email piping would be added :D so the custer could reply instantly by email or visiting a special webform.

hi mate !! happy that you liked it.. we have planned to make changes but lost the spirit because of very low user enqiury… now we are working on another script and once we are done we will upgrade it :)

I’d love to test the script. But I cannot open the chat from the user’s perspective. The button is not really visible and if I click on the green thin line on the right side, nothing happens.

hi’s some bug in the will fit it within a day or two because i am out of station now..i will message you once i am done..sorry for the inconvenience !! :)

Hello Achu23, 1.) Please fix the chat in demo page at

This is a very promising product. However please fix the issue with the chat feature in demo page.

I came to purchase this, however the chat feature is important for me and I do not know how it looks, so I cannot decide.

2.) Is this responsive? Can I view this in my smartphone which has a 4 inch display without any issues?

Please let me know so that I could consider buying this product.

Keep up the good work and all the best!


hey mate thanks for your interest !! will fix that issues in a couple of days and you can view in your smartphone without issues but do try once in the smartphone before purchase !! :)

Hey I would like to buy the code of this software. is it possible. if yes please let me know.


Achu23, I get this at the top of my page…. and nothing else (buttons etc)

Fatal error: Call to a member function getdatalistfromquery() on a non-object in /home/blah/public_html/ on line 7

Not sure what I’ve done wrong.

you may deleted this line from help.php file include(“help/config/config.php”); If you are deleted , place it top of the page.


i am interested to buy this with extended license if the backend of chat canbe integrated with google/FB chat. Waiting for reply. also mention what you mean by multiclient ?can I install the frontend on multiple sites and have single backend?

yeah it is possible but takes lot of time.. multiclient is you can offer support to more than one client at a time..

Hi, i have installed the script for a my client, near “Are you human?” don’t appear the sum, can you help me?

Can you help me?

can you please provide your ftp details(Personal message) ?

This is pre sale question.

My website host does not allow chat system.

Can I install your system in another host and use on my website?

Can i use this in my shopify store?

Hello Dear Achu23;

1-Can Use it on HTML/XHTML web site ? 2-when we finish chat with visitor, can I receive a chat transcript by email ?

Than You Very Much ;)