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Hello I have been trying to install and went through the install with no problem this product with no problem. The index.php and index.html are empty. The I get to the adminpanel none of the admin links work I am getting a 404 errors. The login works,but nothing else works on the adminpanel screen. I am running IIS7 with php 5.4.2 . Any idea on what I am doing wrong. Thank you

Hello I have access to admin panel. It’s when I click on the links to go to admin setup ect… ( any link at the top of the page I get the 404 the files are there I looked. It’s not finding it in the folder none of the links are working on the admin panel except the the external link. That may be the reason I am not getting the css to load. Thank you for a quick response. Alex

Can you send me a temporary ftp account for check it (via my profile’s form – just for live events folder)

I will set up the FTP and send you an email. Thank you

Hello, how do I remove approval message!

Hi, send me a message from my profile for instructions. Thank you

Hello, Is this script responsive to all mobile devices and why is there no updates from the year of 2011 and yet hosting software keep changing?

Is it possible to mobile App for android and other ?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Thanks for your reply. BUT do you have plans to make its theme responsive because the use of mobile devices to access websites has grown so high every where.

Is there also a possibility to add live video streaming?


There isn’t any updates plan for this year.

Is it possible to add a feature where by users/visitors can fundraising to an event before it starts ? because am looking at using the script to display upcoming events but many of them may need fundraising for them in order to happen. e.g music launches,running for a cause,etc.And if possible, how much would it cost to have it added.

Lastly, can you recommend some one who can make the script them responsive ? because the use of mobile phones to access website is so big these days.

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Hello, Is it also possible to add streaming internet radios powered by ?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Hello, After purchase, i decided to install it on my computer to learn it abit while i wait to have a domain name for it. But the frontend does not work as it displays blank page, in the admin area there is no where to edit comments from visitors, i had also expected to have events under different categories, that option is not there. I also do not see the option to update for example scores.

Kindly let me know the what is the problem? I have not yet got a domain name to use but will get soon

When i choose a domain to use, i would like to get the exact demo of your website. I will not mind if you just copy and pest your website into my domain too.

Thank you Ronnie


for show the events you must run a url like this: http://www.yourwebsite.tld/liveEvents/event.php?id=XX (XX = event’s id).

You can’t edit visitors comments. You can approve or delete.

There isn’t events categories but only “Kind” (ex. football, basketball etc)

thank you

does this software stream live video and music , adios as well? software pull events automatic or admin need to update? Thanks,

This script doesn’t streaming audio or videos! Admin must write the events and approve (or not) visitors comments.

Free support forever??

Even though I select yes for visitor comments, they do not appear in admin panel. Also, how can I bypass the approval process for visitors?

Please, contact via my profile form for give you instructions.

Interested in purchasing. Is there any way this can be mobile friendly?

Sorry, we don’t plan update this item next months.