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It looks good and works great! Good luck with sales!


perfect…monday will be my must buy

thank you!

What are the hosting/server requirements?

php 5+ mysql(if your demo uses mysql databases)

Does it need CRON or CURL? Does it work on average *nix shared hosting? Can it run on a server different than the demo?

No it does not needs cron or curl. Just simple ajax and PHP. Works well on shared hosting. No it must be on same server as demo.

Hi is have setup all points like described, but no result. Please advice! Thanks!

please use my profile page to contact me with ftp, working demo and database details. I will do it for you. If your original demo was working, it will be done in hardly 10minutes.

does it work with a wordpress theme?

Not just theme, but with a complete wordpress installation. It will replace whole wordpress website :)

Hello. About the code to put in the script, in WP, i have to put this code in header.php of the theme?


Hi, When you said:
“On all of your demo pages, please include this javascript and css in head tag after including latest jQuery.” Is it ALL files in the WordPress demo !?


Hello sir, Any update?


Hello sir, Any update?

you have send wp-admin and ftp details.

I see the developer has not responded for 2 weeks, thats a shame because I was going to buy this script.

sometimes we get too busy, but we do respond. Thanks!

I followed your install info but I can’t get it to work. I am using Joomla. I don’t see any countdown counter on the main page. Is there a forum I can goto for help?

you can configure wrong please read the documentation.

When you refresh the page in Joomla it resets itself. This will not work for me!

you can give me ftp details i have solve problems thanks.

Looks a great script – just sent an email – please support!

Be great to hear from you about this asap – need this running! Sent you FTP info :) Thanks

sure. i will do it within 24 hours from now.

Great – please send me a message and let me know how it goes! Thank you

Hello Brother, I followed the documentations but the script still not working for me, i checked many times but no success. I send you ftp and site details via contact form, will you please check for the issue. I will be Thankful to You.

Hello Brother, Thank you, Please tell me if you found the issue and tell me that what i need to do to make that working.

Hello Brother, You didn’t provided any support so I got refunded from envato support but i can pay you again if you find and fix that issue. reply anytime, Thanks

Yup. i am busy these days. hence i have discontinued providing official support with all of my products. Sorry for your time loss.

instructions said “On all of your demo pages, please include this javascript and css in head tag after including latest jQuery. ” my program has 4200 files…. how can i do that?

maybe using a cron that automatically trigger function page a those hours?

IF you have various users at same time, then also reset will happen only once. Its because timer is synchronized with server and not front end.

about resetting on your defined times: You can set no. of minutes after which demo will expire not exact time. Further, if there is no traffic(visitor) after demo expires, nothing will happen. As soon as a user comes on website, demo will expire and recreated in front of him. This is done to ensure that server resources are not being used unnecessarily.

About cron job. Everyone do not have access to cron job feature. There are a lot of people with such hosting. This script uses AJAX calls for its synchronization.

thanks my friend your script works perfect and makes sense what you said.

Great script. Works fine as described. 5 stars given.


KurJay Purchased

Demo page not working


KurJay Purchased

Hi Just testing there is some problem somehow the SQL File is upload clearly and sometime is corrupt. Any Idea where I do wrong?

Does this still work? Is it supported?

I would like to read the install guide before I buy, anyone can share that please.(