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Hi, i want the keyboard (on mobile) to auto hide each time i send a message via the sent button of the chat or when i sent message via the enter button of the keyboard

Hi, I’ve released an update that includes a new android app to handle the backend. I hope you like it. Have a nice day Luigi

Hello to everyone, I apologize for my absence. I wanted to tell everyone that I started working on this plugin.

I’ve already released a new verisone compatible with the new version of Firebase, I also added an APP android to use as a backend, and I’ve set up various bugs.

The support was reopened I wish you a good day Luigi

any chance an iphone app?

Is there no way to install it with the app store? I’m assuming its the cost of placing it on the app store is whats stopping you?

Hi, I’m currently working on APP, making it free. It will also be available on the APP Store, but will be tested for a short while in the Play Store before posting it to Apple.

ok thanks I have been looking at other plugins to be able to chat using my mobile but if I dont have to wait long for the apple one of this then I wills tick with it.

Hello, the plugin does not work for me. 1. no google map api field appears as in your video. 2. I receive that error message: This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. 3. On the js console :JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 load-scripts.php:9:542 Blocked loading mixed active content “http://ip-api.com/json”[Learn More] load-scripts.php:4:26574 “Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#missing-key-map-error" js:40:473 “Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#no-api-keys" util.js:223:12 FIREBASE WARNING: update at /staff/1 failed: permission_denied

Please, I do not want to waste time and money. If your plugin does not work properly or the instructions are incomplete or wrong, just refund my money.

I think that I was clear: The open staff chat does not open. Only sound.

Hello again. The chat appears only for logged in users. What I did wrong?

Hi, this seems to me very strange, you accidentally activated the option: ‘Hide chat if there are no operators online’ in the settings panel?

Hi. I am interested for the app. Where I can download the apk demo? I tried at live demo but it dont working.

Hi, I posted the paid apk on the play store, this is the link:


Have a nice day Luigi


tabyeed Purchased

Hello, Is there a PHP code to implement on PHP sites, not WordPress ? I have purchased this Plugin by mistake, and I have a regular PHP website, so it is not usable.

Hi, at this time no why the plugin was not meant for PHP standard sites, but it’s a great idea to allow it to be implemented on any site via a JS code to include. I could work tomorrow to make a new update.


tabyeed Purchased

I will be waiting for that update, and I wouldn’t mind paying an extra 10 dollars for that functionality.

Hello, There problem remains and I have not activated the option: ‘Hide chat if there are no operators online’ in the settings panel? by mistake. The plugin works on firefox mozilla but not in google chrome. If you do not mind, I think it is better for all to cancel the purchase and refund my money.


I see that you have an iPhone app for this plugin but it’s not on the app store. Is there any chance that the app can be installed on a phone without it being downloaded through the app store? If I could get an iPhone app for this it would be an instant sale.


Is this plugin already compatible with wordpress multisite?

I see in version 3.1 something about it. What exactly does it do?


Hi, the plugin is already compatible but I highly recommend waiting for the new update to go (3.1 is still in the queue) where there are many pretty important stability improvements, especially for the multi-site.

I think it is approved today https://i.gyazo.com/54286426ad43526f5545aca90c84d243.png

Have a nice day. Luigi

What can I do in the multisite with the current version?

1- Do I chat on all my sites with a single chat? 2- Does each site have an independent chat with different users?


Hello, you can use an single backend for multiple website, with same staff.

Hi, I buy this but never use because it had a problem with my page. I reinstall I cofigure it, but when I open chat like visitor it is loading for ever and chat doesn’t start. How can I fix it?

Hello, can you send me your website url or your browser console log? Definitely not configured Firebase properly. have a nice Day.

Hi I use Amazon AWS, maybe I have to open a port? Which one? I review again and all configuration is ok – You can review on this test server:


I have two questions. Why do not you return to the chat by clicking the e-mail icon?

Can you have the plugin with more languages at the same time if you have a multilingual website?


Hello, for return in the chat you need to insert your email and click enter. You can translate easily the chat using any translation plugin, for example WPML or anything else.

The plugin does not work for me. 1 : Hide chat (not work) 2 : Operators Online ( not work ) 3 : the chat itself ( not work) 4 Google map does not show the location of any user

Hi, have you put correct settings? Have you read documentation?

The plugin does not work for me. 1 : Hide chat (not work) 2 : Operators Online ( not work ) 3 : the chat itself ( not work) 4 Google map does not show the location of any user

Hi, have you put correct settings? Have you read documentation?


Is this product a Plugin or Theme? I can’t figure out. I’m looking for a support desk theme and I wanted to see if there are others than this: https://themeforest.net/item/ticketlab-ticketing-support-knowledge-base-wordpress-theme/19596471 before buying it.

Thank you

Hello, this is an plugin, Obviously, the administration and chat screens have their own style.

Hi. I have a question. I see that it doesnt say it is compatible with Wordpress 4.8. Is it? Also, I would like to see a live preview but the link doesnt work. I want to have a chat to pop up to visitors and be able to chat with them from my mobile phone, is that possible with this software?

Does your live chat software work on html website or not? I use Mobirise to create web pages, but they are in html. I bought a script and try to upload Mobirise pages to WordPress, but chat plugins still don’t work on the static page at all.