Discussion on Live Chat - Visitors extension

Discussion on Live Chat - Visitors extension

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But does this extension still work on the new version of the main plugin to version 3.3.1?

Hello Antonio,

Thanks for reaching us.

Chat 3 already shows up some basic visitors information by default (like OS/Browser and timezone).

But, we’ll implement this extension for 3.x as well. It might have better features than now.

Let us know if you’ve other questions or concerns.


The question is that may be it is irrelevant but this is my mind perception, so when we collect so much data using a Simple Add-on then should I have to update my site privacy and policy may be It is against the terms and conditions of Google…. Like I have a website and I have installed the add-on then It does effect to my customers privacy who visit my site and make a order.

Dear dawodhasi,

The question is very relevant and thank you for reaching us about it.

Live Chat plugin uses Firebase for all chat transmission and user authentications. All data stored in Firebase Realtime database.

Additionally, this extension collects ip addresses, browser and location information of visitors who initiated chat.

I suggest you to first understand GDPR and privacy policies. According to website (

Be as clear and transparent as possible. For example, the part of your Privacy Policy that says how you use personal data should also say whether you use the data to make automated decisions and how.

Besides, it is good practice to check “Firebase Privacy and Security information” below and contact with Firebase (if necessary):

The best solution would be to contact with a professional and get your legal rights and responsibilities.

Hope this is helpful. Feel free to reply if you have other questions.


get pissed ! not working without use of google api !!!! please for all google enemy – its not work without it !!

Dear cityguide,

Thank you for getting in touch with screets.

Firebase is required for current version Live Chat 2. It is impossible to have realtime chat feature with one time fee price without having a professional cloud database.

Firebase project is free and you don’t have it pay anything extra for 100 simultaneous user connections.

Php, WordPress and Firebase are required and written in the original item descriptions.

Note that Firebase will be deprecated in the next major update and move to screets servers ( ).

Feel free to reply here if you have any questions about the item.

Best, screets

Hi there, For some reason, after activating this extension plugin, I cannot see the location of the visitors and couldn’t not find any options or setup process to enable this. Can you please help us to get this work? After activating the plugin, I can see browser & device, but that’s it.

Dear kjw833,

Thank you for getting in touch with screets.

It starts storing IP addresses and geolocation data of new visitors after you activating Visitors extension.

You should be able to see location and browser info for new and returning visitors.

Please keep us posted if you have still issue through our contact form:


Can i have it so that only when someone clicks “live chat” that the window will pop. Almost like a live caht that is upon request?

Dear Yassine,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Screets.

LC2 supports both WordPress shortcodes and simple HTML. Once you get the plugin, you can use below code:

Shortcode: me[/livechatx]

HTML: Open me

Hope this helps. If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


I get this error when I activate the extension: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘assets’ of null at cb (widget.js?v=1550168386072:51) at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (widget.js?v=1550168386072:40)

Dear rm,

Thank you for getting in touch with Screets.

It seems like one of active plugins or current theme conflicts with Live Chat during AJAX request.

Either you can try to deactivate all plugins one by one, change the current theme with the default WordPress theme and see which plugin or current theme cause the issue, or you can follow the steps below. So we can do it for you.

You will want to:

  • Create temporary FTP user and temporary WordPress administrator user with
  • Send user credentials to
  • Also include your Screets API key into email

We will activate debug bug and see the full error. So it will give us enough information to fix the issue for you.

If you have other questions in the meantime, feel free to reply this email.

Note: Please don’t share your website url or api keys here.

Best, Screets.

Are u going to add a wordpress user recognizing feature? If user, load metas, if not, generate random names – like now. ?

Dear ampeds,

Thank you for your inquiry!

Currently LC doesn’t support recognizing WordPress users. However, we are working on user sessions API for LC3 which is important to allow our customers to authenticate any user into chat from their applications like WordPress or any other custom application.

LC3 is expected in 2019.

Would you like us to notify you by email about Live Chat updates?

If you have other questions in the meantime, let us know.

Best, Screeets.

Of course, Iam already your customer ;)

Dear Ampeds,

Thank you for your update!

Yes, I see that you are our customer and have Live Chat Complete license. It seems like you have already contacted through our support email before and had a couple conversations with Screets team.

It would be a better idea to send comments under the related item you purchase or email to with your Screets API key, so we could recognize you immediately, for sure.

I have sent you confirmation email for Live Chat email list. You will want to click on the link found in the email to confirm subscription.

Hope this helps. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send message.

Best, Screets.

its showing wrong location

and please. how to keep the icon always shown up . and is there a way to change the shape to a rectangle

ok ty ,

i have noticed when open a chat i find 3 operators … when in real . i only have one . the others are admins.. so how to make it show only 1 .. and is it just me who sees them or every one else

nm found it <3

Dear colorlink,

Glad you got it working! If anything else comes up, let us know. We’ll glad to assist you.

Best, Screets.

Hello Thanks for the new updates But there is a slight problem with coordination with the Arabic language I hope that when downloading new updates, you are testing the product with Arabic To make sure there is no problem with the appearance of shapes and possibilities

Dear Satam,

Thank you for your update.

Could you please give us more descriptive information about the issue? Any screenshot would be helpful! If you send it to, then we can be ensure that next updates will be better for other languages.

If you have other questions in the meantime, feel free to update here.

Best, Screets.

Will it work with another scripts or without Wordpress it’s useless? i.e. i want to creat a blank *.php file and test it there, will it work as it should be?

Dear forangel,

Thank you for your inquiry!

Unfortunately, there is no PHP version yet. However, we have already started working on it as new product.

Why don’t you subscribe Live Chat email list on (on the footer of the site)? So we can notify you when it is available.

If you have further questions, let us know.

Best, Screets.

hi, I’m wondering if you could integrate ClearBit API into this extension please?

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your inquiry!

There is no direct integration for ClearBit. However, LC is open source. You can add your codes to make it available. It is up to your JavaScript and PHP knowledge.

If you have further questions, let us know.

Best, Screets.

Hi, I noticed that now visitors do not show up in the core livechat plugin anymore. They need to have an interaction in order to register. Will this plugin show me visitors as they are browsing and allow me to interact with them (agent initiates the chat), similar to previous versions? Or will it just show me a pretty flag, map and their browser/device and I still don’t see visitors who don’t choose to start a chat.

Dear angel,

Thank you for your inquiry!

Showing online visitors feature is deprecated! It was very old approach and causes huge real-time database usage.

In the past, LC tried to check your all visitors before. If you had 1000 visitors (including bots), you would have problem with Firebase usage limit and needed to upgrade your plan to Blaze. Probably you will need to pay approximately $35-70/month in Blaze plan.

Now we’re working on auto-messages. Your visitors don’t need to connect chat and use real-time database until they really initiate chat. So your database usage won’t be affected at all.

You will be able to create rules like that: “if a user comes to contact page and wait 3 seconds, throw that message: You have any question? Feel free to ask!” (you can add your own rules and custom messages of course).

If you have further questions or concerns, let us know.

Best, Screets,

This is amazing! Thank you for letting me know. On the one hand, yes I had issues with reaching my firebase limits, but on the other hand it was very nice to be able to see visitors as they are using the website. Will there be an option to pre-qualify these visitors as they are being engaged (ask them a set of questions and store that information in the same table as you would their email and name, but as custom fields)? and second: is there an approx. timeline for the release of this new add-on (I’m assuming). Thank you :)

Dear angel,

Thank you for your update.

We will receive minor update in 7 days. And then we will start working on auto-messages feature.

Why don’t you subscribe Live Chat email list through our website: (on bottom-right side)? So we can notify you about Live Chat release dates and new features.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Best, Screets.

You should post a new update with this feature Will not update more plugin? Will you be creating companion extensions?

Dear georland,

Thank you for contacting Screets.

We are building some extensions for LC like this one “Visitors”. They will remain as an extension and won’t be added to the original plugin.

It can be purchased by some of our customers whose website privacy policy allows them to collect visitors data. Because collecting data of individuals (like IP address, browser info, etc. ) is very sensitive process and protecting by laws – see Europe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have further questions or concerns, let us know.

Best, Screets.

Great work! I wish you big sales! :-)

good job. good luck with sales

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Amazing work! GLWS! :)


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