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run locally or required third party server ?

It runs on your server or local machine (xampp, Mamp).

Hello, I wonder if you have some App for Android to integrate with chat or also can develop as an extra work. I would also like to know if I can create plans to sell to my clients, equal to Zopim chat or Jivo chat. Thank you.

Hi, yes that is correct. It will be available soon.

Hello, please tell me when available and I will buy for sure, my email is rafael@nefux.com. Thank you.

Now available in our shop: https://www.jakweb.ch/shop/i/10/live-chat-php-server

Should you have any questions or requests, please use our live chat or contact form.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi, in version 2.7 (unlike your demo installation) the section “button wizard” doesn’t works. Could you help me? Thank you

Hi, already fixed via our support tickets. Thank you

When will the upgrade to 3.0?

It won’t be published here on CodeCanyon, you can download it on our website with your license key from Envato. Thank you.


Hi, Can employees also can chat for internal purpose ?

Good Morning, operator to operator chat and operator group chat is available, yes.

Hi thanks for reply ? what type of device needed for operators chat ? can this used with WordPress also ? Plus can we utilize only for internal chat of employee ,(operators) right?

Good evening, it will work on all websites as well on WordPress. You could only use for internal chat, yes.

My company has several attendants, so I created a department for each of the attendant, so it is displayed in the chat to the departments departments with the name of the attendants, but I need to leave these names as random because all untrue are going to a single user. Is there any way to do this?

Thank you for your purchase. For support questions please use our support tickets thanks you very much.

Hi, cannot find the admin access. Can you send me the link with username and password? Or operators are the admins and users will be the clients?

Can we use like Zopim and other live chat options where I may charge from the different sites?

Here is the operator login: http://scripts.jakweb.ch/lc_business/operator/

Should you be interested in a fully automatic SaaS solution, here we go: https://www.jakweb.ch/live-chat-php-server

Can you please clarify the difference between operator and admin? PLUS what’s the difference between the second link and this script?

May I use this script but cannot charge others and may only use it on my own sites?

It is the same, however in the chat business we say operators instead of admins.

The difference is that the live chat php server is a complete SaaS solution fully automatic. Sign up page, billing, client managments and so on.

Live Chat Business is a single installation for your own use. As we do not selll extended licenses you can only use if for yourself and not charge other for it. One license / one domain. With one installation / license you can serve multiple websites.

issues installing on share server cpanel http://chat.recyclingmanagement.com/install/install.php

Issues with proactive chat, not working when set it for a test page

Please read the FAQ: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/7/auto-proactive

Other support questions please via our support tickets. Support access can be purchased here: https://www.jakweb.ch/shop/i/1/support-access

Bug report and fixing is free of charge of course.

Hello I am interested in your plug in to add to my website. Is it possible to have the chat icon to the left side of my social media icons? (on the bottom right corner) Also can I get a notification on my mobile phone when someone texts me a message? Is there a way to show that I am online to respond whenever if have my cell phone on?

Thanks, please have a look at my website. https://www.bojoboutique.clothing/

Thank you for your interest in our product. Yes, that is possible with a custom button that looks like you have already and changing the position of the button in the style tag. Very easy.


Ok how about notifications? Can I choose to show online even if I am offline and get a notification when I get a message on my mobile?

You can have email or text message notification on your mobile phone, more information here: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/6/twilio-plivo-nexmo-sms with Live Chat Business.

With Live Chat 3 https://www.jakweb.ch/live-chat-3 (not available here on CodeCanyon) you can also have Push Notifications via Pushover or soon with our provided app for IOS and Android.


OizBy Purchased

Hi! I just bought a plug-in here to get the latest version (3.0). But I did not understand how I can download it? How do I log in your website?

I can understand you but as I stated above Live Chat Business and Live Chat 3 are complete different code base, completely rewritten. We can only offer Live Chat Business here for that price without including support. We still maintain Live Chat Business, but giving you just access to Live Chat 3 would betray our customers on our website and this will not happen. Thank you for your understanding. I will reply to your email asap.


OizBy Purchased

Unfortunately, I did not get a letter from you. Also did not receive information about the registration on your site (it was written within 24 hours will be sent, but passed 48 hours).

Good Morning, I did reply to your email and I made you an offer to change to Live Chat 3. Please check your Inbox. This is also not the place here to discuss such offers. Thank you very much for your understanding.

is it a wordpress plugin?

Live Chat Business is a stand alone version that works perfectly with any website also with WordPress. We have a User Bridge Plugin available to share login details between WordPress and Live Chat Business. https://www.jakweb.ch/blog/a/40/wordpress-livechat-bridge

Pre-sale question: Can I integrate the plugin into a mobile Android/iOS applications? I mean is there any API for the mobile integration?

No, you would need to create the api for mobile device. Our Live Chat 3 solution will have native android and ios app soon.https://www.jakweb.ch/blog/a/82/exciting-times-ahead

can i use 1 license on two different websites?

Under one license you can serve all your websites. Important for the license is the operator panel (1 installation) the client chat widget can be placed on all your websites.

Is it possible to add a phone number field along with the email field whenever an operator is offline?

Good Morning, thank you for your question. The phone number field already exists on the contact form. http://scripts.jakweb.ch/lc_business/demo/

Hello, bug versión mobile ? http://prntscr.com/erhdvu

Thank you for your pint screen. Not a bug, you just need to place the button on the different spot. In the embed code you can change the position: style="position:fixed;top:5px;right:5px;"

If you have mainly mobile visitors you might want to choose a smaller button.

You can also modify the slide_up.css file for further customisation.

With Live Chat 3, I see you use that as well, you can easily change everything from the Operator Panel for each live chat widget.

when admin login with back end on mobile browser the sound notification does not work. even all notifications are on and work on desktop browser but in mobile browser it is not working. please suggest how it works.

Mobile browsers doen’t support desktop notifications. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi I have an portal where the chat will be integrated when an user see one product page, but each product belong to an category only, I need configure that operator can respond only to chats that comming from an category, is possible this option?

Good Morning, you could miss use the departments as categories (actually the same thing) and add operators to the departments. There is no limit in departments and operators.


Really interested to buy this script.

Pre sale Questions.

1. Can a customer select a specific depart ment to start a chat?

2. Can I group operators into different departmentss.

3. Can customers share a file or photo during chat?

4. When a customer selects a department does the question asked go to all the operators under that specific department?

5. When an operator start a chat can other operators join or will the operator take full control of chat.



thank you for your interest in our product.

1. Yes, that is possible. As soon you have created more than one department the customer can select one. 2. You can add as many operators to certain departments. 3. That is possible when the operators gives permission to do so. 4. That is correct. 5. One operator will have full control over the chat, however the client can be transferred anytime to another available operator.

Best regards Jérôme

P.S. also answered by email.

Bought this and looks like it is missing almost everything

Good Morning, of course, please send me your skype id by email.

Hi, I am not sure where to even find your email at. I don’t mind posting it here, Its zackrussell16

Added you on Skype. Thank you.


Agencia2k Purchased

Hello, I wonder how I can download version 3.0? Thank you

Thank you for your purchase of Live Chat Business. Live Chat 3 is only available on our website: https://www.jakweb.ch/live-chat-3

An upgrade is possible by purchasing support access here: https://www.jakweb.ch/shop/i/1/support-access

Kind regards Jérôme