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run locally or required third party server ?

It runs on your server or local machine (xampp, Mamp).

Hello, I wonder if you have some App for Android to integrate with chat or also can develop as an extra work. I would also like to know if I can create plans to sell to my clients, equal to Zopim chat or Jivo chat. Thank you.

Hi, yes that is correct. It will be available soon.

Hello, please tell me when available and I will buy for sure, my email is rafael@nefux.com. Thank you.

Now available in our shop: https://www.jakweb.ch/shop/i/10/live-chat-php-server

Should you have any questions or requests, please use our live chat or contact form.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi, in version 2.7 (unlike your demo installation) the section “button wizard” doesn’t works. Could you help me? Thank you

Hi, already fixed via our support tickets. Thank you

When will the upgrade to 3.0?

It won’t be published here on CodeCanyon, you can download it on our website with your license key from Envato. Thank you.


Hi, Can employees also can chat for internal purpose ?

Good Morning, operator to operator chat and operator group chat is available, yes.

Hi thanks for reply ? what type of device needed for operators chat ? can this used with WordPress also ? Plus can we utilize only for internal chat of employee ,(operators) right?

Good evening, it will work on all websites as well on WordPress. You could only use for internal chat, yes.


juniorce Purchased

My company has several attendants, so I created a department for each of the attendant, so it is displayed in the chat to the departments departments with the name of the attendants, but I need to leave these names as random because all untrue are going to a single user. Is there any way to do this?

Thank you for your purchase. For support questions please use our support tickets thanks you very much.

Hi, cannot find the admin access. Can you send me the link with username and password? Or operators are the admins and users will be the clients?

Can we use like Zopim and other live chat options where I may charge from the different sites?

Here is the operator login: http://scripts.jakweb.ch/lc_business/operator/

Should you be interested in a fully automatic SaaS solution, here we go: https://www.jakweb.ch/live-chat-php-server

Can you please clarify the difference between operator and admin? PLUS what’s the difference between the second link and this script?

May I use this script but cannot charge others and may only use it on my own sites?

It is the same, however in the chat business we say operators instead of admins.

The difference is that the live chat php server is a complete SaaS solution fully automatic. Sign up page, billing, client managments and so on.

Live Chat Business is a single installation for your own use. As we do not selll extended licenses you can only use if for yourself and not charge other for it. One license / one domain. With one installation / license you can serve multiple websites.