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really creative creation.. i will forward to my Clint.

How do I get this to show seconds?

I can help you implement that but needs some code modification in order to do it. Let me know if interested.

I just bought this module and followed all the instructions I can’t seem to get the clock to show up I have Joomla 2.5.6 on my server is there an update or did I just waste $10 lol

Let me have a temp admin and url where you installed it so i can see what the problem is.

Hi Pre purchase question or two. I see no update in over a year, reading earlier suggestions & replies. I found this was promised, but am wondering whether it was implimented.

“It will have a update released with a option to countdown to a date rather the weekly recurring but we dont have a date yet for the release” I need it more as a countodown or coutup that a weekly timer. and yes i’ve seen and played with severla iterations of Kieths scripts. I just like the styling of this one best and I’m not good enough to convert the html/js versions into a joomla module :)

Cheers Shannon

@Shannon – Thanks for the question. The updated version exists but was not uploaded to envato yet due to putting focus on other things. The update version is a countdown to a date rather than weekly recurring. If you purchase the version available here i will send you the new version. It will be posted on envato soon as well.

Thanks for the fast reply, I’ll take up the offer and purchase now Cheers Shannon

@Shannon – Let me know if you do so by contacting me with an email thru my profile so i can send it over. Thanks

New Improved version coming soon.

i purchased your 1.1 version last week and had issues with it and just found out you released a new version 1.5 but now it doesnt load into my website (using joomla 2.5.11) pic here of install of “”

any idea’s? thanks

make sure your temp folder is writable.

also make sure you path to the tmp folder in the configuration is right

Yes all is ok nothing ever changed and all other extensions install just fine

Something is wrong with your install for 2.5.11 – you might wanna do some testing on your own for 2.5 and please have it fixed for paid customers.

The permission on the /tmp/ folder should be 755. The second factor is Ownership. Owner is 617 and the group is 615. If the Owner of tmp is anything else, you should contact your hosting company and ask them to change. Especially if the number is 0 or 99, or the word “nobody”.

also try setting just ./temp in the temp field.

or you could just send thru the profile a temp admin account to your site and i’ll fix it for you

does not work for joomla 3.3 just bought now i have a useless module

finally got it working had to install manually i do have a problem tho the countdown doesnt display everything else displays but that i checked temp folder and path everything is good

let me have a temp admin account to your site and i can check to see what the problem is. “Warning JFolder” error means that your directories are not writable.

modulr live countdown

how do i move the text days, hours, mins, and secs below the counting days, hours, etc…

you can do so by modifying the css file as explained in the docs.

please help, im can not install. im use joomla 3.3 other modules, componets and plugind install very Ok. but this module fail…why?

please help thanks

please your personal email…. my email is

if you go my profile you can send messages from there directly yo my email.

please send write to my email…is urget. thanks

PreSale questions - I took a look at your demo and noticed that the countdown timer is static and only changes when you refresh the page. I am using Safari on a Mac…so is this cross browser and mobile compatible?

- Secondly, we do have weekly reoccurring event broadcast and will like to use this. Can you confirm that we can set multiple weekly countdown with is for example, we have events on Mon, Wed, and Sat of every week. The times are different, but same every week. Will I have to manually change the countdown timer in the backend each of the days to countdown to the next weekday event? Or will the timer be able to handle such multi day/weekly reoccurring event?

- Any chance I can see demo the backend to see how this meet the above needs?

Many thanks

To answer your fist question: -it is cross browser compatible as well mobile. Secondly, -the countdown can be set for two recurring events per day or a single one. It counts down automatically between the two times. However, it doesn’t count down between multiple days, only between two times in the same day.

You can also set it to count to a single time on the same day. Again, it will not countdown between multiple days. Such implementation might be done in the feature but its very complex.

You can see the backend settings in screenshots.

Is there any update on this extension per above? It’s close to a year now and I believe such implementation will make this countdown standout from the multiple countdown extensions out there…thanks

Hi, an update exists but its a minor version. Will be released within a month. However the multiple day countdown is still a work in progress and not yet available. It will most likely be integrated in the major release.

how close are you to the multiple day countdown i would be willing to pay tripple your price for this i need this asap if at all possible you can check your module out here

how close are you to the multiple day countdown i would be willing to pay tripple your price for this i need this asap if at all possible you can check your module out here

Dear All, Can I use this plugin into Joomla 3.4 also Can Include this Plugin to Inside my Custom HTML Module