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Hello… I m really interested to purchase your plugin really nice but before that just want to confirm Does your plugin will support my Theme? I m using E commerce theme;

As you pls see the Search Bar on top, Can i replace with yours? Will you help to integrated for me?.. Awaiting Thanks…

Sumo Search can pretty much support any theme that can support third party plugins. It is also possible to have Sumo Search overlay while typing on the search bar as long as the search bar is using the same default WordPress search.


3Q Purchased

so if i purchase it, Will you help me to customize it if i need your help?

Also DOes your plugin support WPML RTL Arabic Version?

Our support system is willing to help in case there is a problem with the plugin. And plugin can also support RTL. :)

Hi there, I would like to be able to use the search functionality on a page which will search only a custom post type. However, there is a global search on all pages in the header which I would like to retain, using the global settings specified in the customiser. So, on a ‘people’ page. there is a search box above a grid of peoples faces, and when that search box is clicked, it will only show results from the post type for people. If they use the global search button in the header, that will use the default settings. I have read through your documentation and can see support for filters and hooks, however, these seem to change the global settings. I want to retain both global settings, and, create a new search filter which is triggered on a single page.

Can you please assist with this?

Defining custom search queries isn’t something Sumo Search is primarily designed for. What we do is add an overlay and a button for search, but not necessarily adding an entirely new search function in the site.

As you already know, we have filters to alter the WP_Query parameter and this should work. As of our recent update, we can limit the search to post types.

If you need further advice, we suggest you file a ticket.

Hi, can the search box on scroll be turned off from this plugin and just utilize the search box on the page when clicked in input field?

If we understand correctly, you’re asking if you can use Sumo Search by simply typing on the box, instead of just typing on the page. Yes, we have settings for that. :)

Hi there I purchased the plugin and would like to know the following: I created a button and want to trigger the search bar when clicked on that button. Can you tell me a shortcode how to do that? Thank you very much!

I sent a support ticket. I hope to get help soon :(

Hi! We just sent you a reply. Hope that you can also guide us to see the problem. We’ll find a solution as soon as we can.

I replied with another example

do you have this search for joomla ?

Hi Sofian! We’re sorry, but Sumo Search is only for WordPress only.

Is it possible to start the search by clicking on an icon instead of typing?

Yes, it is possible to trigger Sumo Search in icon click. You can customize it via Selector of Existing Search Button. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like in the customizer: