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The documentation that comes with the download is very little and nothing like what’s on the preview website. Where can I get a downloadable copy of the hotspot creator?

Hi there,

Just need a little help installing it on my Volusion website.

the hotspot implementation is not responsive for me. i can get the image to be responsive but the hotspots are not (they change location)


stok54 Purchased

Hello, Just purchased your plugin for a simple website I am developing and when I implemented the plugin, the hotspots are not scaling with the image. Here is the link to the page. The plugin seems pretty straight forward.


Thanks, Mike


I sent you some support requests for support last week. I said about it not showing for Mac users but have not heard back are you able to check on this for me? Thanks


I submitted a request on your contact page, and it looks like several people have the same issue. I need the hotspots to remain on the image when I scale the browser. I either need the image to scale or the hotspots to not. Overall, the plug-in is excellent and your online generator tool is super easy to use. Thanks!

...any fixes on this? I tried absolute vs. relative positioning, percents vs. pixel locations, not sure what else to try…thanks! I’ve been looking through your example, but I don’t seem to be missing anything from there. A little tough since all of your examples are on one big page…hard to tell what goes with what…

Got it… width=100%, image scales with the hotspots. :) Also, I was having some issues with the hotspots flickering and coming up in the wrong locations. If anyone else finds this, just preload the images.

Hi there,

Is there a function call to close the tooltip? Like if I want to integrate a close button inside the tooltip or close it using external button.


Regards, Arlan


RegGFX Purchased

Hi, I have a situation where i need your image map overlays to follow a responsive image? Is this listed somewhere in the documentation? Basically, I have an responsive image 100% x 100% and when the user shrinks to say a mobile size, I need the image map overlays to locate on the dots correctly with the responsive resizing. I only need the image maps to locate on the adjusting image location… the image maps can stay the size they are.

Please advise as soon as possible how i can do this. Or point me to the documentation where it is explained? Thanks So Much

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RegGFX Purchased

Using your image hot spot creator, I only need the responsive hotspot to function as a clickable trigger,

Is there a way i can make your responsive hot spots act as a clickable trigger? In other words i really do not need the tooltip, I just need the responsive blinking hot spot to act as a trigger link to an html url?

How would I accomplish this?

Please respond, i have paid for extended support. Kind Regards,


kitioza Purchased

I just bought your plugin. I have a problem with the tooltips. When you put the mouse on them, they do not unfold correctly, they blink and they are not stable.


RegGFX Purchased

Still awaiting support… I used your image hotspot creator at: Works great in your preview generator However I have a huge problem when trying to make an html template. I pulled in your code from your hotspot generator into my own html and it does NOT work. Where do i place the generated jQurey code?

$(’.litetooltip-hotspot-wrapper .hotspot’).each(function () { $(this).LiteTooltip({ title: $(this).find(’.data-container’).html() }); });

Do you have a hotspot generated template from your hotspot creator you can send so i can just drop in my generated code and see it work in my own html file?

Thanks Still waiting on support answers

I need a refund

Hi, when I try the hotspots on a mobile device, it seems to take 2-3 seconds to pop up the tip panel. On my laptop its immediate. Any suggestions?


pdabhi Purchased

Where can I download a copy of the Hotspot Creator? Where is it included? Also, any example code if available.

Hi, is your editor also available for purchase? also I have noticed the image tooltips stay on screen. how do I get to disappear on mouse out?

Hi, When I hover on the hotspot, tooltip appears in the left top corner and in console shows (TypeError: thisElement is undefined), help me pls

Hi there your domain for Inabrains appears to have expired when i tried to use the hotspot creator.