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Seems to work as expected although it’s not responsive out of the box … just need to make the image width: 100%; height: auto. Would be good to include that in the instructions. Good job overall though, thanks!

Hey guys, Cool plugin! How could I add this to the admin backend for label descriptions in post.php?


I would like only one litetooltip to be opened at once. If I trigger another one, the first has to hide. Is this possible?


Can you please respond to my support request? I emailed you the other day about an Offset width issue. Thanks


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Hi, Is it possible to use the hotspot as a link (open a URL)?

Thanks! Sean

Are you guys still supporting this plugin? I haven’t had a reply in 4 months.


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Hi there! I love this product, thank you for making it. Quick question: when I use the Responsive Image Hotspots online creator to build out my images, I am unsure how to make these resize responsively on my website…perhaps I’m missing something, but the preview code that this online tool generates seems to have a fixed view based on source image. Any insights are appreciated!


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I hope that I will finally get an answer from you.

I bought your plugin and now I am wondering if there is a way, to set only a link to certain area of an image, without having any pop ups?

Cause I ceated a graphic where there are several “buttons” on it. I would like that if somebody clicks on a button he gets redirected to an other site.

Thanks for your reply.



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Hello! Wonderfull plugin! I am not sure if this is possible, but here goes. Image Hotspot Usage I would like the image to fill the page responsively (ie – css cover, or similar) and still be able to position the hotspot tool tips (i can use percentages for placement). Can you let me know if this is possible? Thank you for your hard work~