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I just purchased the Listing manager plugin, but can not activate.

Activation returns: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/drshowus/ on line 26


are you using PHP 5.6? Thanks

It was at 5.4, so I updated. I am good to go now, thank you!

Error messages won’t show on the register or add listing section.

To test I entered an existing user in the register section and instead of a notice saying user already registered the page just reloads with no message.

On the Submit Listing page there are a few fields which are mandatory. I would expect an error message to appear if one of these wasn’t completed however there is none and the listing just wont submit.

I am using listing manager shortcodes.



which theme are you using? Does your theme support display WooCommerce messages (wc_print_notices() function)

I am using Divi and yes it supports this function


please post your WP/FTP credentials and we will take a look. Thanks

Hello, I have a question. Could I use the plugin to generate a search bar on the main page and when searching getting to the actual listing proposition page that will then link to the actual listing?

Thank you,


Ok so those that mean your plugin can do the job?

Do you customize as well?

Plugin has all components but additional styling will be required. For example listing grid widget/shortcode is available but without the styles.

Hi. I’m interested in this plugin, but it states that the plugin does not provide the design. Lateron however, I read: “If you are looking for same theme, you can find it in the package downloaded from CodeCanyon.” Which package is this? And is this package needed for this plugin to work?

Great to hear that. If you are happy with plugin, could you find a minute and rate it by five stars? It will help us a lot of with future updates.

Will do, but I could still use some help with the blog. It won’t show any text when I click ‘Read more’ at:

Thanks for report. Update uploaded. New theme version is 3.0.1


Hi guys,

did you happen to inlcude a Amenities filter yet? And if yes, does it have an “AND” and an “OR” filter logic implemented?

Thank you!


unfortunately such a features are not implemented.

Hello, just checking as I would like this directory on my website but on a page not as the whole website is this possible?


if you mean that you want to have only one page like ”/listings” so yes, this is possible.


ralfenme Purchased

What about post error in your new version of listing manager front?


ralfenme Purchased

as for me, on my web-page, content doest’t display at all


ralfenme Purchased

*content of the post


thanks for report. You can disable this error by setting WP_DEBUG to false in wp-config.php


Pre sales question.

Today i using Web Directory 2.0 on my website. But it sucks.

1) There’s anyway to move content from wd2c to directory listing?

2) You says that “didn’t have design”, but what is th default template? I made with js composer, on shortcodes?



(1) Unfortunately we don’t have any migration script.

(2) “Listing Manager” is plugin containing all required business logic to run directory website so there is no special CSS in plugin.


I’ll bought.

But i didn’t understand… Have a default template, right? With no special css, but a default page template?

When you install only the plugin, you will be able to see e.g. actions in listing detail page but they will be not properly styled.

For example in our demo site in listing detail page, we have large hero images but they will be not available in your theme.

Hello. I want to build reviews website. I need two major options: 1) Front end user submissions with user registration options and easy signup process 2) After registrations users must to have ability to find their product category and live their review 3) Review must contain 3 independent star rating field for example: “Really works”, “Good proportion Price/Quality” and “I will recommend it” or more 4) Also I need widgets “Top products in category by user reviews” 5) If category for review does not exist user can suggest one 6) All reviews has to appear on the website after approval (manual or semi automatic)

What your plugin can do from my “mast have” list?


(1), (2) (3), (6) should be fine but rest of them will require code changes.

i have some pre sale question 1.does this plugin allow lister to update their details with wp dashboard 2.does this plugin work with any theme 3.does it have option to add news section to specific listed product


(1) Default user role after registration is “Subscriber”.

(2) Plugin does not provide styles to match other themes.

(3) Custom code is required to achieve this.


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Could you explain how to create a custom form, please? I think the plugin is great, but the documentation is very, very extremely poor!

I do understand the (CPT) concepts of Forms, Fieldsets and Fields but, how can I assign a text, textarea, passwords, etc, etc to a field I have created?

Here you can see some screenshot I have took.



dp1068 Purchased

Hi, Just purchased Listing Manager. I have installed it but when I go to Customiser to enter key it crashes. Key cb64c3d9-2d29-4789-b767-9cb866afb7ff I am running it on localhost and using Divi theme and builder.


dp1068 Purchased

I have deactivated Listing Manager and the customiser started up so there is an issue running Listing Manager.

Hey – how do the reviews of these listings work? can the same user review a listing here and also review a product on woocommerce with the same account? also are you able to run a shop with woocommerce while also having these listings on your site?