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I’m having issues again with forms not saving etc. This time the site is live though and I can’t just delete fields etc to fix. My users have had enough issues with the site and I really need to get this figured out fast because it’s making my live site un-usable :( I’m emailing you now to include login details. Praying for a speedy response and to finally figure out what’s causing this. It really appears something gets corrupt when changes are made to the fields, fieldsets, or something but I’m on a totally different VPS now instead of shared hosting. Spent my whole day with support to ensure this isn’t anything on the server end and it’s not that we can find. It was functioning fine until I changed some things and/or updated a couple plugins. Thanks

Answered via email

Thank you for the 5 star support! What took me all day, you fixed in minutes for me. As you can see it’s not something that was my fault… maybe not the plugins either. Who knows… but I couldn’t fix it myself and you did so THANK YOU!

You are welcome.

Hi, I have just purchased Listing Manager – WordPress Directory Plugin and I’m having trouble understanding how it works. I have tried looking for tutorials on Youtube but can’t find any. I purchased it after I had a look at the demo and I would like something similar…Please, could you help me getting started?


you must have installed our theme to have One Click Installation. Honestly we don’t know what you are missing. May you provide more information? Did you configured all pages as mentioned in our previous message? Did you added at least one product with product type “Listing”? Did you checked ”/listings/” URI on your site? Thanks for further explanation

Ok so I have created a sub domain. Installed your theme and your plugin. Still no One Click Installation option under tools.

Don’t you have any getting started tutorial available?

Does this plugin support Webkul MultiVendor Plugin