Discussion on Listing Manager - WordPress Directory Plugin

Discussion on Listing Manager - WordPress Directory Plugin

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Hi there,

Are this plugin’s items listed in the admin dashboard’s woocommerce product list as a WC product?

Can i create different listing packages with different price and listing numbers? (so the memebers can choose if they want to listing for example 1 item, 5 items, 10 items for different prices)

Thank you,

Hi, I purchased this plugin and set everything up. I went to view the page while not logged in but it says “Please log in before accessing this page. If you don’t have an account register.” I didn’t see that listed anywhere in the plugin description or the documentation. Is there a way to turn that off? I’d like site visitors to be able to see the list without being logged in and only log in/register if they want to add a listing. If this is not possible please refund me because I won’t be able to use this plugin. Thank you!

hello it’s possible to add different marker color by categories?

Hello – trying to install this.

Shortcodes are very confusing – how do I get the map to match the exact map on the demo?

I am running the child theme, both themes are installed.

I did the one-click install and it totally broke my site so I had to roll back to a backup.

All I want is the exact map you have listed there. How do I get this via shortcode?

How do I change the filters? Can I add more filters?

The documentation is not helpful at all.

I do not understand. If a catalog is a product, how can users add their product to me? Need an additional plugin?

Hi, the sample map don’t load!

Can i create a custom button on grid layout with this plugin?? Like this:

do you still support this?

great plugin but we have a pre-sale question our requirement is to allow client to buy a property online by paying a fixed amount as a down payment, is it feasible using this plugin? is it applicable through woocommerce? we will be using payfort as a payment gateway

Do you plan to update this plugin?

for example I have 10 types of old guitar for sale. so currently in all kind of classified website I have create 10 ads listing which is time waste and consuming. so I want to list them in single ads post like a excel table with product checkbox,. buyer will select and submit me a order request so I know the interested person need this kind of guitar no online payment will happen I will get a customer interest order form request only

i mean can a seller list all his products in single listing like this is this possible and buyer submit a order proposal request ? no online buying will happens only proposal

I’m interested in buying this but see that it hasn’t been updated in 3 years and isn’t supported. Are there any plans to update this plugin or is there a newer version?

hello, thank you for making this wonderful directory made available – we have some questions and are very interested to make the purchase. we want to use this as a ‘searchable’ director’ based on keywords and industries, is this possible. Also when some is conducting a search – we would like to them to submit their ‘details’ for reserving or booking with us – is it possible to do that? – also we may use ‘multi-keywords’ based search sections – is it possible? — and finally is there an example we can see for what we are asking for? thank you so much

Is this really a plugin for a directory service… with zero support? So if we have a problem, no one to ask?! really??

Hello, it’s a pre-purchase question. 1. Can we put paid ads according to the number of characters? (ex: $1 up to 100 characters, $2 up to 200 characters …) 2. Can we apply paid visibility options (Ex: ad in bold +$1, ad with a colored background +$2…)? 3. Is it compatible with WooCommerce? Thank you.