Discussion on Listify - Business Directory iOS Native App with WordPress Backend

Discussion on Listify - Business Directory iOS Native App with WordPress Backend

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Hello It look like json-api By Dan Phiffer is no longer supported. Can you recommend another as I cannot get the app to work using an older version of the plugin that I had used on a previous project.

In May 2020, I purchased the license and appealed to this company to finalize my application. I have paid in full but have not had any finalized products. Still bugs since, and no feedback! I advise against this company, does not respect the deadlines, puts pressure on you to pay, and afterwards there is no one left! My ios app never came out and android has a lot of display bugs.

We can not see purchased tag under your account. Please send your licence and relevant information on

Was considering purchasing, but have a question. The application hasn’t been updated since January 2019, which is over a 1 1/2 years – are there any plans to update soon? Is there a timeframe for update to be released?

Also, will Android be updated at the same time as well?

Thanks for showing interest. We haven’t pan for update app soon.


I am trying to install the plugin ( it is no longer available. Is there another plugin that can be used and that works properly with the xcode project?

Thank you

Hello, Please register support ticket at


Thanks for responding, Yes, the ticket has been open for two days.

I am looking forward to your response,

Kind regards!

Hi. No one responds to support tickets. It is urgent.

i’m ready to buy but somewhat confused…is the price including the wordpress site for the backend? What is the cost for both apps? Is it app and web the app? Do you have a all in one to prevent the confusion. I wanted you to do the install and store submission.

Wordpress + IOS + Android app you have to buy separate.

I want this just for restaurants. I also want to be able to add a custom link to our Food Delivery Platform if the restaurant being viewed in Listify is a part of our network. Example: Order with “Platform Name”. Can we do this. I will pay for install and getting apps on App Store and Google Play.

11 days and no response.

Hello, Please send me your concern at


I developed a site with the listify theme which I personalized. I would like to buy Business Directory iOS Native App + Android. However, I have several questions before going to checkout:

- On my wordpress site, I created custom fields, will they be visible on the application? (example: custom categories, regions, additional fields (photos) and shortcode (eventon)?

- Is there a pack to buy business directory for ios and android? - Is the application customizable with the colors of my site? - Will the application be in French like my website? - can I add my events (eventon) in the listings as on my site?

Once apps are purchased, are there any additional fees for adding them to google play and apple store?

Thank you for your answers, Mélanie

Not sure if this is purposely but none of the outlets are connected. This is 100’s of connections and it would take hours trying to figure out each one. Do you have download with this done already?

Could I use this app to review products, movies or music without additional customization?

Customisation required for your concept.

i could you help me to setup and do some customize because i have added some taxonomy


we have installed and activated the plugin, but still the application is not running correctly, we found that the structure is different in some filed names for example: (avg) field, (total) field (_phone) field is not available in our json out put, please check the two results below to see the difference between our structure compare to your and help us to find a solution please:

for more information about the issue check the attached files below:

download attachment for screen shots


Please register support ticket at

Does it support RTL languages ?

I have a Build Error: No such module ‘FBSDKLoginKit’

Ok I have a new error:

Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value: file /Users/koljasagorski/Desktop/ – Apps/iOS/ListifyV1/Listify/Modal/CategoryModal.swift, line 151 2019-09-27 10:38:59.525786+0200 MyCampspot[60327:1580158] Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value: file /Users/koljasagorski/Desktop/ – Apps/iOS/ListifyV1/Listify/Modal/CategoryModal.swift, line 151

Okay, Please register support ticket at

Does it work with themes other than Listify?

It says 50% off. How can I get 50% discount?

Current price is already 50% discounted.

Can i use it as classifieds website and apps ? Please also send me the main theme link

Hey, is it possible to get a “Overview map” for each category?

Why the application hangs long time after installing and opening ?!!

Which mobile are you using?

Any plans to develop a Flutter version of this app?

Now, We have not any plan for Flutter version.

Why need flutter? we have native app in both version.

I’ve decided to learn and use Flutter as the platform for developing apps. It seems to offer more new and exciting options.

Hi, I want the website and the 2 apps. What is the full price?

This is the website right?


Can you please email me ?


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