Discussion on Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin

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I have several doubts that I need to clarify before buying the theme.

1. Does it allow the payment of the monthly recurring subscription automatically and the user who has subscribed to the plan to download the invoice each month from his account?

2. Does it allow to use Page Builders like Elementor or bricksbuilder in the pages generated as LOCATIONS OR CATEGORIES to edit them?

3. In terms of SEO URL, does it allow combining locations and categories to generate a complete url such as /listing/location/category/singlelisting

4. Does it allow me to mark a listing as featured in any way?

5. Does it allow to modify the options to fill in to publish a listing?

I would appreciate a clear answer to decide to buy the theme

Hi, Here are answers: 1: Currently it is package based on listing count not recurring. 2: We are using shortcodes for the inner content not page builders. 3: It does follow standard WordPress URLs structures. 4: Yes it allows. 5: Yes.

Hi, looking forward to purchase but have some questions:

1. is it possible to let listings expire? (ex: Silver – 10 days, Gold – 30 days)

2. Can you view every uploaded image of a listing in the preview? Through a slider maybe?

3. Custom field?

On my website are people listed and every listing has a selfmade WhatsApp button attached in the info box, which is also responsive in the preview. (I added the WA logo and linked it to<number>. Is it somehow possible to add that button as custom field? So when users add a listing, the button will be kept in the listings template and properly updated?


Hi, 1: Yes that can happen 2: Yes all are shown with slider/carousel 3: Yes you can add by extending the plugin even you can do anything you want 4: Yes you can do anything with the plugin

Sounds really good

But to point 2:

I just logged into the demo and it says “First image will be set as thumbnail”.

What i meant was: Is it possible to show many thumbnails at once for a listing?


Thanks for your reply

No, It only means first image will serve as thumbnail but rest will be gallery

As there is none demo on ADMIN dashboard; we would clarify on some backend functions :

(1) Can we change the frontend design (i.e. button color, fonts, icon image, block sequence) & add footer menu? Even the backend dashboard panel color? As our brand color doesn’t related to the RED ! (2) Does Listifier equips with SEO, meta tag? (3) How will multi-language approach? (4) Include Google Recaptcha, Google XML, Google API enable? (5) Possible to run with my current WooCommerce? (6) Include auto invoicing once Lister paid for a package? (7) Include email templates / settings / auto emails for successful paid package / package ends notification? (8) Any newsletter subscription module will be added? (9) Can we import & export data base (i.e. Listers list, paid records)? (10) Does Listifier works well with DIVI ? (11) Any discount offer for Extended License?

Hearing your further advice. Thanks a lot !


Here are answers: 1: Yes you can even you can select a color to match with your theme 2: SEO metatags comes with themes not plugins but you can achieve this with any free SEO plugin 3: Yes it is fully translation ready 4: Yes you can add your own google api for maps and yes with little efforts captcha can also be added 5: Yes it can run with woo commerce 6: No, auto invoicing yet 7: Yes emails are sent but not templates yet 8: Yes in future 9: Yes you can export and import 10: Not tested with divi but it should work with any theme or page builder 11: If you want to get extended license let us know we will give you discount …

Thank You

Thanks heaps for your prompt feedbacks !

One more question; some Listers may not prefer allowing Visitors download their photos (IP issue). Can we disable this function?

Lastly, shall we email here for the discount code ?

Hi, Yes send us email on our email and we will be giving you discount … Thanks

Hi, I’m checking the directories listing plugins. I am thinking creating a brand db list. I don’t see clearly the options on the plugin demo.

Brands names are all over the world and we only want to configure some table topics to display, not all of them. I intended to link brands with categories or hashtags (not so focus on local map or location search). So I have some questions:

1. Is it possible to remove the location search field or any other field we don’t need?

2. Is it possible to display a table view for those “brands”? (Just the Old Fashion layout display, it’s easier, simple and faster… The table view, we should be able to set up and select the columns topics we need. Also to set up the number of fields, by page (20, 50, 100, 200)

3. In these listings is there a possibility to add categories or hashtags for topics related to that brand list? (so people will find product type tag or category according to what they search and not the location)

4. Is there a possibility to create a annual voting, for each brand? And at the same time have a global cumulative vote (of all the years).

5. Also to implement a field inside each brand page “where to buy?” .. just inside a list of places to people that need something can buy in that website list (according to country)

6. Would be interesting if, in some way, we can connect to those brands official social networks to check the Number of Fans / Followers by each brand. So we also can rank them.

Maybe you don’t have these options… so I hope can be developed because will be new ideas :) Please let me know if you will have these options, PM/Poke me!

Thank you

Yes we replied on your other comment

Hi. If this is still supported I would like to see a demo. The demo is not available. Thanks.

Hi, Yes still supported and live actually we are migrating our servers and that’s why it is not live there … you can buy and for any issue you can reach our support team through email .. thanks

Is this still supported? I submitted a ticket a couple days ago and have not heard back. If supported what is the ticket response time?


Hi, Usually we do get back with in 24 hours but at times it may take more … but our team says no pending ticket at our end…can you please check your junk folder too … Thanks

This can be integrated in an already created website??

Yes exactly it is for already built websites too …

Hi there, I have a question regarding automated listing import: would it be possible to push listings from Zoho CRM through Zapier or different no-code solution? Thanks in advance.

Hi, actually we have not checked with that. But if you can provide us your data surely our team can import for you with very little cost of around $50 … Thanks

Just purchased the theme and I’m getting this error for metabox license… License expired. Please renew on the My Account page on website.

Kindly reach our support for ant support query. They are fast enough as well. Thanks

Ok, thank you

welcome :)

When entering Amenities there is an input file for “Icon”. How do you add an icon? I see in the demo the icons are using font awesome but there is nothing in the documentation explaining how to add an icon to the Amenity.

I’m assuming maybe it’s done with of these methods…

fa-bath fa fa-bath


I found the answer. entering the full class for font awesome works. i.e.

fa fa-calendar

Yes exactly …

Hi. Where is the settings to remove “listifier” from the listing URL. Please check screenshot:

Hi, Kindly reach our support for any support related queries. Thanks

Hi. We just bought your plugin and realized it could not serve our purpose. There is no way to add additional fields. We thought since it was built with Meta Box, it would have that ability to easily add additional fields.

Sorry. Disregard the above message. I found the other extensions that were supposed to be installed. All is good now.


Thanks and please reach only support team for any such queries. Thanks again

Hi there. Is there a way to add ‘levels’ of Directory, such as Free, Browse, Silver etc.. We want to have people setup free ones. But if they upgrade, they can add their website, or upgrade further to add a Video or Gallery. It’s not just Free or Paid, but Levels. Can it do that?


Yes I got your query and you can set packages like silver, gold and diamond. But by now there is no built in method for accessibility and that’s why I said that if you need anything like that we can provide in customization and all custom code will go inside child theme to keep you safe in future theme or plugin updates.

Again there is no built in accessibility based on package level but it is do able thing.

I hope it is clear now and for any further query don’t hesitate to reach us back.


Hi there. So you can do it, but you can’t do it?! Sorry that is a bit confusing. We just want to do one for say, Free, then £5 a month, then £10 a month and £20 a month for example. Possible in current set up or not? And if not, is there charges to make this possible?


Currently it does work on count of listings not month. Say free 5 listings etc .. you can set any number of free listings.

Then you can create a silver package in $5 for 2 listings

Gold $10 for 3 listings

Then diamond $15 for 5 listings etc …

You can give any name to package, any listing counts etc … it is fully dynamic I gave examples above only for explanation.

Those mentioned above are available in current setup.

For any of your custom requirements we can do that too …

I hope it is clear now

hello, thank you for making this wonderful directory made available – we have some questions and are very interested to make the purchase. we want to use this as a ‘searchable’ director’ based on keywords and industries, is this possible. Also when some is conducting a search – we would like to them to submit their ‘details’ for reserving or booking with us – is it possible to do that? – also we may use ‘multi-keywords’ based search sections – is it possible? — and finally is there an example we can see for what we are asking for? thank you so much

Yes you can make searchable directory. For booking we can make this custom work for you and then users can reserve or make bookings, yes with custom work multi-keywords search will also become possible. Thanks

Still waiting on reply from support…

Is the support team alive? Its been 3-4 days and no answer from support…

Hi, sorry for the delay due to virus and lockdowns it is taking a bit extra time but all will be fine

Presales question: In the customer admin panel, is there a function to see the order history and print current and past invoices?

Hi, Not built in yet but doable with little efforts. Or if you buy let us know we will add this for you. Thanks

Hi, I would like to buy your plugin but with others I have had compatibility problems with WPML.

Is your plugin 100% compatible with WPML?

Hi, Our plugin is 100% WPML compatible. And also our best support team is always there for assistance and our response time is 5 minutes at max … thanks

Hi, I bought and installed your plugin here, but as soon as I activated it most of the theme’s CSS was skipped, overwritten by the plugin, how do I fix this? can you help me or should I proceed with a refund?

Hi, Kindly reach us for support related queries here and our team will be assisting you with any of your issues. Thanks


Is your theme compatible with the last version of WP? As I see the last update is 5 October 19. So this is why I am asking.

Can I build something like this with your plugin?

Yes our plugin is fully compatible with latest WP version. Yes you can and if you need any custom feature we do offer those as well for that just reach us by our email


Where in the plugin can you create a page exactly as promised in the demo? Here ->

There are only dashboard, registration and search pages

Reach us through this email for support and our team will assist you properly

can we use Wp user roles and ACF into this plugin? for example i i use my own membership system , a user that pay for my membership , based on WP role, will be able to create his listing WITHOUT ned to create a new user there?

Hi, thanks for get in. Well, we are using our own user role to make this work. But if you want to integrate with your membership then reach us by our support page and get it done. Thanks


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