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It’s a very good idea! :)

charge will update with sqlite and sqlite search?

Working on it and downloading data in xml

Can the list contain an image or multiple images?

Thank you.

are working on an update to download asynchronous images in a couple of weeks will be ready

I recently buyed. How can I install it to develop. I use Android Studio and its not working. A lot of errors. There is not manual.

Good day, I’m sorry I do not use Android Studio. This developed in eclipse greetings

OK,Thanks. I try to fix myself. thanks

Hi i tried to test it by importing into eclipse. it has lots of errors. How can i fix them? For example : SlidingActivity cannot be resolved to a type BasicActivity.java /ListCustom/src/com/listExample/general line 23 Java Problem…..

total 82 errors.

Kindly advise me…


HI. Import first actionbarsherlock and library, check the properties of the ListCustom project and include the previously imported libraries.

I got it…..Thanks a lot!!

Hi I did not see the script folder to be installed on server side for API call testing on my own. Can you provide me with that?

Thanks a lot..

Hi just a newbie in android its my first purchase how do i import it on eclipse?

Hi I have a video where they explain in detail. regards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IYnkIre1sA

I recently buyed. How can I install server side script.I did not see the script folder to be installed on server side for API call testing on my own.

Can the list contain an image or multiple images.

Thanks a lot..

This is the json structure you should use http://gearcoresoftware.com/proyectos/demo/control/ if you like you can save it in a .json file and use it from there, by the time the image is not implemented but the other product is what you need http://codecanyon.net/item/podcast-app-cms-gcm/9149653 greetings


Hi! You did a nice work!

I need a help! How change a JSON tag that the code reads? Because my JSON is a little different.

Good day, your problem is some strange characters at the beginning of JSON. ”  ” on the following link talk about how to fix. but your problem is in php. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3255993/how-do-i-remove-%C3%AF-from-the-beginning-of-a-file Greetings and thanks for your patience.

Thanks for your support, but the problem is not this. My php file was saved in “UTF-8 without BOM”... On the first moment, the JSON is read (the first list, show orders), but when I click on an order, returns null, I don’t understand why.

We can talk on skype?

Good day, I do not use Skype. I will look if another conflict. Cheers

Which json parsing method you r using Simple Json/Gson/Jackson?

Good day, I’m using a simple json. Regards.