List of Top Ten Android App (Top 10 List)

List of Top Ten Android App (Top 10 List)

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This app is about to display top 10 list in any field with categories and sub categories, we often search for top list of games, players, actors, cities, hotels, etc. You will get rank vise listing and with easy php admin you can update the list day by day.So it’s kind of app in which you can all the answer in it, It’s very easy to customize app with beautiful UI and new concept. Its gonna be unique and successful app for buyers.


Demo Admin:

Username: admin
password: admin


Android Side

  • Get The Category List And Subcategory List of type
  • Get The Top 10 List By Category and SubCategory
  • Get Biography With Image,Date,Video (Youtube ,local and server) And Description
  • Local And Server Video Only (.mp4) Format Supported
  • Share Biography With Image,Date And Discription
  • Easy To Search By Name Of Category,Subcategory And Top 10 List
  • Favourite Feature For List Of Top 10 Item
  • Latest NavigationView
  • Rate App,More App And Share App
  • Latest UI With Material Design
  • All Device Combability
  • Check Network Availability
  • Admob With Banner And Interstitial Ads Integrated
  • Easy Admin Panel With Latest Material Design
  • OneSignal Push Notification
  • Android Studio Code

Admin Side

  1. Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  2. Easily Manage Category and List
  3. About Us and Privacy Page Manage from Admin
  4. Json Service

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code with Document
  2. PHP Web Service
  3. PSD Design

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Change Log


- Bug Fixed
- Secure API
- Documentation Update
- Add Video feature (youtube, local and server .mp4 video supported)
- Android Studio 3.5.3


- Onesignal push notification added in admin side
- Admob setting in admin panel add
- GDPR add application
- Documentation Update
- Secure api
- Bug fix
- Change Admin Panel UI


- UI Updated
- onesignal Push Notification
- Bug fixed


- Initial version.