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I like the stile. But you should combine it with progress (really fill the circle) to make is really beautiful and useful

Thanks for the feedback! What do you mean with “really fill the circle”? You can customize the circle and the way it fills up, with the shortcode attributs. But maybe you mean something else?

Yes, something different. Like progress bars.

Let´s say, you have 70%. So just fill the circle with an animation from 1% to 70%. Like filling a bottle, a box or – as often seen – a thermometer

You mean something like this (first example)?

Looks nice – definitely interested in buying. But for the asking price I would expect to see some sort of GUI so I can set the many options and figure out which settings I want. Perhaps integration with Visual Composer could be considered in a future release?

Thanks for the suggestions! Actually, both suggestions are on the roadmap. I’ll probably implement the GUI for the next release already. Integration with VC could come next, although maybe it’s already compatible now, simply by using the shortcode in a VC box, I haven’t tried that. Concerning the price, I understand your point. It’s Codecanyon (Envato) who sets the price, though :-). Price should in any case not increase with the upcoming features (GUI, better responsiveness, ...)

FYI, Codecanyon has reconsidered the price upon my request, it is now changed to 8 USD.

Hi, the plugin is fully integrated with Visual Composer now.

looks very nice…

1: is there any way to put text into the circle along with the number so as an example I can have ‘Jacks score’ in one and ‘Jills score’ in another, showing just below or above the number within the gauge?

2: how quick is it to add to a page? I’d be interesting in using it where I’ll have a scoring system, but what I score would change daily so its needs to be very fast to add to a page.

3: where can it be inserted into a page? Does it have to be centred above the text, or can it go to the side of text? can it go inside an accordion or tab?

4: when will the next update with responsive gauges be? And if I buy now will the update be free?


thanks, sounds good, I’ll buy if for sure…

easy to use and looks nice, I’d add a positive rating here only I can’t see the link..

You should be able to rate it on the “downloads” page of your Envato account. Thanks a lot :-)

Hi, how to align Liquid Fill Gauge horizontally to the center of the column in visual composer? There is no alignment setting. Thank you :-)

hi Kancur, sorry, I seem to have missed your comment here! You’re right, there’s no alignment setting (yet) in Visual Composer. However, you can use CSS to do this. For example, you can put this in your style.css file:

.liquidGauge {display:block; margin:auto;}

If you need more help or info, just send me an email on support@reportvalue.com.


Gavcaz Purchased

I wanted to follow up on an issue I was having in regards to your plugin and the Bootstrap framework drop down menus. There is a JavaScript conflict between the two. I have not heard back from you regarding this matter.

Hi Alex, I just sent you an email.

Is this plugin responsive?

How do I put text next to the percent?

Do I need to add something to the shortcode?

For example: 50% Fail or underneath the percent



Hi! (see also my email), I’m afraid it is not a built-in option to add extra text. However, you could achieve this with some custom Javascript, by referencing the text element’s CSS class liquidFillGaugeText.

ok no worries. I am not familiar with js so I’ll have to skip that idea. Thanks.

Is it possible to change the color for different value ranges? Can I use another post fix than %?

Nice, bookmarked.

So cool! Wish it had a non-Wordpress version so I can put it on an HTML page!

Can this work WITHOUT “Visual Composer” ?

Also, when trying to view the demo it says”Your connection is not secure

The owner of reportvalue.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”.