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Sry, I see only question marks not text.

You currency not supported by liqpay. How it can be and how to select HRN?

Well, are you sure that HRN currency is supported by service?

Now it accepts: USD, EUR, UAH, RUB and GEL (Georgian Lari). Here is your description. So how i can select UAH than?

There not that currecncy in list

Thx, now i can see a settings ;) I hope it can work with WPML

Will your plugin work with multicurrency?

I haven’t tested it yet

i see…

Hello, I am sorry, but few days ago I gave purchased your plugin and it does not work, I have tried a lot of time, my site is, after this I found another one, cheaper it costs 20 dollars and it works great! I would like to make a refund please! – other plugin/cheaper/working


First, Envato authors don’t do refaunds. We don’t have such an option. You have to make a request to Envato staff.

Second, my plugin works. You first who said that it doesn’t work for the past half a year at least. So, I think it works. Anyway, you always can send me a request. Why you didn’t do this earlier? Why only now? I can help if smth happens.

[Code removed for security] my purchase code for refund

Why when go to payment pay it doesnt show order id? There written like in a help tips: $iOrderid but in order page it write same $iOrderid


Please, contact me via contact form on my profile page. I need details about your website and admin access.

Why you need it? Site is local for now, i can’t give an access there. Custom order description: Oplata zamovlennya # $iOrderid

Aha, I see. You just made a typo) The proper var name is ”$iOrderId”, and you, obviously, typed it as ”$iOrderid”. Actually, that’s why I usually ask for an access to a client’s website) It works just fine

Why this value is not displayed correctly?

Payment for order # %s, LiqPay

%s does not show the value

It works, but you don’t want to give me an admin access, so I can’t help you.

You seem to be faking here. Give me the text that need to be entered there. What for do you need the admin access, you tell me. Now I have entered (Payment for order # $iOrderId) and this damn thing does not work. Do not escape your bugs by asking for secured information.

You seem to be unfair.

This is my proof: and and And you can test it by yourself by using my demo.

You don’t give me admin access, so you don’t want that I help you. OK. It is your decision, not mine. But the feature works just fine!

Amzing ! Many Thanks Bro!

I have error after install and activate plugin

Sorry, it tells me nothing. Could you show me error log? Or, pls, contact me via contact form on my profile page and I email you back. I need error log and admin access.

Hi, can you add into your plugin of LiqPay function hold? which describes here: + Hold Completion

can u add this function earlier for extra-pay? how can I contact u directly?

I fear that this will be too expensive.

P.S. I have received your msg but just decided to answer you here.

if u can, please tell the price

mrpsiho, hello! Plz, tell me where I can find callback url for LiqPay? I need this to change order status when order has paid. Привіт! Я встановив твій плагін! Все круто але я не знайшов callback посилання для того щоб LiqPay повідомляв сайт, що юзер оплатив замовлення. І ще одне: Кодування української версії документації не вірне.

Оу… Я гляну детальніше що там і як сьогодні.

Будь ласка, напишіть мені через контактну форму у моєму профілі.

Відправив вам на пошту. Зі своєї щоб не помилитись.

Hello! I have a question before I buy :) - Does plug-in support current version of Woocommerce (version 3.0.7) ?


Yes, it does.