LiqPay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

LiqPay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

LiqPay 3.0 Payment Gateway allows you to accept payments via Recently this payment service gets version 3.0 for its API, new and more convinient web interface and new currencies! Now it accepts: USD, EUR, UAH and RUB. offers easily and quickly account creation and payment acceptance.

Some words about this plugin
  • Configuring of LiqPay 3.0 Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin takes only 10 minutes of your time.
  • English / Ukrainian / Russian translations (.po files included)

Questions, wishes and also support are provided via contact form on my profile page and in the comments.

- Fixed: a bug when the transaction ID is not being saved

<strong>02.09.2016 - 1.4.1</strong>
- Fixed: a small fix added

<strong>14.07.2016 - 1.4.0</strong>
- Added: Support of WC 2.6+. Pls, use WooCommerce 2.6+ now.

<strong>21.03.2016 - 1.3.2</strong>
- Improved: code optimization
<strong>09.01.2015 - 1.3</strong>
- Added support of LiqPay API 3.0
<strong>04.11.2014 - 1.2</strong>
- Small fixes and improvements
<strong>16.09.2014 - 1.1</strong>
- Added support of WC 2.2+