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1. I have a dedicated server and currently i ahve installed WHM and reselling the spaces and each one is getting cpanel. Like the same can I use your application?

2. Can I install it on my two different servers with one LICENSE?

thanks for your interest, 1) No, our panel is single panel you can manage your VPS and dedicated servers for your self it is not build for reseller purpose but reseller panel is in process it will be available soon.

2) Each license will be allocated to on server IP, you need to buy two license.

What support for multiple domain and sni?

Request feature:

  1. Multy php support eg: php 5.6 and php 7.1
  2. Apache latest version + fast-cgi
  3. MariaDB 10.x latest
  4. Exim mailserver

:) Then i’m ready to buy..

thanks for your interest, Currently Our panel support One Version of PHP Latest Apache Version + PHPCLi MariaDb for latest OS Version for Older it will be Mysql Dovecot + Postfix

still we are working on updates, we will soon update it.

Does it support Arm Processor Architecture like Raspberry Pie and/or Odroid ( http://www.hardkernel.com/main/main.php )

currently our panel only support LAMP server on any Linux OS or any Arch. if you want we are available for customization services. please contacts via our profile page regarding any customization’s.

Hi when will we get New updates?

we are working on updates as it is released we will update you.

is it support for ubuntu 16 ?

yes, it support 16. you need to send us the server root details after purchase so that we can install it for you for FREE.

currently i use nginx, can it ?

no, it do not use nginx, it uses Apache. but if you want we can customize it as per your requirement.

Admin panel demo not working? Failed to login to ?

the demo url has changed to http://zinckpanel.tk/

Can you make customization, like work little as cpanel & integrate with WHMCS. If i add new user then provide separate user panel to all user. Where your script need to install, in domain directory area or else where.

yes, we are available for customization. our script is fully customizable. if you have any requirement. please send all the requirement so that we can provide you customize version.