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Hey do i need other tools or services to create own domain ?

And can i create SSL certificates ??

You need to purchase the domain and change the name server provided by our system and register these name servers with your domain provider and then you can use our panel DNS manager to manage everything.

Currently, we are only providing SSL management as paid feature, not available in this package.

What is price of this license for providing it to my customers? (Unlimited license for providing it to my VPS Customer)


Please send your full requirement via my profile so that i can provide you full details. Currently the Extended license is for $60 but you need buy license for per IP. You can get Bulk license discount if you want. Please send the requirement via profile so that i can provide you discount details.

Hi I have many website hosted in Godaddy and need to gather them in one webhosting . Is it possible with Linux Web Hosting?

Can webmasters register and host webs for their clients? do we have the same features like cpanel wordpress Linux etc?

hi sorry for delay reply. this panel do not have resellers or client modules but you can manage all your domains and your hosting from one panel. it will manage all resources from one server with multiple websites.

Will u be updating this? what sort of library it uses to connect to database? mysqli, pdo?

Seems quite out of dated “last update november 2015”

yes, you are correct. it is only for managing your server. but if you want you can get that module with extra Customisation cost

Its not worth then comparing that “box billing is almost free”.

box billing is billing software and for managing you need another panel. and my panel is for managing hosting. yes you are not able to compare it as it is not billing software.