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Hi, could you tell me how the auto-process function would deal with a (custom) link post and an author box (with links) within the text field?

Aha! Good, so nothing is wrong with the plugin then, that is good news :)

Yes please send it over, we’d like to try and help if we can when its all up and running :)

Rated 5* :D

Why thank you :D

Nice Plugin. One suggestion is you should give the Label (References) as user option. Many would like to call it something as Related Links, Useful Links etc.



Thanks for the suggestion – we’ve got a little tweak to upload shortly, so we’ll definitely do that. The whole ‘references’ section is actually a template which can be overridden, but that’s overkill to just change the label.

Thanks again!

cool plugin, added to favorites for later purchasing :)

Glad you like it! :)

Hi :)

Awesome plugin.

Would this still work for me? I ask because for my site videos are published by adding urls to the posts body and once published the link is not there anymore because the video has published in its place.

Would your plugin still pick up that theres a YouTube url there or no? :)

Hi! Thanks for the info (email received), we’ll check it out. :)

It would be awesome if you can make references into a drop down similar to’s “Show Transcript” section. Yours would say “Show References” instead. That way all the reference links do not show and a nice and clean look is kept for all posts :) Heres a link that shows “Show Transcript” under a video. Just a thought :)

I’ll pop this on the list we keep for future development as it’s not a bad idea at all! :)

LOVE THIS PLUGIN!!!!!!!! I’ve been trying to find something for a reference link for ages!! This is great!!

Is there a way to make the Title Bold and the footnotes a tad smaller and italicized?

Thanks! We thought it’d be really useful when we wrote it :)

You can edit the .css file in the plugin directory to customise it (although we’d suggest you always keep a backup of your amended version).

If you’re stuck on exactly how to achieve what you want, drop us a line at and we’ll help you out a bit more :)


Hi there, for a customer we use ACF so we collate several posts within pages to compose “one page”. Each posts has references. Therefore, we are looking for a plugin that is a smart enough to screen references, and create the table of references on the fly at the end of each page. References can be just notes and not necessary a HTML link Would it be possible to run this with yours? Thanks in advance.


LinkSummary works by scanning the content of the current Page (or Post) for links and then creating a table of them.

So although it’s not something that it can do out of the box, it might be possible as an extension – how do you denote a reference? This isn’t really something we’d look at add to the plugin, but might be possible as a piece of custom work.


pre sales question iis this plugin auto generate link ? or we must input manually from each post / page ?

Morning Mediakreon,

Really sorry we haven’t replied sooner.

Please could you send us an email to!

Many thanks