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Just wondering if anyone is getting the following errors after installing Toplist Links Directory?

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home3/ xxx / xxx /admin/EditCategories.php:3) in /home3/ xxx / xxx /admin/config.php on line 4

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home3/ xxx / xxx /admin/EditCategories.php:3) in /home3/ xxx / xxx /admin/EditCategories.php on line 18

I can’t work out how to fix this so any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes!

HI there, which PHP version do you use?

There are 4 different versions (5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1) but the error seems to persist in all of them. I’ve tried switching to all of them one by one and refreshing but no luck.

ok, that is strange send me an email on my profile page with ftp so we can have a look.

need your help to set up

Hi, what would you like to know? Email us on my profile page.

i already sent you emails before fre hours … but i can see no action taken by you

Did you even tried to setup your domain? I cannot see the software.

my domain is ready… but need to proccess on script there… your script is not easy to get activate.. please solve my problem…

You need some basic skill to install PHP scripts or hire a freelancer.

Item support includes:

Availability of the author to answer questions Get assistance with reported bugs and issues Help with included 3rd party assets

Item support does not include: Customizations and installations

Please try to install the software or hire a freelancer to do so. If you still have problems after installation, send us ftp access! (NO CPANEL)

Website rankings not working in this script… HITS IN not count… How to solve this? (adult domain)

I send login details in your email

Please try the new V3 and let us know

I installed the script and configured the site. Captcha public and secret key are filled in. But visitors can’t registrate on the site. In Chrome the captcha is just clicking while in Edge it ask to check images… When i click submit it ask to reenter the captcha. Please explain what is wrong. Script pretty useless if visitors can’t registrate…

Have send you the ftp details. Have been trying to solve this for hours….don’t find what is wrong….

Click on users in the admin interface and click on my email. The link added must normally appear but it doesn’t do what it supposed to do.

Works perfectly!

Does it support PHP7? Already tested? If yes, I would buy

Yes it does support PHP 7. Also we just released V3

Hi, I send U a letter yesterday so I hope U can help me to fix the errors. Thanks

Hi, when do I get the new update?

HI, we had a little problem with https installations, so we have to fix this also in new update. This week is the planning..

Hi, I realy like your script. I have check your last update was long time ago (March 29, 2016). So do U realy gone update this script or not?

Greate :) I will wait for that. Thanks

You have my email :)

Thanks for a greate support :) and a good script.

Hi You promise to send a copy to my email, but you have not send it yet. so what happend?

Why do you not update the errors with you promise to do it for 2 weeks ago. Let me now, thanks

Sorry for the delay, it’s taking longer then expected. We are still working on it. I will send as soon as we are done.

Released V3

greate now its working good Thanks


You have an ERROR when the LINK (OUT) is clicked, the link is missing the : from the url so it will never redirect correctly to the site

So instead of this

You get this http//

Missing the : from the URL.


This is fixed.

the category do not work when there are accents, example catégoty: société

Do you mean when you add a category or for translation, what happens?

if you add a category with for example the name : société. The category is made but when you click on this category, you have a 404 page. the problem comes of htacces who does not manage accent for rewrite url and in the soft who does not handle this case.

We will check it

the demo does not include multi-level categories.. so I cannot evaluate that,.. please add at least one with 3 or 4 levels deep

how can I add multi languages? thanks

the demo look pretty bad on table/mobile (width < 800px) you will improve this on next version?


brtbrt1 Purchased

Hello, How can I change the design? There should be 8+ templates available, but I dont see them. And another question, when I click on another language is doesn’t change. How can I fix this?

hello everyone possible change the system of catcha google bug more and more change the mode of captcha and put a traditional captcha with letters or numbers thank you impossible to pass the captcha and if we i get his mark us captcha no valid thank you to change

почему не работает сейчас?