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Hi, Can hide links in the frontend for add affiliate links ? thanks

Hi, well yes, this can be removed from template. I will add this option too from admin panel to hide it. But if you want to remove it now, you can just remove the html code from the templates.

Installation can’t have everything can uploaded me but do not log in to the admin area. There was also no installation what can I do?

OK it is thank you had (!) in the password forgotten.

great :)

WordPress to how to apply?

Please send and email though my profile so we can have a look.

your email adress?? my

자꾸 거짓말 할레?

프로필에 주소가 어디있어?

you email address???


bevestiging categorie toevoegen fout Hoe? Fix it?

Hi, what category name are you trying to add?

Taal conversie methode?

How to apply the Hangul

How to apply the Hangul?

Nice Script, thanx for it! But, how can i delete and edit added links??

lmao…fount it…litte bit hidden..anyway…nice work!!

thanks! :)

Thx for great script! But can you add cyrillic support for it please? i made it for admin panel (add cyrillic categories) & mod_rewrite in htaccess, but i have problem with cyrillic navigation in header (Home > is decoded cyrillic with %symbole :cry: )

Solved problem by using dehtml(urldecode( for “nav” constant :grin:

Hey, kan het zijn dat de Captcha’s niet werken? Kan het niet testen maar gebruikers kunnen dus een banner op een eigen website plaatsen vanwaar mensen op ze kunnen stemmen? Is het ook mogelijk voor hen om op een of andere manier X aantal stemmen per maand te kopen?

Hoi, captcha zou moeten werken als je de goeie keys invoert. Heb je op de demo site getest? Mmm, je bedoelt stemmen kopen? Er zit momenteel nog geen betaalfunctie in. Om bijvoorbeeld je linkje hoger te krijgen. Hopelijk snel in 1 van de volgende versies.

Hi, Vidal! I’ve made translation for user-end part of this script by making separate file with my language (rus). If you are interesting, i can send these files to you for including them in next version of your script (it will help your clients to translate script into different languages)

Hi there, that is great! please send it, I’ll have a look :D

Sent! :)

possible to make it with out categories and have just voting system on home page ?

hi I want to upload database to phpmyadmin how can I configure it