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Slick. I was going to design something similar and you beat me to it. Some things I’d do differently, but the look is great and it seems very easy to use. I haven’t purchased it, so I can’t attest to it’s accuracy, but if accurate, this could be very useful. Good job. I predict many, many sales.

Glad you like it! It seems to happen quite a bit that you have an idea and someone else will upload it before you’re able to! We are hoping for lots of sales too :)

demo not work

Sorry about this, web host is under a DDoS attack which is knocking out the MySQL connections. I’ll drop you a message when it’s returned, shouldn’t be too long!

Should be back now, sorry again for that!

If I’m not mistaken, this script could be used to check if branding is still in the footer of the clients website?

That’s correct, it could be used for that. The link page is naturally optional, so you could just run the admin and use it to check that clients retain their link back to your site.

If you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to answer them :)

I purposely put a false url to check for my (Non-Existent) link and you app gives me no indication that my link is not there…

Isn’t it suppose too?

It does not seem to work at all!

In the setting I input my URL to look for and it does not retain it; nor does it show in the database!


Your install script only builds tables for the following

(‘LINKS_PER_PAGE’, ‘20’), (‘LIST_TYPE’, ‘ul’), (‘LINKS_ORDER’, ‘order’);”;

Should there not be one for the “URL To Check For”

Maybe I’m not understanding something but your description did say:

You can easily add, edit and remove links from your links pages as well as ensure that all linkbacks are maintained by the sites you’re exchanging with.

Can you please clarify?

Thanks ~ragtech

Sorry to hear you’re having issues, could you please contact us via our page at and email us a link with the username and password for the backend?

I’ll then take a look for you – I may need FTP to debug any potential issues, so if you can include those now that would be great.

“designedbydash” resolved my issue in a matter of a couple of hours.

Kudos to “designedbydash” for his great support.

Was very an easy for me to give him a 5 Star Rating!


Can you make this script as an wordpress plugin ?

Hi Tortoga,

While it would be possible to make a wordpress version, at this stage we won’t be converting this to Wordpress!

Hello, I can’t understand what exactly your tool about ?

It’s a link exchange manager. It’s simply a way of managing a page where you can display the links your site has to other websites. It will also tell you whether the link is present on the other person’s site, making sure that you’re not trading with people who’re not linking back.

I have a linkdump site and I am requiring my users to put link back. I will be having a lot of users. Does it have a pagination? How about just receiving an email if someone removed link back?

It does have pagination, and no there’s no email – just a checking tool via the admin panel.

Hi, I just bought you plugin and installed it, but it doesn’t work (everything is set-up properly, I’m a professional). An error message reads: Could not successfully run query: Table ‘painting_linksh.couch_settings’ doesn’t exist I’m using Couch CMS, it seems that there’s an incompatibility. What can I do? My website is at

I can’t say I have any knowledge of Couch CMS I’m afraid, it’s been installed with other CMS systems perfectly fine though as far as I am aware. I’d suggest contacting them and enquiring, as it looks like the DB connection has been lost.

Ok, I’ll try that. I though maybe you knew. I’ll let you know when I solve the problem, it might help somebody. Thanks for the quick answer. Cheers, Paolo E.

Ok, I solved it by moving display.php in my code. But now it brings me, when I click on a link to (my website is links is How can I fix that?

hi just installed the software and having 2 issues

1. if i add a link & click check links i get the error:

Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in /public_html/links/includes/php/LINK/LINK.php on line 396

Also the link check doesnt seem to work if i check a link on a page

the links get always set to inactive even if the link is there (tried multiple servers & links)

Ignore the above

fixed! thanks


I’m getting the following error:

Warning: Missing argument 5 for DB::__construct(), called in /includes/php/CORE/CORE.php on line 11 and defined in */vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_library_db.php on line 5Error: Could not load database driver type **!

I’m attempting to use the script on OpenCart

Could you help me?

Sorry, ignore that I misread the comment.

This is a standalone product, and not designed to be integrated inside of a CMS, so that’s where your problem lies.

It uses MySQL, so any web hosting should have that driver type.