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KasparsK does not currently provide support for this item.

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hey bro kindly requesting you to develop apps with facebook twitter or some other social networking sites please don’t spoil linkedin with viral apps its the only place were we met really intresting people any how app was good all the best happy sales

I soon will set up Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn. :)

capture name, email for visitors in database?

Can you explain how your script works? What happens when they login? Do we get email information? Are they required to share before getting their content?

Not sure how this is viral exactly.

Login and go to admin panel page and you will see how this application works.

Hi there DEV and buddies,

Great app and an outstanding idea :) a very useful tool for marketing i might say :) already bookmarked it and most likely that soon i will try it in one of my future projects…

keep up the good work!

Thanks, macster! :)

Hai , I am getting Error when I try to install this script and tried to contact you . But Not getting reply from kaspersk. Where is He ?

I purchased and I couldn’t able to work bcoz of errors & bugs :(


I bought you VIRAL SCRIPT !! I was waiting for the Version 4.0 , and the item is now removed.

Can i know why ?

its not acceptable !

can you send me the version 4 ? my email is ilan [at]

I also bought your previous viral script, couldn’t get access to help with installation and then your item was removed. How can we get this latest version and support for installation?

Thanks, Joe

When using the live version after you click on the login with linkedin button it goes to a blank page and nothing else happens? please advise…

Don’t expect a reply anytime this century, the author is on a permanent vacation.

Is this Author even around anymore? Too bad, I would have liked to buy this product if it was supported.

any new version, any support?

this script works yet ?