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Can you post to groups in bulk?

Hello There,

I’m going to purchase this plugin for test and review on (and of course for use).

Let me know if plugin works fine right now!

Hello Rezash,

Please send us an email at to talk about the review.

Thank you,

Victor @ Web-Wizards

Please check your email. IMPORTANT.

Purchased Linkedin Post Planner today. STILL need you to check your email however (e--m—-n@g male)

1. Incorrect Twitter Validation

When I try to validate the following: < #GrandOpening #Launch #Anniversary events in #WashingtonDC #DC #DMV | Follow @SocialAlertsDC for updates!

the plugin’s twitter validator says -13

But on, its correct w 10 characters left.

2. Random Tweet Times After running each scheduled tweet, the next tweet time is scheduling for a random time, NOT the time chosen. This is a MAJOR issue as I need the tweets to be “somewhat” close to schedule. I understand that this is WP Cron wont be 100% on time, but when I schedule a tweet to be repeated daily at 8am? And it runs? But then it reschedules itself for 5am the next day? THATS VERY WRONG and all scheduled tweets are doing this. The Facebook post planner doesnt appear to have this issue. It seems to only be twitter.

3. Please check email for private Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin Post Planner request

No more support, author on permanent vacation.

Do you have non WP script?

Unfortunately no.

Does this plugin still work? Are you able to publish to your profile as well as all 50 groups at the same time?

Excellent, does this cause any plugin conflicts?

I have many blogs. Can I use this plugin on all my personal sites?

Hello. As far as we know, nobody reported an conflict with other plugins. About the use of the plugin on more than one site, you must buy a license for each installation according to envato licensing terms: Thank you.


is it possible to post news from wordpress blog to a group on linkedin and on a business page?

thanks for the info

To a group / groups, yes. To a business page not yet but it will be in the next update wich will come soon.

Hi there,

Can you tell me whether the plugin allows me to auto post new posts from wordpress to a showcase page?

If not, do you know whether this is even possible?


Unfortunately this is not available yet but it will be in our next update wich will come soon.

Does this support the latest Wordpress 4.4?

does this support recurring posts?

No recent comments. Does this even work today ?

Hi Web-Wizards, I purchased your plugin but its not working. Have you discontinued this product? I now see that the last update was July 13. Cheers

Can you tell me if the plugin still works. Can’t get Linkedin token to authorize

still working?